Gajim - 2017-07-18

  1. SaltyBones good morning
  2. SaltyBones when I download a new plugin_installer from the website it want 16.10 but the latest git version is 16.9 should I be on a different branch or something?
  3. lovetox from where do you download it SaltyBones
  4. SaltyBones doesn't matter
  5. SaltyBones same for the one on git and the one from the website from what I can tell
  6. SaltyBones ie
  7. lovetox gtk3 ->
  8. lovetox gtk2 ->
  9. lovetox or branch gtk3 and master branch
  10. SaltyBones and master branch for gajim is gtk2?
  11. lovetox yes
  12. lovetox sometimes in the future we will change that
  13. SaltyBones but shouldn't the link at go to a version that works for the currently "available" gajim version?
  14. SaltyBones no, something is wrong
  15. SaltyBones (W) gajim.plugin_system Plugin plugin_installer not loaded, plugin incompatible with current version of gajim: > 0.16.9
  16. SaltyBones this is most recent master branch gajim
  17. SaltyBones and the plugin from the gtk2 0.16 link you posted above
  18. SaltyBones oh and the error message is "malformed archive" ;)
  19. lovetox SaltyBones, the link leads to the plugin installer that is used for 0.16.8
  20. lovetox the released version of gajim
  21. SaltyBones well then the version check in the git version is wrong or something
  22. lovetox why
  23. SaltyBones oh that message is telling me that my gajim version is to new for the plugin_installer?
  24. lovetox yes
  25. SaltyBones *facepalm*
  26. SaltyBones so where would I get the right version of the plugin installer then?
  27. lovetox i posted you that 10 hours ago
  28. lovetox ‎[08:52:48] ‎lovetox‎: gtk3 -> ‎[08:53:05] ‎lovetox‎: gtk2 ->
  29. int Hi.. I m on macOS Sierra 10.12.5 and pulled gajim via git. Everything worked for a week or so, now there's an error with gtk-css-provider-error-quark: unknown value for property.. Dependencies should be ok.. removed gajim under local/share... Can anyone help me out?
  30. int
  31. lovetox_ hi intl
  32. lovetox_ hi int
  33. lovetox_ first you should install pyopenssl
  34. lovetox_ thats besides the problem
  35. int everything is installed according to the howto. Double and triple checked.. That is my problem ;)
  36. lovetox_ hm no the log suggest that pyopenssl coud not be loaded
  37. int pip3 install pyopenssl says all requirements met
  38. lovetox_ hm
  39. lovetox_ then try pip3 install pyasn1
  40. lovetox_ ah yeah pyasn1 is missing
  41. int Installed but no fix
  42. lovetox_ i should add that to the how to
  43. lovetox_ yeah but that message should be gone now
  44. lovetox_ (W) gajim.c.check_X509 Import of PyOpenSSL or pyasn1 failed. Cannot correctly check SSL certificate
  45. lovetox_ hm ok now to the other error
  46. int Yes it is gone.. But why did it work before without?
  47. lovetox_ its only a warning
  48. lovetox_ its not vital for gajim running
  49. int Ah ok!
  50. lovetox_ but recommended
  51. lovetox_ hm can you look if you find a gajim.css file
  52. lovetox_ on your harddrive
  53. int Maybe it is important that i always started the client with a shellscript which removes the log db..
  54. lovetox_ and post me the content
  55. int Searching..
  56. lovetox_ it only removes Log.db?
  57. lovetox_ nothing elese?
  58. int Only log db because there was only one or some starts possible
  59. lovetox_ are you on current HEAD ?
  60. int How can i switch the head?
  61. int With git?
  62. lovetox_ hm just do a "git pull"
  63. lovetox_ then you should be on the latest commit
  64. int Ok i tried this several times.. Also did git clean
  65. lovetox_ do "git rev-parse HEAD"
  66. int
  67. lovetox_ tell me what it says
  68. int Hash ends with 82c63
  69. lovetox_ good thats the newest commit
  70. lovetox_ hm
  71. int Hmm it's a brand new device i got last week..
  72. lovetox_ on which gtk version are you? go to Help -> About
  73. int And gajim worked first with omemo and everything
  74. lovetox_ so it worked then stopped working after you did what exactly?
