Gajim - 2017-08-07

  1. Ralf Are y'all aware that is currently broken as the cert does not match the domain?
  2. Ralf non-https redirects me to https... helpful. ^^
  3. Ralf (this is with Firefox 54)
  4. lovetox where do you find the link?
  5. lovetox to the trac page
  6. vanitasvitae Does Gajim not implement Jingle IBB Transport? (XEP-0261)
  7. lovetox yes it does
  8. vanitasvitae lovetox, urn:xmpp:jingle:transports:ibb:1 ?
  9. vanitasvitae Gajim didn't repond to my session-initiate earlier, thats why I ask :)
  10. lovetox no reponse would be a bug even if it is not support or not?
  11. lovetox and yes thats the namespace we use for ibb
  12. vanitasvitae Okay, I'll quickly recheck
  13. lovetox there should be a response of some kind
  14. vanitasvitae ah, my bad it works :)
  15. vanitasvitae Although it stops at 96% :/
  16. vanitasvitae hm, seems like the last packet is missing for some reason. I'll investigate that...
  17. vanitasvitae lovetox, how can I force gajim to send using Jingle IBB instead of SI ?
  18. lovetox dont announce si as a feature in your client maybe
  19. vanitasvitae I don't think I did
  20. lovetox if you just transfered a file with it
  21. lovetox your client can handle it
  22. lovetox so why would he not announce it
  23. lovetox ah its a fallback if you dont support urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:file-transfer:5
  24. vanitasvitae My client does ignore the SI request, so I think it does not support it
  25. vanitasvitae lovetox, shouldn't it fall back to IBB instead?
  26. vanitasvitae lovetox, btw: this affects gajim:
  27. lovetox as i undertand it IBB is a transfer method
  28. lovetox if you dont support the negotiation protocol JINGLE, we cant fall back to IBB
  29. lovetox thx i look into that
  30. vanitasvitae lovetox, I mean if Jingle with Socks5 fails, Gajim should fall back to Jingle with IBB (0261)
  31. lovetox no we dont do that
  32. vanitasvitae or does it first try SI for better transmission speeds?
  33. lovetox and it has nothing to do with your question about SI
  34. vanitasvitae ok
  35. lovetox as i said above we fall back to SI FILE TRANSFER
  36. lovetox if you dont support urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:file-transfer:5
  37. lovetox that has nothing to do with the transport used
  38. lovetox its before a transport comes into play
  39. vanitasvitae sure, but 0260 (Jingle SOCKS5) has an example where the jingle session falls back to Jingle IBB (0261) when connecting via SOCKS5 fails (
  40. vanitasvitae My question is if gajim does that
  41. lovetox no but it has nothing to do with SI
  42. lovetox how can you fall back to JINGLE IBB if you dont supprt JINGLE file transfer
  43. lovetox there from XEP0234
  44. lovetox An application type of "urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:file-transfer:5". In particular, the <description/> element contains a <file/> elements describing the file to be sent.
  45. lovetox if you dont announce this, there is no JINGLE filetransfer
  46. vanitasvitae I think we misscommunicated at some point :D My client supports and announces Jingle File transfer. It did not announce SI
  47. lovetox and i try to tell you that gajim only uses SI if your client does NOT announce urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:file-transfer:5
  48. lovetox and this whole question is besides if you later use ibb or socks5
  49. vanitasvitae hm, than maybe something went wrong. I'm pretty sure I announced Jingle FT...
  50. vanitasvitae nevertheless thank you for now :)
  51. lovetox are you online with another client
  52. lovetox that does not support it?
  53. lovetox its better to test these things without multiple resources with different caps
  54. vanitasvitae no
  55. vanitasvitae only one client
  56. lovetox you can start gajim with
  57. lovetox -l gajim.filetransfer_window=DEBUG
  58. lovetox to see why it choses SI over JINGLE
  59. vanitasvitae lovetox, thanks :)
  60. vanitasvitae lovetox, sorry to annoy you with that, but I rechecked again. Gajim is falling back to SI when Jingle S5B is missing, even though Jingle FT and Jingle IBB are announced
  61. vanitasvitae
  62. lovetox can you start gajim with -l gajim.filetransfer_window=INFO and tell me what it says on filetransfer
  63. vanitasvitae lovetox, (I) gajim.filetransfer_window contact does not support jingle file transfer
  64. vanitasvitae oh wait
  65. lovetox i just tried your setup
  66. lovetox and for me gajim takes jingle ibb
  67. lovetox i cant reproduce that
  68. lovetox but it seems something is wrong with either your announce or gajim recognizing the caps
  69. vanitasvitae huh, now it's working...
  70. vanitasvitae does gajim maybe cache caps?
  71. vanitasvitae I'm confused.
