Gajim - 2017-07-09

  1. lovetox no messages are dropped
  2. lovetox if your server supports MAM
  3. lovetox you could setup a new installation of gajim
  4. lovetox with cleared DB
  5. lovetox without the antispam plugin
  6. lovetox then gajim should load all messages from MAM
  7. miloss what is MAM and how do I check if it has it?
  8. miloss lovetox, if my server has it, it would mean going through all spam, including one deleted year ago, right?
  9. miloss In this case it'll be ok, but I cannot imagine doing it often
  10. miloss I'll be right back
  11. miloss I just checked how does antispam interact with smtp transport
  12. miloss it is bad. I get no message, and the sender does not get the antispam challenge :(
  13. lovetox sorry about that, you could open a issue on the plugins tracker, maybe the developer will implement something so it works
  14. miloss The plugin is still worth having, it works like a charm for native xmpp contacts :)
  15. miloss I'll have to thank Asterix, and then wait at least a few minutes before complaining
  16. miloss lovetox, any hints on checking for MAM?
  17. lovetox em look at the homepage of your server
  18. lovetox or ask in there channel
  19. lovetox or ask in theire channel
  20. miloss oh.. ok. I'll do that when they wake up
  21. miloss btw: is it an acronym?
  22. lovetox Message Archive Management
  23. miloss oh. it does not matter. I'll ask them about the messages in general. They'll tell me if they have it if they have it
  24. lovetox
  25. miloss oh. it does not matter. I'll ask them about the messages in general. They'll tell me I can use that if they have it
  26. miloss thanks
  27. lovetox do you know the jid from which the message should have come?
  28. miloss unfortunately, I don't
  29. miloss I know the jid will end by the smtp transport's suffix
  30. miloss and I know that I have no SMTP spam and very little SMTP messages
  31. miloss As a quick fix, whitelisting everything would do here
  32. miloss I am not afraid of grep-ing over big binary files, if that helps
  33. lovetox im afraid we dont save messages at all dropped by the plugin
  34. lovetox what i thought was if you know the jid, you could make specific query to the MAM archive, if your server has one
  35. lovetox you could start a gajim instance with the -c commandline argument
  36. lovetox -c PATH
  37. lovetox this sets the config path somewhere else
  38. lovetox this would start gajim clena
  39. lovetox then login to your account, and do nothing for some minutes
  40. lovetox gajim will query the archive
  41. lovetox after some minutes you can open the history of one of your contacts, and see if there are messages
  42. lovetox if there are that means your server supports the archive and gajim is downloading
  43. lovetox also if your server supports MAM, it will probably have a time limit
  44. lovetox like 3 months back or something like that
  45. miloss lovetox, well, can I try it with a different jid I know?
  46. miloss right now the message is about 2-6 days old, so I should be fine
  47. miloss I am not sure "-c" is a good idea
  48. miloss that will use default data path and cache path
  49. miloss I think I will try setting XDG_CACHE_DIR, XDG_CONFIG_DIR and XDG_DATA_DIR instead
  50. miloss oh dear that was not good
  51. miloss this version of gajim obviously does not respect its manpage
  52. miloss Let's try again, $ gajim -c $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/gajim/
  53. miloss second gajim
  54. miloss first gajim
  55. miloss this is very confusing, but correct
  56. miloss I can use both instances of gajim to control this group chat, in both it instances it looks as message sent by me
  57. miloss I wonder. Is this done by my server, or a smart thing by gajim when it runs twice?
  58. lovetox this is normal, as xmpp clients are multidevice capable
  59. lovetox if you are connected to the same account then you are one person to everyone else
  60. lovetox why would you set the -c path to exactly the same path as it is already
  61. lovetox just set it to your desktop or whatever
  62. lovetox hm with appending /gajim/ is probably different
  63. root644 хай
  64. Link Mauve pvincent, have you tried master?
  65. Link Mauve It works using packaged software on this branch.
  66. pvincent Link Mauve, packaged software, what do you mean ? something related to jingle video ?
  67. Link Mauve Yes, master is using Gstreamer 1.x, which is using the standard gobject-introspection way to integrate with Python.
  68. lihtr Can't receive messages on group chat on debian linux, it says in the history chat: You received a message encrypted with OMEMO but your client doesnt support OMEMO.
  69. lihtr Any help?
  70. lovetox lihtr, probably one of the members doesnt trust your fingerprint