Gajim - 2017-07-07

  1. zak I am just playing around with nbxmpp a little bit. Can I execute the commands in a blocking way, too?
  2. lovetox zak no idea sorry
  3. lovetox in generell i would advise you to use another library
  4. zak I tried SleekXMPP later.
  5. zak This one?
  6. lovetox yes sleekxmpp, or aioxmpp
  7. zak I was looking for something that is actually still maintained, and nbxmpp is. SleekXMPP seems not to be so active.
  8. lovetox nbxmpp is not maintained
  9. lovetox we patch something from time to time
  10. lovetox but its really old
  11. lovetox i wouldnt use it
  12. zak Hmmm... yes thats what I mean. There are frequent updates.
  13. zak I cannot say anything about the quality of course.
  14. zak But better than nothing?
  15. zak SleekXMPP had 2 commits in the last year.
  16. lovetox then use aioxmpp
  17. lovetox its actively developed
  18. lovetox yeah sleekxmpp there is really not much to add i guess
  19. lovetox i dont know what you are planning
  20. zak aioxmpp seems to be rather active.
  21. zak Well I want to play around a little bit. Maybe try programming a bot for work or so.
  22. zak Nothing fancy for now, but who knows what I end up with. I gladly would make use of modern XMPP features.
  23. zak Does SleekXMPP support Stream Management for example?
  24. lovetox ah sorry
  25. lovetox i meant slixmpp
  26. lovetox its a fork
  27. lovetox thats actively worked on
  28. lovetox and i think it has everything a xmpp lib needs
  29. lovetox definitly more than nbxmpp
  30. zak Ah, nice. I looked here:
  31. zak They are not mentioned there.
  32. zak slixmpp is Python 3.4+ only? No Python2?
  33. zak Seems so.
  34. lovetox why would you want to use python2
  35. lovetox in a new project
  36. zak Okay. So your personal recommendation would be slixmpp?
  37. lovetox i never worked with it, but i dont hear Link Mauve bitching about it, and he works with it, so i think its good enough :)
  38. lovetox poezio for example uses it
  39. zak Okay will try that next week.