Gajim - 2017-08-18

  1. Askesis Hello. I'm getting desktop notifications (KDE) for users logging in, but not getting any for new messages. I've a feeling I've misconfigured something. I've set Preferences -> Notifications -> When new event is received: Pop it up. Is there anything else I need to configure?
  2. lovetox Askesis, try the first combobox under Notifications
  3. lovetox "Notify me about it"
  4. lovetox i would say is what you want
  5. lovetox pop it up would mean message pop up in windows on arrival
  6. lovetox wors at least for me here on windows
  7. lovetox if this does not work for you, we would have to look deeper whats the issue
  8. andrey.g testing gtk3: "-c" seems to work, but while starting a second gajim instance it finishes promptly in opposite how it works with gtk2.
  9. lovetox yes andrey.g thats gtk3
  10. lovetox you have to add a
  11. lovetox -p "profilename"
  12. lovetox you need a different profile name for every instance that you want to have
  13. andrey.g I did that, then "-c" has been ignored and gajim started to write in standard directories.
  14. andrey.g where my gtk2 resides
  15. lovetox hm thats a bug then
  16. lovetox let me have a look
  17. lovetox hm no
  18. lovetox i think this should work
  19. lovetox let me try :)
  20. lovetox no works for me on ubuntu
  21. lovetox ./ -c /home/test/testgajim -p test
  22. lovetox andrey.g,
  23. andrey.g I've tested a bit further: it turns out "-p" is a very dangerous parameter! You are allowed to enter -p -c ... So the profile name is empty. And in this case gajim goes in the standard dirs.
  24. lovetox thats not the case
  25. lovetox -p -c means the profile is "-c"
  26. Askesis lovetox, that didn't work :-(
  27. Askesis Also sorry for the lag, no notifications XD
  28. lovetox Askesis, please create a issue here
  29. lovetox
  30. lovetox so we remember when we have time to look into it
  31. andrey.g What then becomes the path after "-c"?
  32. lovetox the path is "-c"
  33. lovetox thats a valid directory name on linux
  34. lovetox no sorry a valid string for a profile name
  35. lovetox you started gajim with the profilename "-c"
  36. andrey.g I mean -p -c "path/to/config". If "-c" is a name of profile, then the cmd line is -p "profilename" "some path". What gajim does with that "somepath"
  37. lovetox i dont know
  38. lovetox never tested, probably ignored
  39. lovetox pretty sure its ignored
  40. andrey.g OK, then it is a good candidate for a bug report, since if there is gajim doesn't expect, it is better to complain and exit. Then a user can see an error in a command line.
  41. andrey.g OK, then it is a good candidate for a bug report, since if there is something gajim doesn't expect, it is better to complain and exit. Then a user can see an error in a command line.
  42. lovetox yeah i think this is fixable
  43. lovetox we dont scan for left over arguments after we consumed all valid ones
  44. galxy hello guys, do you think the HTTP Upload plugin may refuse a valid certificate from a server? My server uses let's encrypt and Conversations can use HTTP Upload on it. After some updates Gajim can't send stuff through HTTP Upload and gives a certificate error
  45. lovetox on what system are you?
  46. lovetox a certificate has to be verified to be seen as valid
  47. galxy Linux Mint
  48. galxy [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)
  49. galxy lovetox, ^
  50. lovetox whats the domain?
  51. galxy I will PM it
  52. galxy you should have received it
  53. lovetox yes
  54. galxy how can you verify that specific HTTP-Upload domain and its certificate? I would use for testing the whole server.. just a noob here
  55. lovetox is it your server?
  56. lovetox im not good on the certificate stuff either
  57. lovetox but i could test if its a problem with your machine
  58. lovetox if you could make me a test account
  59. galxy lovetox, yes it's my server
  60. galxy I can PM you
  61. lovetox yeah please
  62. andrey.g To make gtk3 running I had to package the recent python-nbxmpp. Luckily, it Debian's 0.5.4 package can be used as is after running debchange once. BTW, how to use not a system python-nbxmpp?
