Gajim - 2017-07-02

  1. rom1dep lovetox: yup, updating python-nbxmpp did the trick, I didn't think about updating it because it was only a few days/week old. Sorry for the noise.
  2. lovetox_ Link Mauve, another thing that probably is a problem with all fullstanza encryptions
  3. lovetox_ with chatstates and stuff, a client not supporting openpgp, or its not activated or has a error etc that cant encrypt
  4. lovetox_ the client cannot know if its a real message or only chatstates
  5. lovetox_ pretty much you spam the other contact
  6. lovetox_ the client shows maybe 10 messages we could not decrypt
  7. lovetox_ in reality we wrote maybe 2
  8. lovetox_ not a big problem, but not really nice
  9. mdosch What's the difference between gajim-default-nightly and gajim-nightly in the debian repo? I see the default is more recent. Is default build more frequently?
  10. lovetox default is master branch gtk3
  11. lovetox other is gtk2
  12. mdosch ah ok, so let's install default
  13. lovetox yeah but its not stable
  14. lovetox and you will need every optional package in the python3 version
  15. mdosch lovetox, they are already installed as I was using your git-master earlier :)
  16. mdosch btw, why do I have to enable OMEMO manually even if I already received an OMEMO encrypted message?
  17. lovetox i changed a lot how the encryption integrates into gajim
  18. lovetox the automatic activation got lost in between
  19. lovetox i add this when i have time again
  20. mdosch So far I only realized a padlock in front of every encrypted message
  21. mdosch Ok, so it will come again at some point :)
  22. lovetox yeah and you can only choose one encryption
  23. lovetox you maybe dont realize this when you always only used one
  24. lovetox but before you could activate multiple encryptions at the same time, and it would cause problems
  25. mdosch Never had the idea to activate multiple encryptions :)
  26. mdosch I consider e2e with OMEMO and transport encryption (my prosody is only accepting s2s with valid certificates) is enough ^^
  27. lovetox yeah but contacts of you could use more than one, for example have one device that only supports OTR and another that supports OMEMO
  28. lovetox in that case both plugins would try to encrypt etc
  29. lovetox problems like that
  30. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *6880fba3* <> Raise exception for missing icons This is a regression from previously we used load_icon() which raises an exception for missing icons now we use lookup_icon() which does not, and iconinfo can be None now
  31. Avique Hello. I see that parts of the website are not translated to my language, pt-BR. Where should I go to contribute on them? I have already read
  32. lovetox
  33. lovetox use the Gajim0.16 project
  34. Avique I was just curious, opened to test. But there is a problem in, showed here: Another problem is that I asked to create a short URL of my paste. It only showed a line that looks like a problem, I did not understand. Showed here:
  35. Avique thank you, lovetox, I will check the address you gave. :)
  36. lovetox Avique, what client are you using right now?
  37. Avique Pidgin. Why?
  38. Avique is there a problem?
  39. Avique I meant I tested in my browser. Is that clear?
  40. lovetox yes but you are writing in big green letters
  41. lovetox probably using xhtml
  42. Avique Oh, I am sorry. It is my chosen font and color. But I can "turn it off" by copying and using your normal style (which may be no style at all). Is this last sentence better?
  43. Avique Oh, I am sorry. It is my chosen font and color. But I can "turn it off" by copying and using your normal style (which may be no style at all). Is this last sentence better?
  44. Avique (sorry, I sent twice; it took several seconds to appear and I resent it to test)
  45. Avique lovetox, please confirm to me: there is only one PO file for Gajim 0.16. Does it contatin the strings used in the website pages?
  46. lovetox ah sorry you want to translate the website
  47. lovetox and not gajim
  48. lovetox then register an account on
  49. lovetox fork that project
  50. lovetox
  51. lovetox and edit the po file
  52. lovetox afterwards do a merge request
  53. Avique Yes! But just for to start. :) I recommended Gajim to a friend today, and I saw that some basic sentences were not in Portuguese.
  54. Avique Thank you. I will try that now.
  55. Asterix lovetox, have you seen / tested MR !103?
  56. lovetox hi Asterix i have tested it in the way, that i tried to launch gajim from git with it, and this still works
  57. lovetox but i did not build gajim
  58. Asterix ok. then I Accept and we'll see if the build succeed this night
  59. lovetox yeah
  60. Asterix I don't see any "src" in the build scripts
  61. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *68a57e7c* <> Replace src by gajim *125ce523* <> Rename src directory *fe750600* <> Merge branch 'rename_src_gajim' into 'master' Move src/ to gajim/ See merge request !103
  62. lovetox could you look at my emoticon MR, and how we can best integrate it with the build
  63. Avique lovextox, I created a fork from Gajim in my dev account: Now I must interact with it using Git, I suppose. Can you point me a basic tutorial of command lines to: 1) download my fork; 2) to commit changes to my fork, with added comments; 3) how to make a merge request: another command?
