Gajim - 2017-08-11

  1. mdosch current debian nightly: I don't receive my own message in gajim when writing from another device
  2. mdosch Ah sorry, this is actually yesterdays nightly
  3. mdosch will try todays nightly
  4. mdosch Looks like with todays nightly no direction works neither see I message sent with gajim in conversations nor the other way
  5. lovetox hm mdosch
  6. lovetox seems like a problem with encryption
  7. lovetox as the server is responsible for routing messages, gajim can not be responsible if you dont see messages in conversations
  8. lovetox try without encryption to narrow the problem down
  9. int mdosch: I know this problem but i also don t think gajim is responsible for this.. maybe clearing all devices in conversations' account settings helps?
  10. lovetox hm if its indeed a problem with encryption please dont press any buttons, get me a debug log to see whats the actual problem so we can solve it in the future
  11. soccerhub Hm, i wanted to del one account, but instead of deleting it, gajim says, anonymous connection not possible. How come ?
  12. mdosch Will look into it but probably not today. But no new contacts and devices are involved and omemo worked smooth before.
  13. soccerhub ok
  14. soccerhub MY version is 16.7
  15. int mdosch: just occured to me.. one time i ve had the problem after a omemo plugin update with gajim running on windows 7
  16. lovetox soccerhub, Accounts -> select an account, click delete
  17. lovetox the account has to be offline
  18. lovetox before
  19. lovetox select Remove account only from gajim
  20. soccerhub ya, i think i did so.
  21. soccerhub the acc, i want to delete, is grey
  22. soccerhub I have to del in gajim and server then ?
  23. lovetox no
  24. lovetox just in gajim
  25. soccerhub k
  26. soccerhub ok worked
  27. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *8b02b151* <> WindowsBuild: Include emoticon sourcefiles Our loader cant load compiled sourcefiles
  28. mdosch For some reasons my gajim on both laptops put the trust for my mobiles omemo key to "undecided"
  29. mdosch For some reasons my gajim on both laptops put the trust for one of my mobiles omemo key to "undecided"
  30. lovetox that means its a new key
  31. lovetox gajim never puts a key back to undecided once its trusted
  32. lovetox that or you did delete the key out of gajim for some reason
  33. mdosch Checked on my website it is still the same fingerprint
  34. mdosch and my other mobile didn't untrust this key. only my laptops with gajim did
  35. mdosch weird
  36. lovetox hm
  37. mdosch >lovetox‎: that or you did delete the key out of gajim for some reason you're talking about tampering a config on the file system? didn't do that. And then why did it happen on both gajim on two different machines
  38. lovetox you didnt play with deleting fingerprint out of the config window?
  39. mdosch No
  40. mdosch And this should only affect one installation and not both, right?
  41. lovetox hm, so is the count of fingerprints correct?
  42. lovetox in gajim?
  43. lovetox for each device one fingerprint?
  44. mdosch I have mobile1, mobile2, laptop1 and laptop2. Mobiles conversations and Laptops gajim. Each device trusted each others keys. Out of a sudden laptop1 and laptop2 have mobile1 fingerprint untrusted while it is still trusted in mobile2
  45. mdosch there are still older no more used ones remaining (but are grey as no more active)
  46. lovetox hm i have to look into the code, maybe there are some circumstances where this can happen
  47. mdosch U think it's a good idea deleting unused key? I was thinking they won't disturb me.
  48. lovetox i dont think its a problem
  49. lovetox either way
  50. lovetox if you are sure these are devices that never come online again, go on and delete them
  51. soccerhub seems python axolotl for otr is not on red hat
  52. lovetox you mean omemo
  53. lovetox its on pypi
  54. soccerhub yes
  55. soccerhub omemo
  56. soccerhub This ?
  57. lovetox
  58. soccerhub OK, i see it. Must find the repo
  59. bert Hmmm, it seems something went wrong last night with the apt/deb nightly build, there was no new build released even though lovetox fixed a rather annoying MUC-bug yesterday. Anyone know what went wrong?
