Gajim - 2017-07-25

  1. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>: *0264a744* <> Make better use of Protocol classes Return always a xmpp aware Protocol instance on getTag(). Otherwise we would fall back to a xmpp unaware Node instance. Return a Message instance in case the tag name is 'message' *0f51792d* <> add getJid() attribute method
  2. manu hello
  3. manu do you know what could be the cause of this message : "erreur en envoyant message ( The destination address is invalid: xxxATxxx.xx" ?
  4. Link Mauve manu, you need to use an actual @.
  5. manu càd ?
  6. Link Mauve Instead of xxxATxxx.xx, use xxx@xxx.xx.
  7. manu whatever the contact I try to contact, when I start to write, Gajim writes this message (I guess when it tries to send the "typing status")
  8. manu (of course, it's just that i currently run on strange keyboard)
  9. manu i first though a dns problem but i can resolve my contacts' server domain
  10. Link Mauve Your server can?
  11. Link Mauve Do you have any more information when you run Gajim with -v?
  12. manu (yes my server can resolve and ping my contact servers)
  13. manu (hm, wrong correction)
  14. manu i'll try that
  15. manu it's very verbose; some extract :
  16. manu gajim complains against jid-malformed
  17. manu dash are allow in the username ?
  18. manu dash are allowed in the username ?
  19. Link Mauve Can you post the unmodified JID please?
  20. Link Mauve Yes, they are, at least plain ASCII dashes.
  21. Link Mauve Maybe in private?
  22. manu sorry, not possible
  23. manu well, i think this is really related to gajim in this version/on this computer, as i tried with others accounts and got the same error message
  24. manu (I receive the message when the 2 accounts are on the same computer)
  25. manu (I'll check if they arrived on another one)
  26. lovetox there is a dash in your domain part?
  27. lovetox <message id='174' type='error' to='xxx@xxx.xx/Gajim' from='yyy@yyy.yy/'><error type='modify'><jid-malformed xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/><text xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'>The destination address is invalid: yyy@yyy.yy/</text></error></message>
  28. lovetox this is not gajim, thats the server telling you that the destination adress is invalid
  29. manu no dash in any domain name
  30. lovetox yyy@yyy.yy/
  31. lovetox there is a dash at the end
  32. manu a slash
  33. lovetox whatever
  34. manu I think gajim added it
  35. lovetox does it happen with all contacts?
  36. manu it looks so
  37. manu any contact and any account on this "new" machine
  38. lovetox what gajim version are you using?
  39. manu 0.16-1+deb8u1 (debian package)
  40. Link Mauve That’s extremely old. >_<
  41. lovetox yeah thats ancient
  42. manu :p
  43. lovetox maybe you use something newer from the backports repo
  44. manu ok i'll try that
  45. manu or even gajim has its own debian repo ?
  46. lovetox yes for more information
  47. Martin In Debian 8 (jessie) you don't have a newer version. For Debian 9 (stretch) you have 0.16.6-1.1.
  48. Martin I will probably backport 0.16.8 to both Debian 8 and 9, so that users can easily install it.
  49. lovetox that would be nice
  50. manu i'll try that later, thanks
  51. manu problem solved by using the last Gajim version from Gajim repo
  52. manu thanks ++
  53. Fungus Hi. Sorry for the question but will be the new emoticons in the next update? (0.16.9)
  54. lovetox i dont think it will get backported to the 0.16.x branch
  55. lovetox you can use master branch if you want
  56. lovetox Fungus,
  57. Fungus lovetox: ok, thank yoy
  58. Fungus Does plugins work with that branch?
  59. lovetox what plugins do you use
  60. lovetox i would install it for testing purpose in a way that it doesnt conflict with your current installation
  61. lovetox and test everything
  62. Fungus Ok
  63. lovetox a plugin that does not work is OTR
  64. lovetox apart from that i think everything works
  65. lovetox if not better
  66. lovetox if you are on debian
  67. lovetox its best to use gajim-default-nightly from our repos
  68. Fungus Dont worry, i'll see if everything works fine for me
  69. lovetox master branch is python3
  70. lovetox so you need all dependencys in python3 version
  71. Fungus But my friends cant do that. Do you know if it will be included soon?
  72. Fungus Soon= this year
  73. lovetox we probably release master branch as a new version sometime soon
  74. Fungus And it will be included? (New emojis). Sorry for that, but you know... That shit is important to some people... :D
  75. Link Mauve Fungus, it’s already included.
  76. Fungus Not in 0.16.8. at least that is what my gf says
  77. lovetox yes of course master branch has it already, when we relase it emoties are in there
  78. lovetox are you on debian based system Fungus?