  72. lovetox of course like basically every other client or not
  73. lovetox if you change your caps, your hash should change
  74. lovetox then gajim should request your new caps
  75. vanitasvitae anyways, it looks like IBB is somewhat working between my implementation and gajim :)
  76. lovetox grats =)
  77. lovetox gajim socks5 has many bugs
  78. lovetox proxy will probably not work at all
  79. vanitasvitae lovetox, good to know :D
  80. vanitasvitae had scratched my head already why that is not working.
  81. vanitasvitae do you know if there is a working reference implementation that I can use to test my code against?
  82. lovetox there is none, maybe daniel has a branch of conversations that already supports 5
  83. lovetox i think he worked on that
  84. vanitasvitae ah okay. thank you!
  85. lovetox also you could do 4
  86. lovetox the differences in 4/5 are only some xml tags different
  87. vanitasvitae I think conversations does simply try to send/receive 5 even though it only supports 4
  88. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *9d2898bb* <> Log sent messages with new logger method - also save stanza id to the DB *a2e2fb2e* <> Remove useless code Simplify whats left *1eeb53be* <> Use correct file date on Jingle FT - XEP-0234 demands UTC - we missed the 'Z' at the end - simplified the code
  89. vanitasvitae lovetox, could you also include senders='initiator' in a jingle file offer? (
  90. lovetox i look into it
  91. vanitasvitae thank you very much :)
  92. Asterix yes we do the fallback when jingle + SI don't work
  93. Asterix yes we do the fallback when jingle + socks5 don't work
  94. lovetox i think you misunderstanding what he is asking
  95. lovetox we do fall back if the client doesnt support
  96. lovetox but if we have mid filetransfer an errro
  97. lovetox i doubt we try with a different transport
  98. lovetox correct if im wrong
  99. Asterix yes I finished reading everything
  100. Asterix I think we do fallback to Jingle IBB even if we already started a jingle socks5 that fails, but I'm not 100% sure
  101. vanitasvitae Asterix, currently not, but there is an error with stacktrace thrown when attempting socks5 connections.
  102. lovetox please share it
  103. Ge0rG Hey folks! Where is the ASCII smiley mapping in `data/emoticons/noto-emoticons/` coming from?
  104. vanitasvitae lovetox, there you go:
  105. Ge0rG lovetox: you are guilty of committing that file :D
  106. vanitasvitae dafuq, my roster is showing wrong names for my contacts
  107. lovetox Ge0rG, i winged it
  108. Ge0rG We need an authoritative Unicode ASCII smiley mapping.
  109. lovetox but im open to change it if other clients use the same
  110. lovetox i agree, so just lets setup a wiki page, and ask other devs to use that mapping?
  111. Ge0rG lovetox: I haven't found a comprehensive mapping yet. There is but nothing from Unicode foundation
  112. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *74dea796* <> fix running make test
  113. Ge0rG And the EmojiOne mapping looks like it might cause false positives in source code, if not properly whitespaced
  114. lovetox when there is no mapping, lets just create our own one in the xmpp community
  115. lovetox there is no right and wrong here, it just matters that everyone uses the same
  116. Ge0rG :+1:
  117. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *413c7f52* <> Add senders attr to Jingle FT This is a MUST see Fixes #8662
  118. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *ad506353* <> Revert "[omemo] Make sure from attr is a string" This reverts commit 346da609340845280aacb4d31540f35963d763e1
  119. vanitasvitae lovetox: my gajim mixed up the names of contacts. Avatar and jid are still correct, but the contact gets the name of another contact.
  120. vanitasvitae Is that a known bug?
  121. lovetox where
  122. vanitasvitae In the roster
  123. vanitasvitae And in the conversation tab
  124. vanitasvitae Amd contacts info
  125. lovetox maybe the contact name is that way?
  126. vanitasvitae This does not affect all contacts
  127. vanitasvitae The bug does not appear in conversations
  128. lovetox the contact name is normally the JID without domain
  129. lovetox except you renamed it
  130. vanitasvitae I mean the nick
  131. vanitasvitae Yeah I did
  132. lovetox so if you click contact informations
  133. lovetox switch to personal info
  134. vanitasvitae But that gets synced with dofferent clients too no?
  135. lovetox what does it say for nick
  136. vanitasvitae There the nick is correct
  137. vanitasvitae You mean under "Nickname" right?
  138. lovetox yes
  139. vanitasvitae That name is correct, but everywhere else it is not
  140. lovetox right click manage contacts
  141. lovetox rename
  142. lovetox and delete whats in the field
  143. lovetox then OK
  144. lovetox does it show now the correct name?
  145. vanitasvitae Now it shows the part before the @
  146. lovetox ok, chanes are high you renamed accidently the contact
  147. lovetox i never seen this
  148. lovetox if you can reproduce it tell me
  149. vanitasvitae Ill do :)
  150. vanitasvitae I also encountered gajim#8620, which might be related
  151. vanitasvitae But i'm not sure
  152. bioxz Hey, I might be blind, but is there no guide how to build gajim?
