Gajim - 2017-07-11

  1. gandogar Hi, is there a chat commando to change my jabber-password?
  2. lovetox gandogar no
  3. lovetox you can do this in the accounts menu
  4. mml1 I LOVE gajim and the OMEMO encryption!
  5. SouL Great :D
  6. lovetox Link Mauve, i have a problem with openpgp full stanza encryption and EME
  7. Link Mauve Yes?
  8. lovetox according to EME its here to inform the user that an encrypted message was received
  9. Link Mauve You put it outside of the encrypted part, just like other message hints.
  10. lovetox with full stanza encryption, i dont know if the messages is in fact a message with body
  11. Link Mauve Hmm…
  12. lovetox wich results in a lot of spam
  13. lovetox like i type something to a client not supporting my encryption
  14. Link Mauve Is it that much of an issue?
  15. lovetox and he gets instantly 4-5 errors
  16. Link Mauve Errors?
  17. lovetox not errors but information about receiving encrypted stuff that he couldnt decrypt
  18. lovetox i wonder how to deal with that
  19. lovetox to not annoy the user
  20. lovetox but still tell him that there is a problem
  21. lovetox like sound/popups are out of the question with that
  22. lovetox even printing a message to the chatbox for every message seems overkill
  23. lovetox basically i have to reduce it to a message that says, we received one or multiple messages, and maybe you still receive more but i cant show you because you would be annoyed
  24. Link Mauve Maybe throttle the display/notification to a few per few seconds?
  25. Link Mauve Or yes, that, make it a “special” message displaying the number of messages received.
  26. lovetox what if we dont include that eme tag with chatstates?
  27. Link Mauve That would leak the information that this message doesn’t contain a body.
  28. lovetox thats true
  29. lovetox hm yeah so just displaying the message once every X messages it is
  30. lovetox does poezio have a full implementation of EME now?
  31. lovetox next question i ask myself, how should i deal with receiving an encrypted message when the user has no chatcontrol open
  32. Link Mauve Not sure. ^^'
  33. lovetox btw i fixed my problems with gpgme
  34. lovetox and there is a debian package for the binings
  35. lovetox its called python-gpg/python3-gpg
  36. Link Mauve Ok.
  37. SaltyBones lovetox, fixed the function arguments like you asked
  38. lovetox looks good thanks
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