  63. andrey.g gtk3 gajim icon in a systray looks wired on MATE 1.16:
  64. thomas hey, how can I migrate my OMEMO key from an old gajim version (*.key3 files) to the new version (SQLite)?
  65. SaltyBones hello?
  66. SaltyBones oh cool I can send messages!
  67. SaltyBones how do I enable mam in gajim?
  68. doczkal What is mam?
  69. Flow doczkal: Message Archive Management (XEP-0313)
  70. doczkal Is that something you can disable/enable at client side?
  71. Asterix SaltyBones: in accounts window, General tab: Synchronize logs with server
  72. Asterix Link Mauve: What's wrong in your screenshot in #8709?
  73. Asterix #8709
  74. Asterix bot?
  75. doczkal Seems the bot is taking a nap?
  76. Link Mauve Asterix, look at the icons, how blurry they are, also the avatars, the buttons, the tiny roster icon, etc.
  77. Asterix replacing 16x16 icons by svg would be enough?
  78. Asterix they are here: does it help if you replace the 16x16 icons by those?
  79. Link Mauve Asterix, it should be enough yes, let me try.
  80. Zash Context? HiDPI?
  81. SaltyBones what could be wrong when I have mam on but don't get synchronized history?
  82. SaltyBones so gajim on two machines, one is off the other is chatting than that one is off and the other is chatting
  83. SaltyBones shouldn't mam get me those messages on both machines?
  84. SaltyBones i keep confusing it with something else so I m not sure
  85. Link Mauve Zash, yes.
  86. Link Mauve See the screenshot in
  87. lovetox thomas, we never had key3 files
  88. lovetox thats something different
  89. Zash Link Mauve: Do you happen to know if you can show/hide details depending on size and stuff in svg?
  90. thomas lovetox, oaky, but the omemo sqlite database is missing on that version
  91. thomas how's that possible?
  92. lovetox on what version
  93. thomas hm, let me check
  94. Link Mauve Zash, not with librsvg because it doesn’t implement the CSS rules for it, but in SVG yes.
  95. lovetox SaltyBones, Advanced -> Archiving Preferences
  96. lovetox Default has to be Always
  97. lovetox this is only available in master
  98. lovetox you can change it also with conversations
  99. SaltyBones but it will only work in master?
  100. lovetox no, the archiving preferences window is only availalbe in master
  101. Link Mauve Asterix, the smiley, font, informations, history, advanced and send buttons are rendered at the correct size on my screenshot, all of the other ones not.
  102. lovetox this is a server setting, it will work with any client afterwards
  103. SaltyBones but doesn't gajim have to retrieve the history somehow?
  104. lovetox no, if your server setting is to not archive messages
  105. lovetox the server will not archive messages
  106. Link Mauve Asterix, and if I replace the PNG files with SVGs, most of the icons become invisible. :(
  107. lovetox you have to enable it on some servers
  108. lovetox for that purpose you need a UI
  109. lovetox that UI exists only in master or conversations
  110. SaltyBones lovetox, but if the server has them gajim will retrieve them?
  111. lovetox gajim 0.16.8 will not work with mam:2
  112. lovetox master will work with all versions
  113. Zash Some servers don't enable MAM by default, for privacy reasons. Recording all users messages without telling them would be ... not nice.
  114. lovetox i already said that, gajim 0.16.8 not working with mam can have 2 reasons, either mam:2 or default preferences : Never
  115. SaltyBones how do I know if I have mam:2?
  116. lovetox <iq type='get' id='disco1' to='yourjid'> <query xmlns=''/> </iq>
  117. lovetox this into the xml console
  118. lovetox insert your jid
  119. thomas lovetox, 0.15.4
  120. lovetox 0.15.4 doesnt support omemo
  121. lovetox you need 0.16.6 minimum
  122. thomas wtf
  123. thomas you're right
  124. thomas sorry for the noise
  125. thomas I thought I've used OMEMO on this computer ^^
  126. lovetox ^^
  127. lovetox Link Mauve, you imagine that too easy, to make icons scale to the dpi you have to do a little bit more
  128. lovetox we first have to get the scaling factor for your screen
  129. lovetox then load all icons with load_icon_for_scale()
