Gajim - 2017-07-30

  1. mdosch does it work for me?
  2. mdosch bot record lovetox current nightly works now
  3. mdosch bot help
  4. mdosch !bot help
  5. mdosch -bot help
  6. mdosch hmm, what does this bot do?
  7. lovetox not much :D
  8. mdosch I see... :D
  9. contrapunctus testing
  10. contrapunctus testing correction
  11. contrapunctus yay, working now o_O
  12. hermann Hi, I think I've installed Gajim 16.5 nightly manually (no ppa) on Mint 17, but now I'd like to switch to the build-in software center of Mint. Do I have to uninstall Gajim first? I guess then I'll lose all my omemo keys and chat history, right?
  13. lovetox why do you want to do that
  14. lovetox Use a current version of Gajim
  15. lovetox either way, your user data is in the folder .local/share/gajim
  16. lovetox .config/share/Gajim
  17. hermann isn't it easier to update with the software center?
  18. lovetox you mean you add the gajim ppa to the software center?
  19. lovetox yes that would work, i thought you want to use the Gajim version Mint supplys
  20. hermann yes, thats what I wanted. Using MInts Gajim
  21. lovetox and how do you think this will ever get an update?
  22. hermann It doesn't ? at the moment it has the latest 16.8
  23. lovetox oh, i thought they depend on some stable repo of debian
  24. lovetox but it seems not
  25. lovetox yeah just save .local/share/Gajim
  26. lovetox uninstall
  27. lovetox look if .local/share/Gajim is also uninstalled
  28. lovetox if not, just install the version from software center
  29. lovetox if it is deleted, replace it before you start gajim
  30. lovetox also do the same with .config/Gajim
  31. hermann lovetox the mint software-center asks one to use apt to install gajim. So one can either use Gajim or Gajim-nightly with apt. But you end up with 16.8 in both cases. Anyways, update worked well. Thanks! :-)
  32. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/xep-0319_ of _gajim_ <>: *4aa03778* <> Revert "fix missing return" This reverts commit 10a50064cdae247f65fe7779b9d85522640e0e48. *8aa331e6* <> Revert "fix parsing since attribute" This reverts commit ff8c17c38473b7369c6872673a8539164d395b55. *8bf16d30* <> show idle time in local time