Gajim - 2017-08-10

  1. Holger andrey.g: This should work: $ openssl s_client -starttls xmpp-server -xmpphost -connect
  2. andrey.g Holger, thanks, this does work.
  3. Psi-Jack Hmmm, how do I turn off the joins/parts messages that constantly occur in Gajim?
  4. Psi-Jack Ahh, found it.
  5. stp Psi-Jack: Where? I also want to disable those messages.
  6. vanitasvitae stp: in the preferemce editor you can search for 'print'. There should be something like print status changes which you can change
  7. stp vanitasvitae: thanks very much! I wonder why that option is hidden from the GUI!
  8. vanitasvitae stp: I was very happy when I found it :D
  9. stp vanitasvitae: :-D
  10. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *e6f1d294* <> Remove old XML Console *512e6d2c* <> Redesign XML Console - Use modern GTK Widgets (HeaderBar, ActionBar, Switch) - Add an option to filter Stream Management stanzas - Add a generic Option Dialog that we can reuse later *174e8802* <> Merge branch 'xmlconsole' into 'master' Redesign XML Console See merge request !115
  11. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *a25a38ed* <> Correctly destroy all windows on quit() Not all Dialogs have a window instance, some inherit Gtk.Window *5a7a6766* <> Fix rare bug in scroll_to_end()
  12. lovetox stp its not, the option is in the bookmarks menu
  13. lovetox you can set it for every room
  14. lovetox in advanced config editor you can set it globally
  15. stp lovetox: Oh, I'll have a look.
  16. lovetox for smaller rooms it could be beneficial, as you see when someone leaves
  17. lovetox for big public rooms its not so useful because you are getting spammed
  18. stp lovetox: Yes, that's why I'll don't set it globally then. But I also want to disable it for 1-on-1-chats.
  19. lovetox we have no gui option for that indeed, you have to deactivate "print_status_in_chats"
  20. lovetox if you use Gajim0.16.x
  21. lovetox this could be potentially dangerous if you use encryption as you dont get stauts messages anymore about your encryption status
  22. lovetox if you use gajim master, this should be no problem
  23. stp Test
  24. stp works :-)
  25. Psi-Jack stp: Heh, yeah. print_in, in the advanced configuration editor. I wonder why it's not in the main GUI's myself, but glad it's in there either way.
  26. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *c19bad88* <> remove old debian folder
  27. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *572fb921* <> remove old debian folder
  28. bert Hi, I presume you guys know about the "TypeError: get_path_to_generic_or_avatar() got multiple values for keyword argument 'jid'" error in the latest apt/deb nightly?
  29. jjrh Is there a way to have gajim put dividers in the tabs or have them sorted by network? (specifically put all the rooms together ) Right now if i join a new room on it just gets put at the end of the list instead of next to the other rooms in
  30. andrey.g Interesting, one year ago someone had a similar problem, I'm facing with
  31. andrey.g > [19:20:51] <linus> I run ejabberd and it said... > <0.3598.10>@ejabberd_s2s_out:wait_for_validation:474 wait for validation: -> (xmlstreamend)
  32. andrey.g > [19:17:16] <Zash> Do you get an error? > [19:20:04] <linus> "Remote server not found"
  33. andrey.g Unfortunately I cannot reach the ccc server/admins and only see what Gajim shows: "<presence ... from='' type='error' ... <c xmlns='' ... <error code='404' type='cancel'><remote-server-not-found ..."
  34. jjrh Is there any sort of guild for setting up a build system for gajim? I'm running into all sorts of issues with ubuntu 14. I believe the issue is I need GLib 2.42 which isn't in the package repos.
  35. jjrh Little confused that the nightly build for 0.16.8 uses python 2.7 but everything seems to indicate i need 3.4+ ?
  36. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *2ce5012b* <> don't show audio error when it's not an audio error. Fixes #8614 *7c84d52c* <> don't close the socket we're using to tranfer file. Fixes #8657
  37. lovetox jjrh, in the preferences there is a Window behaviour option
  38. lovetox there you can group windows per type
  39. lovetox maybe this helps you
  40. lovetox bert, no thanks for mentioning i look into it
  41. lovetox andrey.g, i feel with you, but would the conversations muc or a support muc of your server not be a place where you could hope for help?
  42. lovetox or do you think its a Gajim issue?
  43. lovetox jjrh, we have 2 branches
  44. lovetox master branch is python3/gtk3
  45. andrey.g lovetox‎, who knows, a year ago it has been mentioned here on the gajim muc.
