Gajim - 2017-08-25

  1. Link Mauve Error compiling Cython file: ------------------------------------------------------------ ... window.show_all() def on_delete(win, event): win.hide() return True window.connect('delete_event', on_delete) view.updateNamespace({'gajim': gajim}) ^ ------------------------------------------------------------ gajim/ undeclared name not builtin: gajim
  2. Dirk Hi everyone. I am trying to get OpenPGP working on Gajim 0.16.8. This is for Debian Jessie. I've installed python-gnupg, but it also suggests I install gpg. I have gpg installed and working as far as I know, but the feature is still not working. Anyone know anything about this?
  3. lovetox of course you need gpg
  4. lovetox python-gnupg is just a wrapper that uses gpg
  5. lovetox hm if you go to Account -> Personal
  6. lovetox can you choose your own PGP key
  7. Dirk Right. That is still greyed out for me. So I assume I am still missing something
  8. Dirk There isn't a 'gpg' package in main Debian repo from what I can see
  9. Dirk There is 'gnupg' which I have installed
  10. lovetox gnupg
  11. lovetox its greyed out hm
  12. lovetox what version of python-gnupg
  13. lovetox ?
  14. Dirk 0.3.6-1
  15. lovetox you need 3.8 or higher
  16. Dirk Ah. That makes sense
  17. Dirk Is that in backports perhaps?
  18. lovetox i hope so if not you can still use pip
  19. Dirk Hmmm. I haven't heard of pip
  20. lovetox its the python package repo
  21. lovetox of course this goes around your debian pcakage manager
  22. lovetox but if its not backported i think there is not much choice
  23. Dirk Ah ok. Right. Well thanks for clearing it up. Yea, it isn't in backports so I'll have to look into that
  24. Dirk Thanks for your help!
  25. pkonow hi good people! Is there a way to display the history in a private chat? Just switched to Gajim today
  26. lovetox click the history button in the chatwindow
  27. pkonow oh interesting, thanks. Is there a way to display it in the main window by default? Maybe in a different color...
  28. lovetox are you talking about chatting to people in your contact list
  29. pkonow yes
  30. lovetox ok just for info, we use the term private message, for messages you send to a member of a groupchat
  31. pkonow thanks
  32. lovetox which is different to just a normal chat with your contacts
  33. lovetox yes you can make the history visible
  34. lovetox Preference -> Advanced -> Advanced config editor
  35. lovetox then search for
  36. lovetox restore_lines
  37. lovetox and restore_timeout
  38. lovetox restore lines set it to whatever how much you want to display
  39. lovetox timeout should be -1
  40. lovetox if you are on gajim 0.16.8
  41. pkonow I'm on 0.16.6
  42. lovetox hm then try 0
  43. lovetox open a chatwindow, you should see messages of history
  44. lovetox if thayt doesnt work set it to something like 10000000
  45. pkonow what is the difference between restore_XY and muc_restore_XY?
  46. lovetox dont use muc_restore
  47. pkonow just wondering
  48. lovetox its a way to query messages in a groupchat from the server
  49. lovetox but its very limited, lets you only query the last 20 messages
  50. lovetox mostly
  51. lovetox so it maybe gives you the sense that this is ALL history since you left the groupchat
  52. lovetox which is not true
  53. lovetox at the moment gajim doesnt offer a way to retrieve all history from groupchats
  54. lovetox the normal restore_lines, just loads messages from your DB
  55. pkonow just closed a tab with the chat, and re-opened it but no history there
  56. lovetox sowhat are the values you set
  57. pkonow restore_lines = 20, restore_timeout = 0
  58. lovetox so try 100000 for timeout
  59. pkonow thanks lovetox that did it :)
  60. pkonow how do I change the history text size? It doesn't seem to be affected by the Chat message font settings
  61. lovetox i dont think you can sorry
  62. pkonow wut
  63. pkonow ok lol
  64. pkonow thanks for your help