Gajim - 2017-07-21

  1. contrapunctus is finally running a nightly build of Gajim. Yay :)
  2. mimi89999 also...
  3. mimi89999 It is actually very good
  4. mimi89999 contrapunctus: Did you notice the issue with the text field when a long message is wrapped to the second line?
  5. contrapunctus mimi89999, I haven't...symptom?
  6. mimi89999
  7. mimi89999 ‎contrapunctus‎
  8. philw mimi89999, i fixed that, but cant push it because of another bigger merge request im waiting for to finish
  9. contrapunctus mimi89999, never had that here o.o
  10. contrapunctus lovetox, I have this issue where messages sent by me from Gajim to OMEMO MUCs are being received by recipients, but are not being sent to my phone (Conversations). Can you rule out any issues at Gajim's end? XML console output from Gajim - adb logcat -s conversations -
  11. mimi89999 contrapunctus: You trusted your phone fingerprint?
  12. contrapunctus mimi89999: yeah.
  13. mimi89999 contrapunctus: And for non much messages, you see your message on your phone sent from Gajim?
  14. contrapunctus mimi89999: unencrypted messages? Yeah.
  15. mimi89999 contrapunctus: Encrypted messages to contacts.
  16. mimi89999 s/much/MUC/
  17. contrapunctus Oh, 'non MUC'. Yeah, those show up.
  18. mimi89999 contrapunctus: In Conversations, do you see yourself in member list with status member?
  19. contrapunctus mimi89999: odd! I'm the owner in all of them - but I just checked, and I wasn't listed as the owner. O.o left the MUC and rejoined, and now I'm listed as the owner. But I wasn't listed as a member, neither before nor after.
  20. contrapunctus mimi89999: and now my messages sent from Gajim show up in Conversations!
  21. contrapunctus mimi89999, quite strange. I rejoined only one MUC, I was listed as owner in the rest (and was experiencing the issue in them, too). Yet, the problem seems to have gone away from all of them o.O
  22. mimi89999 contrapunctus: member/owner
  23. mimi89999 contrapunctus: So I supposed right...
  24. lovetox yeah i have to look into gc omemo
  25. lovetox it only works when everything is fully correct
  26. lovetox but i think in the near future it will get better
  27. lovetox when we lift the requirment that people have to be in your contact list
  28. contrapunctus lovetox, I always wonder about that. How would it work without that?
  29. Holger By relying on slightly more powerful PEP implementations that allow non-contacts to subscribe to nodes.
  30. contrapunctus Holger, ah. I was hoping for something that does away with the presence requirement, as it's a massive pain to set up right now. (the number of times other people have gotten it wrong, and the amount of troubleshooting that leads to...)
  31. Holger Yeah ...
  32. contrapunctus To be fair, it's also because the keys aren't sent until the first message...took me a while to 'discover' that. I've had MUC members add each other but never say a word 1-to-1, leading to a lot of frustration.
  33. contrapunctus (this also assumes the current OMEMO implementations are absolutely devoid of bugs :P)
  34. lovetox contrapunctus, this is sadly a problem that cant be avoided
  35. lovetox its vital for offline messaging that you query the keys as late as possible