  64. Asterix lovetox, I am just doing that
  65. lovetox Avique, if you want to change translation in gajim its probably better you do this via
  66. lovetox then you dont have to care about git
  67. lovetox or do you still work on the website? because then you have forked the wrong project
  68. Avique It is not a problem for me to deal with GIT. I am a basic programmer. But the last time I used GIT was years ago!
  69. Avique I am trying to work *only* in the website, right now!
  70. lovetox ok, but then you forked the wrong project
  71. lovetox you forked the gajim client
  72. lovetox
  73. lovetox i pointed you to the website repo
  74. lovetox go to the site, copy the clone https url
  75. lovetox git clone httpurl
  76. lovetox open the po file , edit it
  77. Asterix lovetox, what's the goal of your work in emoticons? Remove all themes, and add a single theme? What's the difference with previous code? What about
  78. lovetox did you run it?
  79. lovetox i described the goal in my MR
  80. lovetox this was a nice thing 10 years ago, today nobody wants to run a emoticon theme that supports 20 emojicons
  81. lovetox when there are 2000
  82. Asterix really? I'm really too old now. I don't care about 2000 emoticons when I only use one ...
  83. lovetox the problem is, other clients are using them
  84. Asterix so let's change things completly and don't allow to select an emoticon theme then
  85. lovetox and gajim cant display them
  86. lovetox with this commit there are only 2 emoticon themes anymore
  87. lovetox one with icons
  88. lovetox that support nearly all 2000
  89. lovetox and one without icons that you can use if you have a font installed on your system that supports emojicons
  90. lovetox basically it just is a unicode codepoint chooser then
  91. Asterix old themes are no more compatible riht?
  92. lovetox no
  93. Asterix why that?
  94. lovetox nothing dramatic, because the new emoticon theme supports that many icons, i created an atlas of them
  95. lovetox the new api needs the atlas and cuts the emoticons out
  96. lovetox its not hard to port the other packs
  97. lovetox but i have really the opinion that once one uses the new theme nobody will go back to any other
  98. lovetox if you run it you will see
  99. Asterix I'll check. But I don't understand the noto project
  100. Asterix png files are build with a script ?
  101. Asterix so why are they in the repos?
  102. lovetox we have a folder with 2000 pngs
  103. lovetox and the script stacks them together to one atlas
  104. lovetox look at emoticon.png
  105. lovetox otherwise, we would need to load 2000 files into gajim
  106. Asterix so emoticon.png is build with the script?
  107. lovetox yes
  108. Asterix so why is it in the repos?
  109. lovetox in my opinion its not necessary for the build script to run it, it just adds more complexity to the build script
  110. lovetox we dont change many things in the theme anymore
  111. lovetox why build everytime the atlas
  112. lovetox two approaches, either you just copy the emoticon.png and to gajim
  113. Asterix there is no
  114. lovetox or i could merge them over to gajim everytime i change something
  115. lovetox
  116. Asterix only a
  117. lovetox its maybe better i merge these two files into gajim or not?
  118. lovetox then we dont have to adapt build scripts
  119. Asterix ok so the build script should get those 2 files from noto project and put them in data/emoticons/noto-emoticons/ folder?
  120. lovetox correct
  121. lovetox + the LICENSE file
  122. Asterix also emoticonPack plugin should be deleted?
  123. lovetox hmmmmm it would be nice if we could have it not build on the ftp, but have it in the repo
  124. lovetox maybe we want someday do something similar
  125. lovetox but i could probably find it then in the repo history
  126. lovetox yeah we dont need it anymore
  127. lovetox and the chances someone provides us with 2000 artwork icons for a different emoticon theme, are non existent
  128. Asterix and is the transition old_theme -> new_theme correctly handled by Gajim? I mean, I have an old theme, I update Gajim, what will happen? the default theme is used?