  130. Link Mauve lovetox, oh? Why are half of the icons already correct?
  131. Link Mauve Why isn’t it as easy as putting a SVG there?
  132. lovetox i wondered that myself, exchanging icons to svg i think we have to recompile the icon cache
  133. lovetox you can try that
  134. Link Mauve How do I do it?
  135. lovetox gtk-update-icon-cache --help
  136. lovetox i think you just have to point it to the folder where the icons are replaced
  137. Link Mauve That should already be done when installing the package, AFAIK.
  138. lovetox it is, but when you manually replace them ?! you dont install a package
  139. Link Mauve And didn’t change anything when I ran it manually.
  140. Link Mauve Sure I do, why wouldn’t I?
  141. lovetox actually i dont know if its done
  142. Link Mauve Everything in /usr/share/gajim/data/iconsets/dcraven/16x16/ is now SVG files.
  143. lovetox do you have another file in there?
  144. lovetox a compiled file
  145. lovetox no probably not
  146. lovetox i dont think we compile these icons
  147. lovetox hm i just read that gtk takes care of most scaling itself
  148. lovetox only sometime you have to help with it
  149. lovetox form where do you have the svgs?
  150. lovetox oh i see, the extension is hardcoded
  151. lovetox these are not real gtk icons
  152. lovetox these are just pictures loaded from a different location without the gtk icon api
  153. lovetox thats why they dont work
  154. lovetox we should change that anyway
  155. Asterix LordVan: a lot of SVG files are here:
  156. lovetox Asterix, we should move all icons from iconsets, to the hicolor folder
  157. lovetox thats the fallback folder where gtk looks for a named icon if it is not provided by gtk
  158. lovetox we can then just call lookup_icon(dcraven_online)
  159. lovetox instead of loading pixbufs scaling etc
  160. lovetox it seems we do this for a lot of icons already, just not for the iconsets
  161. Asterix don't we just add a path to where GTK looks for icons
  162. lovetox no, we save the path in the config
  163. lovetox then loading the path and loading images from there
  164. lovetox seems complicated for current gtk3
  165. lovetox but is probably due to history and never refactored
  166. Asterix probably
  167. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *d20f2201* <> Print error on unhandled commandline arguments
  168. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *10f8fe2b* <> Use unique id as action name instead of jid A jid can contain characters that are not allowed in an action name. This creates a unique UUID4 for each MessageControl and uses it as action name instead. We can reuse the UUID for other actions that belong to the MessageControl Fixes #8636
  169. lovetox galxy, it seems the domain is not reachable
  170. lovetox
  171. lovetox if do the same test with, or any other server, i get a certificate
  172. lovetox i guess this is probably a dns issue
  173. lovetox or maybe your http server does not react on that domain
  174. galxy lovetox, I can use HTTP Upload through Conversations though
  175. galxy lovetox, according to that test none of my DNS record would work but my server does work, maybe it's making HTTPS requests
  176. galxy as opposed to XMPP
  177. galxy but still, Conversations can use HTTP Upload and Gajim gives a certificate error :(
  178. Zash https on port 5281? looks like an expired cert there
  179. lovetox galxy, httpupload make a https request
  180. galxy I imagine that was the reason for trying a web SSL test
  181. Zash good luck getting tools like that to use ports other than 443
  182. lovetox ah thats the reason
  183. lovetox why it doesnt work
  184. SaltyBones so
  185. SaltyBones I'm talking to a friend here on gajim on my pc
  186. SaltyBones and the last message I have received from him or me on my phone was at 4 this afternoon
  187. SaltyBones ideas what might be wrong?
  188. lovetox so Zash can you tell galxy what tool you use to test the cert on his upload. subdomain?
