Gajim - 2017-08-21

  1. Stephan Windmüller Hi! A simple question: Is is possible to set the default action for double-clicking on a contact to "Single message" instead of "Chat"?
  2. Asterix Stephan Windmüller: no that's not possible. At least not without changing Gajim's code
  3. Asterix server upgrade. hopefully, it will be back in a few minutes. Hopefully ...
  4. Asterix too easy :)
  5. de-facto is there a setting to auto-rejoin on disconnect to a muc in gajim under the hood somewhere?
  6. Asterix de-facto: don't we already auto-rejoin?
  7. Asterix there is muc_autorejoin_timeout in config
  8. de-facto it is set to integer 1 on my Gajim 0.16.11-d11b40ca3956, yet it didnt rejoin when server was upgraded
  9. de-facto btw congratz to the successful upgrade :)
  10. de-facto bbl have a good one
  11. doczkal Thumbs pressed ;)
  12. mimi89999 Hello
  13. Asterix Hi
  14. mimi89999 Recently in gajim-default-nightly I don't have spellcheck.
  15. mimi89999 Am I missing a dependency?
  16. Asterix is it enabled in help -> features?
  17. mimi89999 "Vérification ortohgraphique des messages composés."
  18. mimi89999 I have it
  19. Asterix you have it enabled in pref windiw?
  20. Asterix ha it's grey here
  21. mimi89999 Asterix‎: Where to enable it in pref?
  22. Asterix haaa
  23. Asterix it's because of import
  24. mimi89999 Asterix‎: Where?
  25. Asterix fixed
  26. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *144c862d* <> fix import
  27. Asterix in pref window, frst tab
  28. Asterix but it must be grey
  29. Asterix I just fixed that
  30. Asterix ho there areotherproblems
  31. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *3c693a7a* <> fix import
  32. Asterix should be ok now
  33. mimi89999 Thanks
  34. Asterix thanks for telling me
  35. mdosch When clicking on a website in the contact profile latest Gajim opens the email program as it is adding mailto: instead of http://
  36. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *d070d141* <> fix scrolling to iter in groupchat when we receive a pm. Fixes #8635
  37. mdosch :)
  38. Asterix server restart again. Things don't go that well ...
  39. andrey.g Asterix, auto-rejoin didn't help. It looked as if your message about restart was the last one and after that nobody would join/leave this MUC. Gajim allowed me to post a message: it has disappeared from input window but not appeared in message window.
  40. Link Mauve andrey.g, we didn’t receive any notification of the server shutting down.
  41. Asterix indeed, I killed the VM a bit hard, and prosody didn't send offline presence
  42. Link Mauve ↑ for that reason. :)
  43. Asterix si Gajim can't guess we're disconnected
  44. andrey.g OK. Today's morning it was different: the Gajim couldn't find the room.
  45. Asterix hmm I have problems with the machine ... sorry but expect more connection cut ...
  46. andrey.g BTW, is there any timeout for that "hard" case? If I would wait longer, would Gajim find out, that it should try to rejoin?
  47. Asterix no there is not. No ping
  48. Asterix so no Gajim wouldn'trejoin in this case
  49. Asterix fucking ipv6 that doesn't want to come!!