  60. Asterix yes, I'm on it
  61. bert Asterix: ok, cool :D
  62. bert secretly it's just really annoying that I get all these traceback popups (and often while typing and then accidentally open 2-5x the report page :P
  63. Asterix yes ... it's a daily development package ... we try to make it usable, but it's not a stable release ...
  64. Getafix Asterix: before you leave, take this gourd of magic potion. (...SCNR)
  65. bert Asterix: yeah, it's unstable/nightly, so I expected these things to happen from time to time, so I shouldn't complain ;)
  66. Asterix bert: should be ok, is it?
  67. bert Asterix: let me try
  68. bert jep, new version :D
  69. bert brb, need to restart gajim ;)
  70. bert Asterix: it's fixed :D
  71. Asterix nice
  72. bert Asterix lovetox: thank you guys for your help ^^
  73. Asterix I updated the way package is build .. that caused errors
  74. int gajim crashes on my macbook after 19 reconnect tries..
  75. Asterix hmm segfault ... hard to debug that ..
  76. int Asterix: how could i start?
  77. Asterix first ... are you able to reproduce?
  78. int Asterix: how can i reduce the time between retries? that would be easier..
  79. Asterix gajim 0.16 branch or master baranch?
  80. int master
  81. Asterix in gajim/common/, line 836, you have: if self.retrycount < 2 or self.last_time_to_reconnect is None: self.last_time_to_reconnect = 5 self.last_time_to_reconnect += randomsource.randint(0, 5) if self.last_time_to_reconnect < 200: self.last_time_to_reconnect *= 1.5 self.time_to_reconnect = int(self.last_time_to_reconnect)
  82. Asterix just add a line below that: self.time_to_reconnect = 5
  83. int thx :D
  84. int Asterix‎: seems not to be reproducable... i observe this..
  85. Psi-Jack Is there a way to disable automatic E2E?
  86. Psi-Jack Or, at least the message that keeps coming up about "This session is encrypted and WILL be logged"
  87. lovetox yes Psi-Jack
  88. Psi-Jack Heh, how?
  89. lovetox there is a setting in the advanced config editor called "enable_esessions" and autonegotiate_esessions"
  90. lovetox deactivate both, its a old encryption mechanic only gajim understands
  91. lovetox its probably better you use OMEMO or PGP
  92. lovetox as many other clients support thios
  93. Psi-Jack Hmm.. I didn't really need encryption anyway. ;)
  94. Psi-Jack I just didn't really like Gajim constantly establishing an E2E automatically, and by default, and telling me it was being logged.
  95. Psi-Jack But, thank you. I've disabled those options.
  96. sergio Hello, regarding what Psi-Jack said, could the e2e encryption that only gajim understand be disabled by default?
  97. Psi-Jack ^ :thumbs_up:
  98. Psi-Jack One issue I have seen with Gajim since using it also. For some reason, the toolbar just below the text input area for chat, just.. Vanishes. I don't know why, but it's gone now, in this MUC.
  99. lovetox maybe you excidently clicked alt+c
  100. Psi-Jack I've seen that, and font size differences, where old chat seems to just be smaller than more current text.
  101. Psi-Jack I didn't.
  102. Psi-Jack But that brought it back, for sure. :)
  103. lovetox the different font size should symbolize messages that we got as "history" from the muc
  104. lovetox or loaded from DB
  105. Psi-Jack That makes sense, and plausible. Possibly even from a reconnect as well that made it suddenly do so.
  106. lovetox i agree we could do this another way, nobody does this on current chat apps
  107. Psi-Jack :)
  108. Psi-Jack I'm guessing, Monal, doesn't do OMEMO or PGP. :)
  109. lovetox pgp i dont know, omemo not
  110. lovetox to be honest, if you are not super paranoid, the standard TLS encryption is probably enough anyway
  111. Psi-Jack Yeah, PGP isn't in the feature list either.
  112. lovetox xmpp works much more stable without E2E encryption, at least for now
  113. Psi-Jack Yeah. Exactly, and I'm on TLSv1.2 minimum required to connect to my server. :)
  114. Psi-Jack And I'm about to find out just how many things I can break by switching my TLS cert to EC instead of RSA. :)
  115. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>: *7fedb6c9* <> [test] fix comparing xml
  116. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>: *99a2469e* <> [test] Fix smacks test