  129. lovetox we should write a migration for the config value that sets the activ theme
  130. Asterix ok
  131. lovetox but even if not, the new api will not recognize the old emoticons
  132. lovetox so it displays a popup
  133. lovetox "emoticons not found
  134. lovetox thats all that happens
  135. Asterix yep but it's nicer if we migrate to the default theme
  136. lovetox yes i agree
  137. Asterix ok then -> MR should be updated. There are conflicts (src -> gajim migration probably)
  138. Asterix I'll update the build script
  139. lovetox done
  140. lovetox i just did
  141. Asterix and the migration should be coded (in the MR would be nicer)
  142. lovetox ok i add it
  143. lovetox can you look at the
  144. lovetox that i edited
  145. Asterix there are still merge conflicts
  146. lovetox i see
  147. Asterix there was 3 commits, now there are 20 ...
  148. lovetox no sorry, i failed
  149. lovetox wait a moment :D
  150. Asterix BBL
  151. lovetox ok i write the migration now
  152. lovetox Asterix, migration is added
  153. Asterix lovetox, build script updated
  154. Asterix but a thing that's not very cool is that now git clone + is not enough to have Gajim working
  155. lovetox why?
  156. lovetox what does not work
  157. Asterix the default theme doesn't exist
  158. Asterix if you haven't cloned the noro repos
  159. Asterix + installing it
  160. lovetox we have the same problem with the plugin installer
  161. Asterix Gajim work
  162. Asterix you just can't install plugins
  163. lovetox ah you mean you get an error that the emoticons cant be used?
  164. lovetox but gajim works
  165. Asterix yes, and you don't have any emoticons
  166. lovetox yeah its not nice, as i said, i could just merge the and into the gajim tree
  167. lovetox it needs a bit more maintainenc but i think we do not change that much in the emoticons repo
  168. Asterix in this case having a different project is a bit redundant
  169. lovetox hm yeah, if we dont have the repo
  170. lovetox then we just have to adapt the build script to not include some files
  171. lovetox i can add the repo content to the MR
  172. lovetox and you update the build script to delete the files on build we dont need?
  173. Asterix why add the whole repos in the MR?
  174. Asterix why not only the 3 needed files?
  175. Asterix
  176. Asterix you removed .png files
  177. Asterix so emoticons.png won't be installed
  178. lovetox ok maybe i misunderstood you
  179. lovetox if i only add the atlas and the py
  180. lovetox where do we have the pngs?
  181. lovetox only me on my harddrive?
  182. lovetox because you said the project then is redundant
  183. Asterix yeah ...
  184. Asterix it's a bit like the gnupg file we included previously
  185. Asterix it'a dup of the original project
  186. Asterix I don't know what;s the best solution
  187. Asterix maybe we put the whole project (including png files) in gajim folder, but the build script only keep needed files?
  188. lovetox ok you think the png folder is in another project somewhere?
  189. Asterix as you suggest
  190. lovetox the png where downloaded from that repo here
  191. lovetox
  192. lovetox but then i had to scale them to 24x24
  193. lovetox and i renamed them
  194. lovetox so i think we should keep the pngs
  195. lovetox lets host them in the main gajim project like i suggested, and you just delete the folder on the build
  196. Asterix ok go for that
  197. lovetox you have to remove only two files
  198. lovetox - /data/emoticons/noto-emoticons/png - /data/emoticons/noto-emoticons/
  199. lovetox MR is updated
  200. lovetox i updated the Makefile, i hope it works now
  201. lovetox Asterix,
  202. lovetox though i dont think so
  203. Asterix yep ok. I prefer to remove everything except the 3 neede files in case one day other things arrive
  204. lovetox because font-emoticons does not have a png?
  205. lovetox would the build break?
  206. Asterix no, the just list files that will be installed
  207. Asterix */*.png
  208. Asterix so nothing for font-
  209. Asterix no problem
  210. Asterix accept MR, and we'll see tomorow if it works :)
  211. lovetox em no i think it is a problem
  212. lovetox i think i recall its not a "if we find something take it, if not no problem"
  213. lovetox everything thats mentioned in the makefile has to be present but i test this on my linux vm before i commit
  214. lovetox so did i understand you now correctly, i only add the 3 files
  215. Asterix *.png can be nothing. a.png must indeed be present
  216. lovetox nad let the pngs in its own repo, just so that someone other can edit them maybe later
  217. Asterix no, add everything, and you did in the MR
  218. lovetox ok i did that
  219. Asterix yep
  220. lovetox so i will just test the build on my linux
  221. lovetox and if it succeeds i commit the MR
  222. Asterix ok
  223. Asterix ./ -> make dist
  224. Asterix you'll get the tarball
  225. Asterix in the makefile, we can remove *.png and keep emoticons.png only
  226. Asterix so */emoticons.png instead of */*.png
  227. Avique $ git diff website/locale/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/msg.po -- locale/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/msg.po fatal: bad revision 'website/locale/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/msg.po'
