Gajim - 2017-07-19

  1. contrapunctus > critical.. i don t want to enter my passwords in chat windows :D Ha, mouse focus + password manager autotype (clipboard dangerous, autotype good!) nearly got me there a few times, too :)
  2. int contrapunctus hehe.. bad if it happens and you are one of those who uses always the same password..
  3. int Can anyone imagine why my Gajim does not play sounds on macOS Sierra? I also cannot select a sound device in the settings (empty)
  4. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *cdc2ec92* <> Fix not requesting roster on empty cache.db The purpose of `if version and not gajim.contacts.get_contacts_jid_list()` seemed to be that when cache.db is empty (maybe it was deleted) `gajim.contacts.get_contacts_jid_list()` should come back empty. So on an empty roster cache, version was set to None, so that we request in any case a new roster. The Problem is that `gajim.contacts.get_contacts_jid_list()` is not a good indication for an empty cache.db. On start we trigger a `RosterReceivedEvent` which does a DB query to get the roster. Even if that DB query comes up empty, the Event is still pushed. In the event handler `_nec_roster_received` in we add then previously open controls and our self (if the option is set) to the roster, making `gajim.contacts.get_contacts_jid_list()` return these contacts and hence the condition in `request_roster()` always False. So the version is set in the roster request, and if there is no new version on the server, we request no new roster even though we only have ourself and previously open controls in our roster. As a solution for this we delete the roster version from the config in `RosterReceivedEvent` if the DB query comes back empty, which triggers a new roster request.
  5. int lovetox: wow, you got it? :D
  6. lovetox yeah thats what we experienced yesterday
  7. int lovetox: gz!!! that was fast
  8. lovetox but that does not fix the crash you once had :/
  9. lovetox the sound issue on macos is gajim not using a lib that can play sound on mac os
  10. lovetox but i will look into it today what we could use here
  11. int lovetox: i suppose the crash was a rare case.. tried to reproduce the font problem but it didn t happen again.. i could have fixed this for myself but it was a lack of knowledge in relation to macOS - i didn t knew about ~/.cache
  12. lovetox yeah i looked into american typewriter, there is no font weight 237 .. so a mystery
  13. int lovetox: that would be great because of my problem with not realizing new messages.. the color of chats does not change when a new message arrives
  14. lovetox im installing gajim right now on my mac
  15. lovetox :)
  16. int ah you have a mac.. great :)
  17. lovetox yeah got it a week ago for my girlfriend
  18. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *47c33bbe* <> Play sounds on MacOS
  19. lovetox int, you have to install 'pyobjc' via pip
  20. contrapunctus lovetox, there definitely seems to be a problem on Gajim's end with message correction. I just tested again. here's output from the console -
  21. contrapunctus (I hope I understand how the console works correctly - it only records stuff after it's opened, right?)
  22. mdosch test message corruption
  23. mdosch test message correction
  24. mdosch works finde for me (latest gtk3 master on debian stretch)
  25. mdosch works finde for me (latest gtk3 nightly from gajims repo on debian stretch)
  26. lovetox yeah i see the problem contrapunctus
  27. contrapunctus lovetox, yay :D what's up?
  28. lovetox no id on the replace tag
  29. lovetox are you using 0.16.8?
  30. contrapunctus lovetox, yeah
  31. lovetox contrapunctus, i cannot reproduce this
  32. lovetox on what version of the plugin are you?
  33. contrapunctus lovetox, which plugin? o.o
  34. lovetox omemo
  35. contrapunctus lovetox, v1.2.3
  36. lovetox from where did you get it?
  37. lovetox oh wait
  38. contrapunctus lovetox, plugin manager.
  39. lovetox i see the problem exists only in muc
  40. lovetox can you confirm that
  41. contrapunctus yeah, it's okay in 1-to-1
  42. int lovetox: you are the champion, sound works, thank you very much.. :D
  43. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *d6f845e5* <> Fix LMC in Groupchat *ca7a3cc1* <> Update CHANGELOG & manifest.ini
  44. lovetox contrapunctus, should work with the new update
  45. lovetox i swear if that works now i dont touch that anymore
  46. lovetox 0.16.8 feels like a big workaround on everything :)
  47. lovetox does anyone have a server that supports MAM:2?
  48. SaltyBones mam:2
  49. SaltyBones what's that?
  50. int lovetox: as soon as Holger finds time to implement it in ejabberd :D