Gajim - 2017-08-09

  1. jubalh any gajim dev around?
  2. jubalh it seems the latest stable version is quite old, but afaik there is development going on. i wonder when a new release will happen and what are the blockers
  3. concerto jubalh: lovetox is the lead dev, AFAIK
  4. jubalh looks at lovetox
  5. mimi89999 jubalh: The blockers would be minor UI issues.
  6. lovetox jubalh, what branch do you mean
  7. lovetox stable is currently 0.16.8
  8. lovetox we didnt add something in that branch that would need a immidate new release
  9. jubalh whatever branch you develop on, adding new features
  10. lovetox we made a transition from py2/gtk2 to py3/gtk3 in the master branch, where we develope currently
  11. lovetox but this branch never had a release
  12. lovetox thoug i plan it for a longer time to do something like a beta release
  13. jubalh is this gtk3 version functional yet?
  14. lovetox yes for most people, i use it daily
  15. lovetox there is a bug with the roster that seems to affect some people
  16. lovetox but if you dont have it immediatly you should be fine
  17. jubalh and what is your goal to achieve with that gtk3 version before you release it as the next stable?
  18. lovetox not everything is ported, translation does not work on windows for example, some other minor things
  19. jubalh i see
  20. lovetox the roster bug is a show stopper for everyone who encounters it
  21. jubalh do you know why it happens?
  22. lovetox but i was not able to find the problem yet
  23. lovetox as i can not even reproduce it :/
  24. lovetox but yeah we could do something like a beta release
  25. lovetox though we have nightlys already for this branch so i dont know what would be the big difference to a beta release
  26. jubalh i see
  27. lovetox in any case if you try it out, do it with a different user on your maschine
  28. jubalh i guess one difference is that some distributions ship beta versions in their official repos
  29. lovetox because there where DB migrations, you cant go back once you switched
  30. jubalh uh
  31. jubalh good to know
  32. mimi89999 lovetox: And the UI issues like the one with the message field...
  33. lovetox its not easily solveable :/
  34. lovetox like you have to have great knowledge of GTK to solve this
  35. jubalh did you ask some guys on for help?
  36. lovetox not yet
  37. Holger Gajim now refuses to connect on cert verification error?
  38. Holger If so, is there an ACE setting for that or so?
  39. Holger And what CA store is it using? OpenSSL's default?
  40. mimi89999 Holger‎: System default I would say?
  41. Holger Well there's no "system default" on Linux systems, but I guess we mean the same thing then.
  42. mimi89999 Yes
  43. Holger Gajim will (always) use OpenSSL rather than GnuTLS (which might use a different store)?
  44. mimi89999 I mean there isn't one in Gajim....
  45. Holger Yeah.
  46. mimi89999 Looks like pyopenssl is used.
  47. Holger A user says that "openssl s_client" is happy with his internal CA cert (which is in OpenSSL's default bundle), while Gajim isn't.
  48. mimi89999 Did he install the dependencies? Without them for me it didn't like an CA valid cert....
  49. mimi89999 python-pyopenssl > 0.12 and pyasn1
  50. Holger Yes.
  51. Asterix what does gajim -v tells?
  52. Asterix maybe a cipher list issue?
  53. Asterix Gajim by default use HIGH:!aNULL:!eNULL:RC4-SHA
  54. Psi-Jack Aha! Here's the Gajim muc. :)
  55. Holger ^ there's the user I was talking about :-)
  56. Psi-Jack waves.
  57. Psi-Jack Yeah, I have an internally run home ejabberd server that Pidgin and Empathy can connect to, but Gajim just connects and says "Could not connect" to, when trying, and I have a high belief it's related to TLS. It's an internal CA with Intermediate CA signer for the server side cert for it. It never tells me the cert is invalid, openssl validates it just fine, but Gajim simply will not connect to it.