  46. lovetox gajim_0.16 branch is py2/gtk2
  47. bert >‎[22:57:53] ‎lovetox‎: bert, no thanks for mentioning i look into it I can give you the full trace if that helps
  48. lovetox i guess i will see the same traceback once i update
  49. bert
  50. bert you'll probably see this instantly
  51. lovetox andrey.g, remote server not found is pretty clear
  52. bert and your bookmarked MUCs won't autojoin
  53. lovetox means your server cant connect to the
  54. lovetox im joined conversations every day never have problems, so i strongly suspect a problem
  55. lovetox if you are still not able to reach anyone there, i think its time to think about a server change
  56. jjrh Lovetox but I'm guessing moving forward python3 is where development is going?
  57. lovetox yes, but i will not patch things to make it work on ubuntu 14, i can tell you this right now, sorry
  58. andrey.g lovetox, likely problem (except of why doesn't have a A-Record mentioned by Holger, while all other mucs do have it)
  59. andrey.g But there is a small issue with Gajim. Since the GUI reports: Unable to join group chat Group chat does not exist.
  60. lovetox maybe, my knowledge about this stuff is minimal
  61. andrey.g Which is not true, it does exist and is not helpful. Only digging into all the xml output revealed the exactly error message.
  62. lovetox jjrh, what problem do you have building gajim
  63. lovetox andrey.g, it does not exist for your server
  64. lovetox and thats what gajim tells you
  65. lovetox how should gajim find out?
  66. lovetox and what did the xml reveal?
  67. lovetox server not found -> does not exist
  68. lovetox has the same quality for me
  69. andrey.g For example, if web browser could not connect to a server, there is a message: "not found", but not "does not exist". Its cosmetic, but.
  70. lovetox ah ok
  71. lovetox yeah i agree not found would be better
  72. lovetox jjrh, cant you just install the nightly from gajims repos?
  73. andrey.g It would be helpful, if GUI would be more explicit of what error has been returned, e.g. some nice text (as now), but then adding: error code='404', type='cancel', remote-server-not-found
  74. andrey.g With this keyword "remote-server-not-found" one can find more infos on the net.
  75. lovetox bert, are you talking about gajim0.16.x nightly?
  76. bert lovetox:
  77. bert Gajim 0.16.8
  78. bert 20170810-1
  79. bert deb unstable main
  80. lovetox yeah no i actually have a hard time reproducing this hm
  81. jjrh There is a specific gi bit that causes a problem - turns out I don't have glib 2.42 which has some function calls that gajim uses. (Sorry can't give exact details not at my desk anymore) to run the latest gajim yes I use the nightly. I wanted to build from source to do some hacking
  82. lovetox oh i see the problem bert
  83. lovetox hm and updating gtk3 to something more recent is out of the question?
  84. lovetox jjrh,
  85. jjrh Ubuntu 14 doesn't have glib 2.42 so I either need to build that from source or upgrade my machine neither which is ideal
  86. bert lovetox: I'm getting it from time to time while just sitting and talking in the group chat of the student organisation I'm a member of
  87. lovetox last time i just added a gnome ppa and updated gtk3
  88. jjrh Humm I'll look at that then. I was just looking for a glib ppa but gtk3 ppa is probably what I should have been looking for.
  89. jjrh Thanks for the help lovetox
  90. lovetox yeah otherwise you can use gajim 0.16 up until you decide to upgrade your system
  91. lovetox currently i would say its not much worse then current master
  92. lovetox surely enough if you just want to chat a bit :)
  93. lovetox try it, if you are something missing i guess you can still go through the pain of updating gtk3
  94. jjrh I'm using it as a client but I want to build from source to hack on the client
  95. lovetox normally you dont have to build it for that, just executing "python3"
  96. lovetox starts gajim
  97. jjrh Yeah that's the problem I'm missing that glib surff that the master branch is calling
  98. lovetox yeah i guess if you want to develope a bit, then there is no way around a recent gtk3 version
  99. lovetox what ubuntu14 packages is probably a bit old right now
  100. jjrh It calls uh set options or something
  101. jjrh Yeah 14 is ancient at this point. Just need to find a good time to upgrade
  102. lovetox hm i just googled a bit, seems its not really good to upgrade gtk3 on 14
  103. lovetox it probably breaks something
  104. bert lovetox: you're talking to jjrh not me, right?
  105. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *9e4d3c75* <> Make method static Or we would need to pass `self` as an argument
  106. lovetox yes bert
  107. lovetox this should be fixed now
  108. lovetox try the nightly tomorrow
  109. lovetox thanks for reporting
  110. bert lovetox: cool, around what time will it build?
  111. lovetox 4 am
  112. bert UTC?
  113. lovetox no UTC+2
  114. bert I see, my timezone :)
  115. bert we'll see whether I'm still awake :P