  79. Fungus Right now im on Android. I use arch
  80. Fungus And my gf uses Windows
  81. Link Mauve Fungus, on ArchLinux just install gajim-git from AUR.
  82. Link Mauve On Windows there are nightlies.
  83. Fungus Ok, i'll try to install her the portable version
  84. lovetox fungus thats perfect
  85. lovetox on windows its just one installer
  86. lovetox :)
  87. lovetox
  88. Fungus Error on Windows
  89. Fungus
  90. lovetox hm yeah sorry this is due to something new
  91. lovetox come back in 2-3 days maybe i have fixed it until then
  92. Fungus Ok, no problem. How can I 'unisntall' it? Just delete the folder? Sorry but I'm not good at Windows
  93. lovetox yeah just delete it Fungus
  94. lovetox portable means its all contained in this folder
  95. lovetox nowhere else is something installed
  96. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 7 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *e548a892* <> Add pylint hints *85d220c8* <> Add Synchronise History Dialog - On first contact with the MAM Archive only request 7 days - To sync the rest of the archive the new Dialog can be used. *06d890ee* <> Add more convenient get_own_jid() method *89367a83* <> Add simple parse_delay() method The XEP is pretty strict on Delay tags so we can make a simple method. *aefb5711* <> Add new NetworkEvents method This lets us attach all attributes of the base event to the new event. Often Events trigger other Events. When that happens we often want to keep all attr from the previous Event, and just continue under a new Event. Until now all attr had to be pulled out of `self.base_event` again. *33a51f31* <> Preparation for MUC Archive querys - Refactor and clean up code around MamMessageReceivedEvent - Goal is to add a GcMamMessageReceivedEvent later on - For that cause added a raw-mam-message-received base event *ef6e7c7c* <> Merge branch 'mamsync' into 'master' Add Synchronise History Dialog and prepare for MUC MAM See merge request !109
  97. Link Mauve lovetox, color:#000; will be very bad for people using a dark theme, fyi.
  98. lovetox damn missed that
  99. lovetox for the other values i use theme constants
  100. lovetox or whats it called
  101. lovetox but im not a css pro
  102. Link Mauve lovetox, using %f to parse microseconds is pretty bad, there could also be milliseconds there.
  103. Link Mauve Or any number of digits.
  104. lovetox no i tried that
  105. lovetox what do you mean it can be any number
  106. Link Mauve “fractional second addendum to Time (MAY contain any number of digits)”
  107. lovetox the xep says 3
  108. Link Mauve XEP-0082, §2.1.
  109. lovetox [.sss] i thought that meant 3
  110. Link Mauve Which XEP?
  111. Link Mauve Well, no.
  112. lovetox
  113. Link Mauve Read the text too. :p
  114. Link Mauve (The part I pasted.)
  115. Link Mauve poezio for example uses six.
  116. Link Mauve lovetox, also, formatting a message before passing it to log.debug() is pretty bad, it means the formatting will be done unconditionally instead of only if debug logging is enabled.
  117. Link Mauve (Speaking about
  118. lovetox yeah i know what you are speaking about :)
  119. lovetox yeah i get rid of it, later
  120. lovetox so yeah that timeparsing fails if someone adds more than 6 numbers after comma
  121. lovetox because nobody even uses fractional
  122. lovetox i guess i wait on the first time this fails
  123. lovetox or is there a formatting string that lets me parse any numbers for fractional
  124. Link Mauve Fractional?
  125. lovetox fractional second
  126. Link Mauve Haha, as if you would get reports. :°)
  127. Link Mauve Poezio does, using six digits, at least.
  128. lovetox so it does not fail with any python application
  129. lovetox i dont believe python can put out more than 6
  130. mathieui why not 9?
  131. lovetox yeah shit
  132. lovetox it puts out 7 at first try ^^
  133. Link Mauve I want my delays to be very accurate!