  189. Zash plain ol' browser
  190. lovetox galxy,
  192. SaltyBones openssl s_client -connect hostname -port 5444
  193. lovetox maybe you renewed but your server didnt refresh the cert
  194. lovetox or something like that
  195. galxy yeah, apparently my certificate no longer works :(
  196. galxy so Conversations must be ignoring the certificate origin?
  197. lovetox thats a good question, i would ask that in the conversations muc
  198. galxy according to certbot that certificate isn't expired!
  199. SaltyBones I think you just have the wrong certificate chain.
  200. SaltyBones Verification error: unable to get local issuer certificate
  201. SaltyBones Maybe you didn't send the full chain? Wrong file configured in webserver?
  202. galxy SaltyBones, it could be.. I'm kind of new to Certbot and certificates in general
  203. lovetox SaltyBones, did you try without encryption?
  204. SaltyBones lovetox, yeah, encryption is off
  205. SaltyBones I mean omemo is still installed but it's set off for that user
  206. lovetox hm
  207. SaltyBones galxy, did you follow the instructions? ;)
  208. galxy SaltyBones, I did... really
  209. lovetox so did you look in conversations, under archive preference? if its set to always
  210. SaltyBones galxy, did you use "fullchain.pem"? :)
  211. galxy SaltyBones, in my Prosody server you mean?
  212. SaltyBones lovetox, it is set to always
  213. SaltyBones galxy, yes
  214. galxy I did, maybe the HTTP Upload settings have been overridden though
  215. lovetox to my noob eyes, if the browser shows me a certificate that expires on 06.08, that means the server servs the wrong certificate
  216. lovetox so its not a matter of him setting the wrong cert
  217. galxy lovetox, that's what I fear too
  218. SaltyBones lovetox, I was thinking more like wrong file as in doesn't contain intermediate certificates
  219. SaltyBones or
  220. SaltyBones subject=CN =
  221. SaltyBones shouldn't this be upload. ...
  222. lovetox but then the error would not be a expired cert
  223. lovetox i think his webserver just did not accept the new cert he refreshed, and is still using the old one
  224. lovetox so i would look into how you correctly set a new cert for your server
  225. Zash Assuming it's directly to Prosody, then it'll need the http module to be reloaded
  226. lovetox that sounds like a solution :)
  227. lovetox SaltyBones, but this should not have to do anything with mam, if you are online with your phone, you should receive all messages instantly
  228. lovetox does it work the other way around, if you write from conversations, do you receive in gajim?
  229. SaltyBones lovetox, let me try
  230. SaltyBones I get my own
  231. SaltyBones with an *Unencrypted* warning, though
  232. SaltyBones but only one way
  233. SaltyBones and now I got one message from the other party
  234. SaltyBones out of two sent immediately back to back
  235. SaltyBones there is something wrong with turning off omemo, I think
  236. SaltyBones galxy, figured it out?
  237. galxy I guess it's a symlink sort of issue
  238. galxy I wish I was a bit more experienced, it may be a very silly problem
  239. SaltyBones
  240. SaltyBones not super helpful but it also shows that you are using an expired cert
  241. SaltyBones so I guess whatever your prosody is using is not what certbot spit out :)
  242. galxy I fear so :\
  243. SaltyBones hrhr
  244. SaltyBones all you have to do is copy files to the right place and restart everything ;)
  245. lovetox if you analyse that problem SaltyBones first deactivate omemo
  246. SaltyBones I did
  247. SaltyBones several times
  248. SaltyBones it seems to be coming back :p
  249. SaltyBones but even directly after turning it off the problem persists
  250. SaltyBones though the other guy might still have it on
  251. lovetox it only is a problem with one contact?