  228. Avique it was not to be sent now!
  229. Avique I am editing that line.
  230. Avique disconsider the above one.
  231. lovetox Asterix, not working for me at all
  232. Asterix lovetox, what's not working?
  233. lovetox
  234. lovetox i i do only "make"
  235. lovetox make dist has also a error at the beginning
  236. Asterix did you run
  237. lovetox yes
  238. lovetox $ ./ $ ./configure $ make
  239. lovetox installing 'config/compile' installing 'config/missing' data/emoticons/ error: bad characters in variable name '' gajim/ warning: 'INCLUDES' is the old name for 'AM_CPPFLAGS' (or '*_CPPFLAGS') plugins/ warning: 'INCLUDES' is the old name for 'AM_CPPFLAGS' (or '*_CPPFLAGS')
  240. Asterix probably because of src -> gajim migration?
  241. lovetox probably
  242. Asterix ok let me investigate then
  243. Asterix src -> gajim (current default branch) is ok.
  244. Asterix I test your MR now
  245. lovetox damn found my error
  246. lovetox sorry
  247. lovetox yeah seems to work
  248. Avique While making my translations, I have found a typo in the string to be translated. What I should do: commit the change separately (probably does not make sense); commit a change to correct it in gajim project file; or something else?
  249. Avique I do not need credits for this correction, if that makes any difference.
  250. Asterix tell my, I'll commit it now
  251. lovetox Avique,
  252. lovetox if you found a error in one of your commits
  253. lovetox just edit it, and do again
  254. lovetox git add filename
  255. lovetox git commit --amend
  256. lovetox git push -f
  257. lovetox ah you mean in gajim itself
  258. Avique Yes!
  259. lovetox or no, i dont understand
  260. lovetox you where translating the website, and found a typo in gajim?!
  261. Avique I am editing the PO file.
  262. lovetox where is the typo
  263. Avique I have found a typo in the website itself! There is written "occures" there instead of "occurs".
  264. Asterix which file?
  265. lovetox dev.php
  266. Asterix ok I fix that
  267. Avique yes!
  268. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>: *4552da73* <> fix typo
  269. Asterix done
  270. Avique and I should wait for an updated PO file before translating that?
  271. lovetox but is this now reflected in the po file Asterix ?
  272. Avique or may I just re-pull the website folder?
  273. Asterix not yet ...
  274. Asterix I can update po fiels, wait
  275. Asterix but you'll have to merge and handle conflicts
  276. lovetox Asterix, i merge the emoticons MR now
  277. Avique No problem. I look around that. Thank you! :)
  278. Asterix Avique, commit ready, but I try to fix commit hooks in the same time
  279. Avique please, not not hurry! there is no need.
  280. Avique even later, if I have finished all the translations or revisions, I can "pretend" to start again very easily.
  281. Avique make things as you would do. When time comes, you commit php and po files.
  282. Asterix php is commited. I try to fix my commit hook and I'll commit po fiels
  283. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>: *1afaab73* <> update po files
  284. Asterix Avique, pushed
  285. Avique great. :)
  286. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *1866cdfd* <> Remove EmoticonsPackPlugin
  287. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *98f7951f* <> [pgp] Dont set config_dialog twice
  288. Avique docs.php : 31 -> "See %s to install development version under windows." -> shouldn't it be Windows, capitalized?
  289. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>: *a5739a6c* <> fix typo
  290. Asterix fixed
  291. Asterix you want po files too?
  292. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>: *b8c60672* <> update po files
  293. Avique Oh... Asterix left the room. I would want the PO files too. Is that done? And Yann is Asterix?
  294. lovetox yes
  295. lovetox and yes
  296. Avique very good, then (:
  297. Avique I am finding many mistakes in the existing translations. Do you think I should separated my changes in groups, before commiting? For example: corrections and new ones? What I commit in my local repo, including separated revisions, is kept when I make the merge (or pull?) request?
  298. lovetox no
  299. lovetox just do everything you find in one commit
  300. lovetox if you want to have updates from the main repo
  301. lovetox you have to first link your fork to the main repo with
  302. lovetox git remote add main
  303. lovetox then whenever you want to pull the newest commits from the main repo
  304. lovetox git fetch main
  305. lovetox git rebase main/master
  306. lovetox this syncs your repo with the main repo
  307. lovetox and puts your commits on top of it
  308. lovetox but actually i dont know how good this works with po files
  309. lovetox probably you should use the merge functionality that po provides
  310. lovetox download the po file from the main repo
  311. lovetox and merge it with the one you edited
  312. lovetox to get the things asterix changed in the po file