Gajim - 2017-08-08

  1. zb hey guys - quick question on multi-device omemo: what does it mean / what causes a key in the list of a contact to turn grey? i'm not able to trust it. i swear it's been trusted before...
  2. zb
  3. zb oops, now i see that the grey key is actually trusted...
  4. vanitasvitae zb: Grey keys are no longer active
  5. vanitasvitae ie. devices will not encrypt for those keys unless the device belonging to it comes back online again
  6. zb vanitasvitae‎: thanks for the clarification
  7. vanitasvitae Why does gajim minimize when I try to close it?
  8. vanitasvitae Is there a setting for that?
  9. vanitasvitae I'd prefer if it minimizes to the systray instead of normal minimizing
  10. mimi89999 vanitasvitae‎: It is closing or going into background...
  11. Eda quit_on_rester_x_button
  12. Eda quit_on_roster_x_button
  13. vanitasvitae also a friend of mine uses a tiling manager, so he cant close it at all (apart from clicking on the systray icon)
  14. mimi89999 What is a tiling manager?
  15. vanitasvitae mimi a tiling desktop manager
  16. vanitasvitae quit_on_roster_x kills gajim completely
  17. vanitasvitae before I updated to master, gajim went into the background when I hit the X
  18. vanitasvitae now it just minimizes
  19. vanitasvitae which is annoying
  20. lovetox but thats the future, as GTK doesnt support Trayicons anymore
  21. mimi89999 It goes to the background for me...
  22. lovetox and its tiresome to write and maintain different statustray apis for all the distributions
  23. mimi89999 What about Cinnamon and my topicons?
  24. lovetox i dont know what that is
  25. lovetox i cant just hide() on you clicking minimize
  26. lovetox because i have no knowledge about if your system shows a tray icon
  27. lovetox if i hide and your system doesnt show a try icon, you cant get gajim back
  28. Link Mauve I’ve had that problem many times in the past, since I don’t use a tray.
  29. lovetox but we could have a option so the user can set if a hide should occur or not
  30. vanitasvitae that would be nice
  31. Link Mauve And more and more systems don’t have one.
  32. mimi89999 Why wouldn't they have one?
  33. mimi89999 How are they doing without?
  34. mimi89999 What about apps like Nextcloud client that work in the background?
  35. vanitasvitae I hate when background programms stay in the minimized apps area (dunno how thats called)
  36. Link Mauve mimi89999, they may use notifications instead?
  37. Ge0rG isn't there some dbus freedesktop property telling you whether there is a systray?
  38. Ge0rG `systemhasatrayaread`
  39. mimi89999 vanitasvitae‎: Window list?
  40. vanitasvitae mimi89999, thats what I meant, thanks
  41. Link Mauve I also don’t have a window list area. ^^
  42. mimi89999 Link Mauve‎: Gnome?
  43. vanitasvitae Link Mauve, do you use openbox?
  44. lovetox Ge0rG, if a system has a tray or not does not help much
  45. lovetox you have to know if the system displays your trayicon
  46. lovetox for example if you use GTK status icon api
  47. lovetox on ubuntu, your icon is just not displayed without error
  48. lovetox ubuntu wants you to use their own status icon api
  49. lovetox i think the least painful way here is to just let the user decide the behaviour on minimize
  50. mimi89999 Mine weren't displayed on GNOME, but I installed the topicons extension and now they are...
  51. Link Mauve mimi89999, vanitasvitae, Weston.
  52. mimi89999 Never heard of it.
  53. Link Mauve ^^'
  54. vanitasvitae tilted windows, really?
  55. mimi89999 How does that look?
  56. mimi89999 Anybody is using that?
  57. Link Mauve Alright, boarding time!
  58. Link Mauve See you in Canada! \o_
  59. vanitasvitae
  60. mimi89999 Oh
  61. mimi89999 Why does the window rotate?
  62. mimi89999 And I thought there were normal people around here...
  63. Asterix BRB
  64. Ge0rG was that a server-restart BRB?
  65. Asterix yes
  66. mimi89999 Hello
  67. Asterix Hi
  68. mimi89999 lovetox: When I send a message in Conversations, it won't appear in Gajim until I restart Gajim.
  69. mimi89999 lovetox: That issue started very recently.
  70. lovetox hm k i look into it, wait a bit
  71. mimi89999 Or at least disconnect/reconnect
  72. Asterix mimi89999: do you see them in xml console?
  73. mimi89999 Test
  74. mimi89999 For MUC it works...
  75. lovetox hm no carbons work fine for me here
  76. lovetox disabled encryption?
  77. mimi89999 Now it also works...
  78. mimi89999 I will restart Gajim...
  79. mimi89999 So now it works...
  80. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 7 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *608655de* <> Use new DB API for logging status and errors *8c920b35* <> Move logging GC messages into connection_handlers - It should be where all other message received handlers are - Port to new DB API *25a764a6* <> Port logging incoming messages to new DB API *f88e8d83* <> Remove old DB methods *c53e2b1b* <> Dont try to insert if JID is already in DB - This is added because even an ignored INSERT raises the autoincrement value of the table. This means the jid id gets high really fast. *10b08652* <> Refactor set_room_last_message_time() - Dont depend on get_jid_id(), this saves roundtrips *f3bdb596* <> Refactor remove_roster() - Execute as script to save roundtrips
  81. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *c57af6da* <> Retract nickname from pubsub correctly
  82. RonUL_ hi, how can I verify the server certificate (SHA1)?
  83. Asterix RonUL_: ssl_fingerprint_sha1 un advanced configurationeditor
  84. RonUL_ Asterix, thx
  85. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *200d58fe* <> Add .gitlab-ci.yml *4612ba98* <> Merge branch 'gajim_0.16' into 'gajim_0.16' Add .gitlab-ci.yml See merge request !113