Gajim - 2017-07-01

  1. Link Mauve lovetox, write xmpp:your@jid in the name field, nothing in the comment, and nothing in the email.
  2. lovetox but mail an name are required
  3. lovetox Link Mauve,
  4. Link Mauve Are they?
  5. lovetox hm
  6. lovetox not by seahorse
  7. lovetox but by my kleopatra client on windows..
  8. lovetox ok but seems to be not required by gpg
  9. lovetox ok so into the name field
  10. lovetox i find that is not clear from the xep
  11. lovetox or maybe userid is in some rfc specified
  12. Link Mauve lovetox, do you have any suggestion for an improved wording?
  13. lovetox am, yeah as these are the 3 common fields that are used in any key creation
  14. lovetox why not list explicitly all 3 fields and what should and should not go into them
  15. Link Mauve The JID, nothing and nothing?
  16. lovetox for example
  17. lovetox if thats what the xep author intended
  18. lovetox i imagine a wizard, that lets you choose a existing gpg key and then creates a subkey that fits xmpp specifications
  19. lovetox or creates an entire new key for you if you dont have one
  20. Link Mauve The idea of this XEP is to not depend on any existing GPG key or wot.
  21. Link Mauve And to do trust purely automatedly.
  22. Link Mauve The kind of UX you get with OTR for example.
  23. lovetox yeah i get that
  24. Link Mauve So providing a wizard doesn’t seem the right solution.
  25. lovetox still we want a possibility to use a backed up key or something like that
  26. Link Mauve Just let the user put it back where it should be.
  27. lovetox i dont get that last sentence
  28. lovetox you mean i should just search the keyring for xmpp:myjid
  29. lovetox and if it is present use it
  30. lovetox yeah seems more logical
  31. Link Mauve No, you generate a specific keyring inside of Gajim.
  32. Link Mauve And manage one key per account.
  33. Link Mauve And don’t try to integrate with the system one.
  34. lovetox oh
  35. lovetox ok :)
  36. lovetox oem
  37. lovetox gpg doesnt let me create such a key
  38. lovetox it quits with
  39. lovetox Please don't put the email address into the real name or the comment
  40. lovetox Link Mauve,
  41. Link Mauve Weird.
  42. lovetox gnupg 2.1.15 here
  43. lovetox if i put it into the email field it tells me "not a valid email"
  44. lovetox wtf
  45. lovetox i hope someone tried that before pushing the xep ^^
  46. Link Mauve I remember doing it, not sure with which version.
  47. lovetox the rfc is pretty clear on that one i think
  48. lovetox By convention, it includes an RFC 2822 [RFC2822] mail name-addr, but there are no restrictions on its content.
  49. lovetox so thats very bad actually, as we can not create automatically keys anymore with gpg2..
  50. lovetox we could still do something like name: "xmpp:" email: "jid"
  51. lovetox Link Mauve, --allow-freeform-uid was what we searched for
  52. rom1dep the recently merged jingleft series breaks here: FYI
  53. lovetox did you update from git?
  54. lovetox or did you update the package gajim-default-nightly?
  55. lovetox rom1dep,
  56. lovetox either way please update your python3-nbxmpp-nightly package
  57. lovetox so Link Mauve we still want to ask people for the password to the key on every start or not?
  58. Link Mauve If there is no gpg-agent started with it in memory, it will.
  59. lovetox i rather would not use the agent
  60. Link Mauve The password will be asked by pinentry, not by Gajim.
  61. lovetox i wouldnt do that
  62. Link Mauve Uh, do you want to expose any exploit in Gajim itself to leak the key?
  63. lovetox this is what we have to do if you want to make that user friendly
  64. Link Mauve You need an agent if you don’t want to ask the key every time you want to sign a message.
  65. lovetox no a agent will ask the key every X seconds
  66. lovetox if gajim has the password it will never ask
  67. lovetox because we always supply it
  68. Link Mauve Wut.
  69. Link Mauve You don’t want to destroy your security.
  70. Link Mauve Really.
  71. lovetox so you think people find it nice if they have to type their password every 10 minutes Oo
  72. Link Mauve No, the agent is here for that.
  73. lovetox the agent asks the password every 10 minutes
  74. lovetox thats the default behaviour on windows
  75. lovetox i dont think on linux its any different
  76. lovetox i cant even process messages we receive if the user is not right in front of the computer
  77. lovetox even if the cache time is longer then 10 minutes
  78. lovetox say hours
  79. lovetox thats not a viable solution, people maybe not home the whole day
  80. lovetox to save not decrypted messages for later decryption and all the stuff we have to think because of that is a huge pain in the ass
  81. lovetox hm or can we put a gpg.conf that only is valid for the keyring we use and set the cache time to unlimited
  82. lovetox i think this will work
  83. de-facto on closing a MUC on gajim-default-nightly 20170629-1 ( on ubuntu 17.04 amd64I irregularily get a traceback: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 814, in check_for_possible_paused_chatstate jid == self.parent_win.get_active_jid()): AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_active_jid'