  153. lovetox there is a README in the repo
  154. vanitasvitae Lovetox btw: i doubt that i renamed my contacts accidentally. This affects like 10 contacts
  155. lovetox to what are they renamed?
  156. bioxz Ohh, just noticed that the contents of the README and are different :/
  157. lovetox vanitasvitae, do you have the same setup as in this ticket?
  158. lovetox 2 accounts with same username?
  159. vanitasvitae yes
  160. lovetox then its probably that bug :)
  161. lovetox i never tried that
  162. vanitasvitae vanitasvitae@server1.tld, vanitasvitae@server2.tld
  163. vanitasvitae this also prevented me from joining two MUCs, which somehow were hidden behind wrong names and got from the muc section to the contacts section
  164. vanitasvitae strange
  165. lovetox maybe you just add another acc instead
  166. vanitasvitae the first one is my FSFE acc, which I cannot rename and the second one is my main account :/
  167. vanitasvitae unfortunatelly thats not an option for me :/
  168. lovetox i thought you use gajim only for testing
  169. lovetox your FT implementation
  170. vanitasvitae its also my daily driver on my laptop
  171. lovetox oh, maybe i find time to investigate that issue
  172. vanitasvitae at least whats states in the bug report is probably reproducible
  173. lovetox hm no right of the bat i cannot reproduce it
  174. lovetox did you merge accounts?
  175. vanitasvitae No
  176. vanitasvitae btw. what exactly does merging accounts do?
  177. vanitasvitae does it put all contacts into one list?
  178. lovetox yes
  179. vanitasvitae ah
  180. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *7e0e4cce* <> PluginManager: remove plugin path from sys.path Remove plugin path from sys.path after importing. If we scan multiple plugin dirs and never remove the path from sys.path, it is hard to predict from which path python will import a package. The chance that the same plugin package is in multiple plugin paths is high. *635ce528* <> PluginManager: prefer plugins in user path As we always load plugins from the user path first, we should not reload them later from Gajims plugin base dir
  181. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *00554ce5* <> [omemo] Make sure from attr is a string *557c1427* <> [omemo] Support 12bit IVs on httpupload files
  182. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *c8638863* <> [omemo] Update CHANGELOG & manifest.ini
  183. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *96c3e17b* <> [omemo] Support 12bit IVs on httpupload files *4dac406c* <> [omemo] Update CHANGELOG & manifest.ini *e06b95c0* <> [url_image_preview] Support 12bit IVs Support 12bit IVs on encrypted httpupload files *e592d0cc* <> [url_image_preview] Update manifest.ini
  184. Asterix any fedora lovers here?
  185. Asterix is that true? from which version?
  186. Asterix
  187. Link Mauve Asterix, at least three versions.
  188. Link Mauve Not a user though.
  189. Link Mauve Nobody is using old Fedora versions.
  190. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>: *356572f8* <> do not list translation status here. it is available on *312adfb1* <> Merge branch 'master' of Conflicts: dev.php stats_lang
  191. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>: *e1c5947b* <> Fedora now use dnf instead of yum. Fixes #1
  192. Asterix thanks
  193. schoppenhauer hi. how can I actually *send* an image file via http upload to somebody?
  194. schoppenhauer i can receive, but not send, because I cannot find any button for sending images
  195. vanitasvitae do you have the plugin enabled?
  196. schoppenhauer vanitasvitae, yes
  197. vanitasvitae then you should (if your server supports HTTP-Upload!) have a button below the input text box with a tooltip that says "send file via http-upload" when you hover over it
  198. vanitasvitae you can test for server support via Accounts -> (your account) -> Discover Services
  199. vanitasvitae there should be an entry HTTP-File-Upload
  200. schoppenhauer vanitasvitae, yes
  201. schoppenhauer vanitasvitae, there is this service
  202. schoppenhauer vanitasvitae, there is no button below the input text at all
  203. schoppenhauer vanitasvitae, there never was
  204. schoppenhauer vanitasvitae, should there be one?
  205. vanitasvitae Yes
  206. schoppenhauer vanitasvitae, what should it say? and maybe it can be (de)activated?
  207. vanitasvitae are there buttons under the text field at all=
  208. schoppenhauer vanitasvitae, as I said, no
  209. vanitasvitae maybe you ticked "make windows compact" in settings?
  210. schoppenhauer yes
  211. vanitasvitae deactivate that
  212. schoppenhauer ok, now there ar ebuttons
  213. vanitasvitae and buttons shall appear
  214. Asterix Alt+C
  215. vanitasvitae there you go :)
  216. vanitasvitae schoppenhauer, does it work now?
  217. schoppenhauer vanitasvitae, yes. well, no, but because I changed the server config.
  218. vanitasvitae :D