  252. lovetox then its an encryption problem for sure
  253. SaltyBones quite possible but if turning it off doesn't help then I don't know what else to do :)
  254. SaltyBones it seems when he writes something omemo is turned on again automatically
  255. lovetox yeah, tell him to turn it off :)
  256. lovetox or to trust all your fingerprints maybe
  257. SaltyBones lovetox, also, when I turn it off I still don't get copies of my messages to him
  258. lovetox or compare fingerprints
  259. lovetox maybe he didnt receive one
  260. lovetox yeah but nothing gajim can do about that
  261. lovetox we send a message to a server
  262. lovetox the server is responsible to sending it to your phone
  263. lovetox if you can verify that the message is unencrypted, best in xml console
  264. lovetox then the problem is in conversations or your server
  265. SaltyBones but why does it enable automatically when he sends a message?
  266. SaltyBones and I though the server doesn't know about omemo
  267. SaltyBones lovetox, seems unencrypted in the console
  268. lovetox because i programmed it that way
  269. lovetox it unrelated to the problem
  270. lovetox it just makes it harder for your tests ^^
  271. lovetox yeah and you didnt receive in in conversations?
  272. lovetox did you restart conversations?
  273. lovetox seems like a conversations or server problem here
  274. lovetox i dont know what i should do if your server doesnt forward unencrypted messages to your phone
  275. SaltyBones neither do I ;)
  276. lovetox but you must have this problem with all contacts
  277. SaltyBones I can just run another client for debugging. Which one would you suggest? :)
  278. SaltyBones Another gajim? :)
  279. lovetox you have already another client your phone
  280. lovetox open the xml console in gajim
  281. lovetox write a message from your phone
  282. lovetox if you dont receive the unencrypted message forwarded from the server
  283. lovetox its a server issue
  284. lovetox thats basic message routing there is really nothing that gajim can fuck up here
  285. SaltyBones it works one way
  286. SaltyBones if I send on the phone gajim gets it
  287. lovetox what version of conversations?
  288. SaltyBones 1.19.5
  289. lovetox and the server is yours?
  290. SaltyBones aye
  291. lovetox why you dont look into server logs
  292. lovetox what happens when a message from conversations is sent
  293. lovetox or from gajim
  294. lovetox To everyone using master, big changes happen in the next commits, expect all plugins to break when you update. Plugin installer should work though, and should prompt you to upgrade your plugins.
  295. SaltyBones so the server logs don't seem to say anything
  296. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 13 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *efec098a* <> Use absolute imports *f7e83af2* <> GajimRemote: Fix invalid filename *230739bb* <> Rewrite launch script *3b800578* <> Update bin scripts *47c83311* <> Always install in python3.x/site-packages *b11b7a4a* <> Check for root only on unix systems *675ebe54* <> Up Gajim version to 0.16.11 *67401204* <> Mark gajim as a python package *ab041963* <> Fix start of history manager from gajim *6d1c659b* <> Expand Python module search path to work around the issue that the gajim module cannot be found *56d002ce* <> Fix test imports *89c7eb6e* <> Rename gajim.common.gajim to avoid name conflicts *4ffc1cf8* <> Merge branch 'absolute_imports' into 'master' Make gajim a python module See merge request !106
  297. SaltyBones and it seems to work with two running gajims
  298. SaltyBones so it must be a conversations problem
  299. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *9ce1c5b9* <> Use absolute imports on all plugins This is necessary because Gajim is with 0.16.11 a python package *da0d5f06* <> Merge branch 'pluginversions' into 'gtk3' Use absolute imports on all plugins See merge request !43
  300. SaltyBones lovetox, no...wait
  301. SaltyBones actually even with two gajim instances it works only one way
  302. SaltyBones wtf is going on here
  303. lovetox i would look into the server logs
  304. lovetox you can tune them to show everything
  305. lovetox :)
  306. lovetox maybe a resource problem?
  307. lovetox do your clients have different resources
  308. SaltyBones seems that way
  309. lovetox SaltyBones, you should not test stuff with messages to yourself
  310. lovetox this can be handled differently from client to client and server to server
  311. lovetox you should always test between to different accounts
  312. SaltyBones well sending messages between accounts seems to work at least the other guy is replying ;)
  313. lovetox but its not copied to your other resources
  314. lovetox thats the problem or not?