  75. int Hmm cannot find the gtk Version.. With cli? ;)
  76. lovetox_ or do you mean it worked on a previous device
  77. lovetox_ go to Help -> About
  78. int Got the macbook on wednesday.. Worked from thursday until today.. No big modifications.. Installed Microsoft remote Desktop app
  79. int I cannot remember i did anythjng special
  80. int Just installed some updates via brew.. Same error
  81. lovetox_ so whats your gtk version
  82. lovetox_ Help -> About
  83. int Where should help be?
  84. lovetox_ in gajim the menu
  85. int I cannot find it
  86. lovetox_ besides account menu
  87. int I cannot start gajim ;)
  88. int That is the problem
  89. lovetox_ ah lol
  90. lovetox_ sorry
  91. lovetox_ ok em, open gajim.css
  92. lovetox_ en delete everything out of it
  93. lovetox_ but dont delete the file itself
  94. lovetox_ make it empty
  95. lovetox_ try again to start
  96. int Same error
  97. lovetox_ like exactly?
  98. lovetox_ even with the numbers
  99. lovetox_ GLib.Error: gtk-css-provider-error-quark: <data>:37:19unknown value for property (1)
  100. int
  101. lovetox_ ahhh
  102. lovetox_ i think we have a config problem here
  103. lovetox_ did you maybe adjust some visual stuff in the preferences?
  104. int Yes some font settings i remember!
  105. int And then resettet to default
  106. int But these should be gone with removing local/share/gajim?
  107. lovetox_ did you do that?
  108. lovetox_ no
  109. int Yes of course.. Several times
  110. lovetox_ ok everytime you do this you get a new omemo key
  111. lovetox_ just for your information
  112. lovetox_ and your config is actually in
  113. int I know with omemo.. Backed it up
  114. lovetox_ local/config/gajim
  115. lovetox_ so delete this
  116. lovetox_ but your account settings will be gone
  117. lovetox_ or wait
  118. lovetox_ actually
  119. lovetox_ it would be great if you could send me the config file in there
  120. lovetox_ or look what you have under the value "conversation_font"
  121. int You can have everything when my device is back online and i Don t have to type everything with my mobile including pastbin URLs ;)
  122. int Where is local/config?
  123. int I only have .local/share/gajim
  124. lovetox_ ah sorry
  125. int And i removed this Already for testing
  126. lovetox_ .config/gajim
  127. lovetox_ without local
  128. lovetox_ should be in home dir
  129. int Aaah sry! I m new to macOS
  130. int yay! :D online with mac
  131. lovetox_ nice
  132. lovetox_ did you save the config?
  133. int yup..-. second
  134. lovetox_ hm dont post it
  135. int conversation_font = American Typewriter weight=237 12
  136. int credentials in it? :D
  137. lovetox_ maybe, i dont know if it uses the keychain on macos
  138. lovetox_ yeah i think that broke it
  139. int i tried to optimize the fonts because i did cannot see when a new message arrived while several chats are opened
  140. int it only works with conferences, the color switches to blue.. but all other chats are just bold.. equal if there is a new message or not
  141. lovetox_ ah good point if i have time i will try to change that
  142. lovetox_ it should behave the same way, conference or not
  143. int I gonna double check this behaviour..
  144. int a thousand thanks, i m really happy it works again :D
  145. lovetox_ ah
  146. lovetox_ one thing we deleted gajim.css
  147. lovetox_ can you restore it from your pastebin
  148. int i think so..
  149. lovetox_ or
  150. lovetox_ "git reset --hard origin/master
  151. lovetox_ should restore it aswell
  152. int thx..
  153. int and one important thing.. maybe click on the tray icon should set focus on the Messages window.. actually you have to click on "show roster".. but this can also be a OS issue maybe i have to adapt me a bit
  154. lovetox_ what happens when you double click it?
  155. int nothing.. just the dropdown shows up.. so I have to move my windows around until i can find it ;)
  156. int --verbose does not show anything while double clicking
  157. lovetox_ hm yeah i think thats OS specific, problem is GTK is phasing the tray icon out
  158. lovetox_ so in the next GTK version there will no tray icon at all
  159. lovetox_ anymore
  160. int is it possible to create a shellscript which sets focus or foreground on the message window?
  161. lovetox_ i dont think so
  162. lovetox_ you can activate that on new message the message window popsup
  163. lovetox_ but thats probably not a good workaround
  164. int critical.. i don t want to enter my passwords in chat windows :D
  165. int if you need a human debugger on macOS, just drop me a line
  166. lovetox_ good to know :) thanks