Gajim - 2017-07-16

  1. thomas Hi guys, sending messages with OMEMO does not work (probably because of the latest OMEMO plugin update)
  2. thomas is this a known issue?
  3. thomas Okay, have tested OMEMO plugin version 1.2.2 and it works
  4. thomas -> 1.2.3 is buggy and message sending does not work
  5. cuc works here
  6. cuc from gajim2gajim and from gajim2conversations
  7. thomas for me it does not work with gajim and conversations
  8. cuc sending unencrypted works?
  9. thomas have to check, sec
  10. thomas yep
  11. thomas it does work if I disable OMEMO
  12. thomas conversations 1.19.3
  13. thomas Gajim 0.16.5
  14. cuc can u try to upgrade gajim to 0.16.8 ?
  15. cuc my conversations version is the same
  16. thomas nope, because it requires a nbxmpp version which is not available on my distro
  17. cuc which ?
  18. cuc is
  19. thomas Ubuntu 16.04
  20. cuc u could use the repo
  21. cuc 0.16.5 is from 2015 and i experienced why worse bugs with the ubuntu packaged one.
  22. cuc as in: cpu lock ups etc
  23. thomas yeah, but that's not a solution for non-experienced users
  24. thomas and despite this bug I do not have problems with 0.16.5
  25. thomas s/despite/except for
  26. cuc so then maybe someone has better answers for u if u dont want to upgrade your superold gajim because its not user friendly to do so.
  27. cuc 0.16.8 works perfectly on my ubuntu 16.04 machine with both latest omemo and conversations
  28. thomas well, telling all users "hey, message sending does not work and all your messages got lost, but hey you can upgrade your version" sucks for normal users
  29. thomas Indeed, it works with 0.16.8
  30. cuc thats even what big companies tell u although u are paying like half a million per year on fees.
  31. cuc like redhat, like vmware
  32. cuc "upgrade and see if its gone"
  33. cuc :)
  34. thomas yeah, but the update process it not as easy as clicking on a single button
  35. thomas it requires terminal commands and so on
  36. cuc yes
  37. thomas this sucks for normal users
  38. cuc so ask your distribution to fix their package
  39. cuc nothing the gajim devs can do about it
  40. thomas sounds like a shorter way to fix this issue than upgrading the package manually ;)
  41. thomas well, I'm wondering if the fix in 1.2.3 is necessary
  42. cuc maybe this will make it "more userfriendly" in the future:
  43. cuc
  44. cuc but i dont know if there are gui interfaces for flatpak in 16.04
  45. cuc i use it on the cmd line only..
  46. lovetox thomas, the fix is sadly necessary, thanks for reporting the issue, i will set the minimum requirement higher for the new version, as we dont have the manpower to provide compatibility with 3 history versions.
  47. lovetox though i wonder whats wrong, maybe you could start gajim from console and see if there are any errors when trying to send a message
  48. lovetox i really wonder whats the problem
  49. thomas lovetox, okay, maybe I have some time later to track down this issue
  50. lovetox you can always disable the plugin installer, and get an older version of omemo from the debian repos
  51. lovetox thats actually the most correct way if you want to depend on your distris repos
  52. mrDoctorWho Hi, I'm getting a regular traceback like this
  53. lovetox mrDoctorWho, try to set in advanced config "pgp_encoding" to utf8
  54. lovetox this is a issue already fixed for the next version
  55. mrDoctorWho thanks, will do
  56. lovetox Link Mauve, i just found out that with normal MUC history retrival, its not possible to not request potential duplicates
  57. lovetox because you have to specify a moment in time to, a timestamp
  58. lovetox you can take the one you received the last message, but that would mean you are getting that last message again
  59. lovetox if you up the timestamp +1 second
  60. lovetox you are in danager of missing a message, because more than one message can be written in 1 second
  61. thomas wow, with the new gajim version the OMEMO muc decryption works :)
  62. lovetox more or less, there are still bugs :/
  63. thomas it didn't work at all with 0.16.5
  64. SaltyBones Holger, you're running a jabber server with many users, right? Which client do I tell my mom to use?
  65. SaltyBones She's currently using Psi but that opens a window for every ressource and it is screwing up our conversations...