  58. Asterix Psi-Jack: What does gajim -v tells in a console?
  59. Psi-Jack While connecting with type = "tls": TLS unsupported by remote server
  60. Asterix maybe because of cipher list?
  61. Psi-Jack I didn't really mess with the cipher list of ejabberd's support. I believe the certificate itself is EC.
  62. Asterix if it says TLS is not supported, it don't even try to connect. So cert is not verified
  63. Psi-Jack Oh.. Well then.. Re-looking back at the ejabberd config, TLS isn't even enabled at all.
  64. Asterix ok
  65. Asterix then you can enable no-secured connection
  66. Psi-Jack Which, I'm okay with if Gajim will work with it, it's just for monitoring.
  67. Asterix go to advanced pref
  68. Asterix look for connection_types
  69. Asterix and when it's written tls, you can add ssl and plain
  70. Psi-Jack comma-seperated?
  71. Asterix space separated
  72. Asterix it's written in the text below options
  73. Psi-Jack Well, it looks like it's trying to connect, now... But not actually seeming to.
  74. Psi-Jack There it goes.
  75. Psi-Jack Finally connected. LOL.
  76. Psi-Jack I'll have to fix that TLS, but for now, it's internal only anyway.
  77. Asterix we disables not secured connection by defalt. We think that if someone need that, he knows what he does and is able to activate not secured connections in Gajim
  78. Psi-Jack Yeah. I agree with that logic, though it should be a bit more documented, somewhere.
  79. Psi-Jack IMHO. :)
  80. Psi-Jack Either way. This works, and I can now get my zabbix alerts as they come in, so that's what I needed. :)
  81. concerto Psi-Jack: oh God. *You*! From ##linux!
  82. Psi-Jack Heh.
  83. Psi-Jack It is I, from ##linux, and ##linux-help, and ;)
  84. Psi-Jack concerto: So, why the call-out specifically?
  85. concerto Psi-Jack: just surprised to see this name ;)
  86. Psi-Jack concerto: Is that a good surprise or a bad surprise? LOL
  87. lovetox you are famours Psi-Jack , deal with it
  88. Psi-Jack Oh, I know I am. LOL
  89. Psi-Jack Honestly, I'm more surprised to see more in-depth how amazing the XMPP protocol actually is.
  90. Psi-Jack And how servers can communicate with other servers and establish temporary links to handle IM's and MUCs.
  91. lovetox The protocol is nice enough, but what is a protocol without a good client that can package all the suff the protocol allows into a good and easy to use UI
  92. lovetox a new XEP is written rather fast, implementing it in a sane and good way is the real work, which needs manpower :)
  93. Psi-Jack heh indeed.
  94. Psi-Jack I wish there was a better client for iOS than Monal, but seems to be the only one.
  95. Psi-Jack Or maybe just Monal being improved to be better. LOL
  96. Psi-Jack I'm using Swift on macOS since there's no Gajim for macOS. At least as a download on gajim's website. :)
  97. lovetox yeah sometime i have to get and make a gajim package
  98. lovetox though this guide
  99. lovetox is not to complicated
  100. Psi-Jack Hmmm, but does it "look" right on macOS? I mean, Swift looked absolutely horrible on Linux, but Swift on macOS looks decent enough, definitely didn't have the same completely wonky UI.
  101. Psi-Jack Qt stuff usually works well in macOS, but GTK+, not always so great in other operating systems.
  102. Link Mauve “12:43:46 mimi89999> Why does the window rotate?”, it’s a demo/test feature, to see whether input still happens at the correct place.
  103. mimi89999 Wasn't it yesterday?
  104. Link Mauve What was?
  105. mimi89999 My question
  106. Link Mauve Dunno, I’ve been traveling so days are a bit blurry.
  107. Link Mauve In Canada atm.
  108. andrey.g For the second time I cannot join since yesterday. Interesting, I can ping, but it fails for conversations:
  109. andrey.g $ ping ping: Name or service not known
  110. andrey.g Holger, any clue?
  111. andrey.g On I was suggested to try
  112. andrey.g The result:
  113. andrey.g - : 5269 Error during analysis: Connection reset by peer - recvfrom(2)
  114. andrey.g BTW, ping does work also successfully.
  115. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *0a28e0f0* <> ability to run tests without gui
  116. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *ea8d7a54* <> clean download folder
  117. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 5 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *b5c3b15c* <> Fix running tests *9ec14d35* <> add .gitlab-ci.yml *44a29e7a* <> make tests run without gui *c66669cc* <> clean download folder *fa993335* <> Merge branch 'master' into 'master' run tests in gitlab-ci on every commits See merge request !114
  118. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *6ff534b0* <> run tests with pyopenssl
  119. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *fc4bc7ea* <> run tests with pyopenssl
  120. Holger andrey.g: It's normal that you can't ping (there's no A record). Try 'host -t srv' to find the actual server that hosts (you can ping that one).
  121. Holger andrey.g: As for the actual issue, I don't have access to that server, sorry.
  122. andrey.g Holger‎, thanks. It shows the same and IP, as shown by the SSL/XMPP testing server.
  123. andrey.g Should this work "openssl s_client -connect" (it doesn't for me)?