  315. lovetox you dont need to message yourself to test that
  316. SaltyBones well pretty much nothing gets copied to conversations
  317. SaltyBones it seems his messages get copied to everywhere
  318. SaltyBones mine only get copied when omemo is off and even then only sometimes
  319. zb hi guys, i'm facing a problem with gajim/omemo in a multi device setup. problem is, my own messages from my device A are not shown device B. they're recevied, though, and i get the following warning in the log, for every message:
  320. zb 18.08.2017 21:48:54 (W) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: No Session found No valid sessionsOver 2000 messages into the future! 18.08.2017 21:48:54 (W) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: sender_jid => sid =>1505163973
  321. zb 1505163973 being the device id of device A
  322. zb and i see a corresponding entry in the sessions table at device B
  323. zb both A and B use omemo, and all other devices receive everything else correctly
  324. zb use gajim, sry
  325. zb server is ejabberd 16.09
  326. lovetox what omemo version are you using?
  327. zb omemo 1.2.5 on both A and B
  328. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *9bafd769* <> fix some Q_() call
  329. lovetox so it seems a invalid session we have to delete it
  330. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *c4383c16* <> Use correct account when opening history window
  331. zb ok, so i just delete from sessions where device_id = 1505163973; ?
  332. lovetox no dont do anything in the db
  333. zb ok :)
  334. lovetox you have to do this on the client that is not deviceid 1505163973
  335. lovetox go to Plugins -> Omemo -> confg
  336. lovetox then
  337. lovetox under Known Fingerprints
  338. lovetox you delete all fingerprints from the contact with that it doesnt work
  339. lovetox afterwards restart both clients
  340. lovetox and send a message first from the client where you just deleted the sessions
  341. zb ok, i'll try that and report back! thanks!
  342. zb thanks, lovetox, that did the trick :)
  343. lovetox it seems one of the clients did not write a message to the other for a very long time
  344. lovetox after 2000 messages the session gets invalid
  345. zb ahhh
  346. zb yea that is well possible
  347. lovetox of course thats something you shouldnt care about, but i didnt implement a automatic new session in that case
  348. lovetox because i thought its very unlikely ^^
  349. zb ah ok - would be a nice option / flag, i suppose :)
  350. zb is this related to MAM / the server pushing old messages?
  351. lovetox is the other device on the same account? was it another device of yourself?
  352. zb yes
  353. zb and yes
  354. lovetox yes you device gets all the messages you write on the other device as copy, and that counts as a message it has to decrypt
  355. lovetox from time to time you should write from the other client to yourself
  356. zb i never do that...
  357. zb ok...
  358. lovetox or leave it, and delte once a year your session
  359. lovetox or maybe i have fixed it until the next 2000 messages ^^
  360. zb i'm just wondering - on the server (ejabberd) the mod_mam setting is the default. the docs say that cache_size is thus 1000, and the cache_life_time is 3600s or 1h. that would mean there have been over 2000 messages in a 1h period at some point?
  361. lovetox no it has nothing to do with mam
  362. lovetox it just you have device A and encrypt also to your device B
  363. lovetox so B receives all your messages you send
  364. lovetox but you never write from B to A
  365. lovetox which makes the session break after 2000 messages
  366. zb ok, i think i understand :)
  367. zb is this something worthy of a bug report / feature request?
  368. lovetox this is a property of the encryption, to make it really save both devices have to write each other
  369. lovetox and as a security messure they said after 2000 messages we stop
  370. lovetox because its unsafe
  371. zb ahh ok, i get the reasoning
  372. lovetox yeah zb, i would consider that a bug
  373. lovetox the user should not be bothered with that
  374. lovetox we should automatically create a new session in that case
  375. zb should i open one? (don't even know if i can do that)
  376. lovetox
  377. lovetox you can hear
  378. lovetox just register an account
  379. zb will do!
  380. zb many thanks again, have a nice weekend :)
  381. lovetox you too, bye