Gajim - 2017-08-05

  1. activate Hey all, I am able to connect to my server with 0.16.7 but not with the Gtk3 version. It just tells me unable to connect. Would that be an issue with my client or might it have something to do with the SSL certificate on my server?
  2. activate I seem to recall having had some troubles with the certificate but not sure if that was just for s2s in ejabberd...
  3. de-facto Hmm "Plugin Installer" update 0.18 -> 0.19 wont install?! "(W) gajim.plugin_system.plugin_installer Plugin is missing mandatory fields in manifest.ini. Plugin not loaded." on gajim on ubuntu (gajim-default-nightly 20170803-1). Might be similar problem on OpenSuSE (not sure about versions)
  4. lovetox de-facto, do you experience a problem?
  5. lovetox activate, runt gajim with -v
  6. lovetox to get log output
  7. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *c959602a* <> [plugin_installer] Improve manifest error message *bfd427ba* <> [plugin_installer] Update manifest.ini
  8. activate lovetox,
  9. lovetox on of your cert files is not properly utf8 encoded
  10. lovetox gajim cant read it
  11. lovetox *one
  12. activate What is the big difference between the old and new version?
  13. activate Since I am using 0.16.7 now
  14. activate With the same server
  15. lovetox this is not a gajim error
  16. lovetox its one of the nbxmpp lib which gajim depends on
  17. lovetox actually i wonder why you would not experience the same error with 0.16.7
  18. lovetox its also not a server problem
  19. lovetox im talking about your local cert files on your maschine
  20. activate Where can i find them for both respective versions?
  21. lovetox hm give me one moment, i have to look through the code where gajim pulls them from
  22. lovetox ok i take it you did not try and add your own certificates somewhere in gajim
  23. lovetox so then it should take your system certstore
  24. lovetox on what system are you?
  25. lovetox gajim pulls certs from /etc/ssl/certs
  26. lovetox but usually there are many certs there, it will be hard to find out which one is not utf8
  27. lovetox nbxmpp should not fail on a invalid cert
  28. lovetox i can fix that and then you could install nbxmpp from git and test it
  29. activate Sure, I can do that
  30. lovetox ok wait a moment :)
  31. activate I actually don't have that many certs in /etc/ssl/certs
  32. lovetox then you could move them away from that folder
  33. lovetox and put them one by one back
  34. activate Most likely it will be the one from Let's Encrypt I suspect but let's find out
  35. lovetox activate,
  36. lovetox install this into the python3 packages
  37. lovetox start gajim with -v
  38. lovetox it should print out what the invalid file is
  39. activate Well,turns out it was ca-bundle.crt
  40. activate I formatted that to utf-8 instead of ISO-8859
  41. activate And now it connects
  42. lovetox nice :)
  43. de-facto lovetox, well not really a problem, but the plugininstaller wants to update but fails to do so for some reason:
  44. lovetox so when you go to Plugins
  45. lovetox what version does it show for plugin installer?
  46. lovetox hm i guess a restart of gajim should solve this
  47. de-facto installed 0.18 available 0.19.1, upgrade checked, clicked on upgrade, all selected downloaded, now some other plugins show twice in installed (e.g. OMEMO, before PGP), one checked the onther not. Restarting gajim shows me old plugin_installer 0.18 installed, and the installed list is correct again (without duplicates)
  48. lovetox hmmm
  49. de-facto seems there is 0.19.1 in ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/plugin_installer and 0.18 in /usr/share/gajim/plugins/plugin_installer on my filesystem (according to manifest.ini
  50. lovetox yeah thats normal, its seems a bug if it does not prefer the .local path
  51. lovetox i have to investigate
  52. lovetox the one in usr, is the one we ship with the package
  53. de-facto ok, thanks, if i can help somehow let me know
  54. de-facto this is gajim-default-nightly 20170803-1 ( on Ubuntu 17.04 amd64 from "deb unstable main"
  55. de-facto This is a more complete list after restarting (same procedure as above, trying to upgrade plugin installer):
  56. de-facto lovetox, its the real list complete from program start and i changed only the username and blanked the omemo messages
  57. lovetox thanks, i think i saw this before and look into it
  58. de-facto yeah as far as i remember we had a chat about that before when i was installing default-nightly when it wouldnt load plugin_installer at all. though afaik we didnt change anything then and an update fixed that. thanks for looking into this
  59. lovetox it seems only to happen when the plugin installer updates it self
  60. lovetox i can reproduce it
  61. lovetox short term solution is to delete the old one
  62. de-facto good to know its not my system only then. well its not a real blocking problem (as the old one still seems to work), just wanted to make sure you know about it. if i can help with anything let me know