  66. Holger SaltyBones: For non-geek users I usually recommend Swift (the current beta from here: <>).
  67. SaltyBones Thank you!
  68. mimi89999 No OMEMO support :-(
  69. Holger ( ) usable by non-geeks ( ) supports OMEMO ... pick one.
  70. Holger If you pick OMEMO, I'd recommend Gajim. But given we're in the Gajim room I guess SaltyBones considered that already.
  71. SaltyBones I just tried gajim and couldn't make it work myself so ...
  72. mimi89999 lovetox‎: I still find minor UI issues in 0.16.10
  73. pep. SaltyBones: report bugs! Even usability issues
  74. pep. No feedback no fixin'
  75. SaltyBones too tired right now
  76. Link Mauve lovetox: yes, that’s why people are replacing it with MAM lately.
  77. baitisj At one point I seem to recall that MAM was working on the 0.15 branch of Gajim on Windows, but I don't see evidence of it working right now on 0.16.8
  78. baitisj but then again I may have disabled it somehow becuase of issues with gajim trying to download the entire chat history from the server, which resulted in insanely long start-up delays. I wish I had taken note of what advanced configuration options I dinked with.
  79. lovetox baitisj, you cannot disable mam in the advanced config
  80. lovetox there is a checkbox Account -> General
  81. lovetox Synchronize logs with server
  82. lovetox other problems might be that you server has a mam version that gajim does not support
  83. baitisj yeah, that's checked on my end here. I think the version issue is more likely
  84. baitisj Oh, interesting. lovetox, I was able to send an IQ stanza and determined that the server returns with <feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:2/> for MUCs
  85. lovetox yeah not supported by gajim 0.16.8
  86. baitisj is my prosidy server's version too old?
  87. lovetox no to new :D
  88. baitisj doh! :D
  89. lovetox i find that kind of weird from prosody
  90. lovetox they never supported MAM
  91. lovetox and now they only support the newest version
  92. lovetox i guess i will have the time to upgrade this in the near future
  93. Link Mauve Why would you implement anything but the current version when you don’t have anything existing?
  94. lovetox because its insanely easy
  95. mimi89999 lovetox‎: When I am typing a long message and the text wraps to the next line, the text goes out of the box on the top and at the bottom I have a white line.
  96. Link Mauve lovetox, you can contribute if you find it easy.
  97. baitisj While you're at it, does the current implementation of MAM in Gajim request logs for all-time?
  98. Link Mauve I personally don’t think it is.
  99. lovetox they could take the code for example from the community module which is ages around
  100. mimi89999
  101. Link Mauve mimi89999, your Content-Type is still unusable.
  102. Holger Link Mauve: Doesn't mam:2 support imply mam:1 support?
  103. Link Mauve lovetox, you could do that indeed, I don’t think “they” are interested in it.
  104. Link Mauve Holger, AFAIK no, it’s a totally different namespace.
  105. mimi89999 Link Mauve: Sorry.
  106. Holger Yes, if it's not trivial to add a namespace to the list of supported features, then it's not trivial.
  107. Link Mauve Holger, the namespace got bumped for reasons, I’m pretty sure if it was trivial it would be supported.
  108. Holger Huh? It was bumped because :1 doesn't imply :2.
  109. Holger I.e., if you support :2 you do a superset of the things you do for :1.
  110. Link Mauve Maybe you should open a ticket asking for :1 support then, I guess another reason it could not be done is that nobody asked for it.
  111. Link Mauve AFAIK most clients stayed on :0 until :2.
  112. baitisj Opened issue #8679
  113. lovetox thanks
  114. lovetox Holger
  115. lovetox i just found out that gajim has a UI for querying all your PEP nodes
  116. lovetox and even configure them
  117. lovetox
  118. lovetox maybe this can come in handy if you want to test something :)
  119. thomas lovetox, image previews are simple gray boxes in gajim, is this on purpose?
  120. lovetox no its a bug, sometimes its not drawn correctly
  121. lovetox i dont know why
  122. thomas hm, correct
  123. thomas sometimes it works
  124. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *4ba143fd* <> Fix not working ManagePEPServicesWindow Dialog
  125. Link Mauve Where is that dialog in the UI?
  126. lovetox click in the roster on your account name
  127. lovetox then PEP something
  128. lovetox Personal Events -> Configure
  129. lovetox its amazing how much is implemented in gajim, just typical open source, many people implemented stuff, now everybody is gone, no one here to maintain all that stuff
  130. lovetox total dev feature, no normal user would ever need that ^^