Gajim - 2017-08-06

  1. anon I do not have ctrl + c / v, this normal?
  2. Marzanna Why don't I see "Send image" button in Gajim 0.16.10?
  3. Marzanna I can send only regular files
  4. vanitasvitae Hi! Is there a way to get the OMEMO plugin working on gajim master? The log tells me that the plugins max version is 0.16.9 while gajim master is at
  5. mimi89999 vanitasvitae‎: If you delete the plugin dir, you should install new plugins from the correct brance
  6. vanitasvitae mimi89999: i copied the plugins from a fresh clone of the gajim-plugins repo
  7. mimi89999 You need to use the gtk3 branch
  8. vanitasvitae mimi89999: ah great! Thank you!
  9. mimi89999 vanitasvitae: ☺
  10. lovetox Marzanna you can send what you want, you dont need a image button for that
  11. Marzanna lovetox, but file chooser doesn't have image previews :(
  12. lovetox yeah maybe i add it back in a menu kind of way, but i didnt want two buttons
  13. ternus Hallo, habe Linuxmint 17.3 Gajim 0.15.4 Ich bekomme nur 20 Einträge der History. Passwort wird nicht gespeichert. Und Certificat-Fehler wird gemeldet. Wie werden Plugins geladen? Wer kann helfen?
  14. Asterix please speak english
  15. vanitasvitae ternus: i think you can increase the number of history items somewhere in the settings. Password will be saved when you check the "remember password" box. Certofocate errors may be caused by your server. You can load plugins using the pluginmanager
  16. vanitasvitae ternus: in general you might want to join
  17. ternus OK, i try it.
  18. ternus vanitasvitae: thanks