Gajim - 2017-06-30

  1. lovetox hm no that bug i found is only in master
  2. lovetox actually i cant reproduce your problem with 0.16.8 on ubuntu
  3. lovetox what version of python-gnupg do you have installed zak?
  4. lovetox try to install latest 0.4.0
  5. zak Just powered off the computer... I'll tell you tomorrow.
  6. zak python-gnupg, Version: 0.3.9-1
  7. zak unfortunately no 0.4 in stretch :-/
  8. zak terrible... 0.4.0 is from 2017-01-29 and didn't make it into stretch.
  9. Jordi zak, the freeze started 10 days later, so it should have uploaded at most 2 days after the release
  10. Martin zak, I upgraded my work PC to stretch right now
  11. Martin GnuPG works here
  12. Martin I have both gnupg and gnupg1 installed.
  13. Martin Maybe you don't have gnugp1?
  14. Martin gnupg == gnupg2 since Debian 9 (stretch)!
  15. zak I need to look later. Do you have python-gnupg 0.3.9 as well?
  16. Martin zak, Yes, I have it installed, but in this version it shouldn't matter. Instead /usr/share/gajim/src/common/ should be used. Only in version 0.16.8-3 (currently in unstable), the separated package is used, while the included copy is gone.
  17. Martin zak, I meant: In this version of gajim, 0.16.6-1.1, it shouldn't matter.
  18. lovetox but zak is using 0.16.8 i think
  19. lovetox zak im not saying 0.3.9 is the reason for your problem
  20. lovetox i just wanted to go around checking old versions
  21. lovetox but if a upgrade is not possible for you i will look at the changes that are made from 0.39
  22. zak I will check later when I have the time. Thanks for the input so far.
  23. lovetox and Martin you dont need gnupg1 for it to work
  24. lovetox i use gpg (GnuPG) 2.1.15 on ubuntu
  25. lovetox but python-gnupg definitly increased its support for 2.1.x in the versions afer 0.3.9
  26. lovetox we can also look at the debug logs what happens zak
  27. lovetox -l gajim.c.gnupg?DEBUG
  28. lovetox -l gajim.c.gnupg=DEBUG
  29. Martin zak, lovetox, so far the Debian python-gnupg package depends on gnugp1.
  30. Martin If I'm not mistaken, even 0.4.0 does not yet work 100% with gnupg2, at least this is what I understood from the maintainer
  31. lovetox yeah that would make sense, because they worked on compatibility to 2.1.x later
  32. lovetox yes your are right Martin
  33. lovetox though i have no problems with 0.4.0, until now
  34. Martin That's why in the latest gajim package in Debian I explicitely use gpg1 - just in case! :~)
  35. lovetox but its probably a good idea to see if the problems exist with gpg1 to see if that is the problem
  36. Martin And, because it really did not work with gnupg2 for some users.
  37. Link Mauve My approach for OX was to use pygpgme instead, which is a binding to the official gpgme library, so no subtle breakage trying to parse gpg’s output.
  38. Link Mauve I recommend it.
  39. 5gf If you create a group for contacts, then this group receives notifications about their input exit. How is this removed?
  40. Martin Link Mauve, I never used GPGME, but it looks like a good idea!
  41. lovetox 5gf in the bookmarks you ahve a option "print status"
  42. lovetox if you want to set it global you can look into the advanced config edior
  43. lovetox under print_status
  44. lovetox i thik
  45. lovetox link mauve
  46. lovetox this is the only thing i found
  47. lovetox
  48. lovetox and it links to a non existing pypi package
  49. lovetox so i would think if the want us to use this, there would be a easy description of how to get it working
  50. lovetox i found this
  51. lovetox not updated since 2015
  52. 5gf lovetox, about this ?
  53. lovetox the contact is not subscribed to you
  54. 5gf аааа i see
  55. lovetox you can right click -> manage contact
  56. lovetox and request a subspription
  57. Link Mauve lovetox, the API didn’t really change in that time.
  58. Link Mauve And it should be just a binding.
  59. Link Mauve Oh, official bindings:
  60. Link Mauve lovetox, send them an email imo.
  61. Link Mauve lovetox, also,
  62. lovetox thats what i posted in the first place
  63. lovetox but what should i do with that, should i tell people, hey download this github project and install it
  64. lovetox this just doesnt seem like a well distributed package
  65. lovetox let me write them a mail
  66. Link Mauve Oh, no need for it, it’s part of gpgme itself now.
  67. Link Mauve;a=tree;f=lang/python/src;h=26d715eef58e048fc6e160597294623d21a96abc;hb=HEAD
  68. lovetox is gpgme installed with gnupg?
  69. Link Mauve No, it’s an external library.
  70. lovetox
  71. lovetox this?
  72. Link Mauve Seems so, yeah.
  73. Link Mauve But Debian doesn’t package its bindings alongside it seems, meh.
  74. lovetox you know what i stay for now with python-gnupg, that works for now
  75. lovetox maybe in the future this will be more easy :)
  76. Link Mauve It doesn’t seem to work very well.
  77. Link Mauve Given the amount of people coming here with weird issues.
  78. lovetox i think you misinterpret that
  79. Link Mauve When I tried python-gnupg, it was suppressing tracebacks on other threads and never giving them to the caller.
  80. Link Mauve What would be more easy in the future?
  81. lovetox to use gpgme bindings
  82. Link Mauve In Debian you have
  83. Link Mauve That shouldn’t be any hard.
  84. Link Mauve And if in the future you want to use some other bindings, the API should be substantially identical.
  85. lovetox hm nah, i see you riding me into trouble with that
  86. lovetox python-gnupg is avaiable on every platform via pypi, without dependencys
  87. lovetox i dont have to think about if the distribution has gpgme packaged
  88. lovetox if they package the python bindings
  89. lovetox what python bindngs are avaiable
  90. lovetox hope they are essentially they same and can drop in
  91. lovetox to solve what? i have not a single problem with python-gnupg
  92. lovetox it just didnt support gpg2 that well in earlier versions
  93. Link Mauve lovetox, every distribution is going to have gpgme packaged, it’s a very common dependency.
  94. Link Mauve Because parsing the text output from gpg is so problematic, with different versions having subtle changes in the format.
  95. Link Mauve See the list of required by on the right pane:
  96. lovetox i dont have a single bug report that came from python-gnupg parsing output from gpg wrong
  97. Link Mauve Do you want me to report some?
  98. lovetox to the python-gnupg project? i dont care, there is no known bug to me that breaks gajim in any way with gpg1 and python-gnupg
  99. lovetox im not arguing that bindings are cleaner
  100. lovetox arent
  101. lovetox its just that i see more problems arising from this switch then solving
  102. Link Mauve Ah, I’m using the maintained version of gnupg.
  103. lovetox and to your observation of people with problems here
  104. lovetox that stems from the fact that gajim until 0.16.7 packaged an ancient version of python-gnupg itself
  105. lovetox and never updated it
  106. lovetox which then created mass problems when people started switching to gpg2
  107. lovetox and of course bugs in gajim :)
  108. lovetox another question Link Mauve , do you use threads for decrypting encrypting with gpg?
  109. lovetox or is it fast enough to use without
  110. Link Mauve lovetox, I think gpgme does everything in a different process, so no thread needed.
  111. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *b4bc3e53* <> [pgp] Dont save instance of GnuPG() *fabfa3e7* <> [pgp] Update manifest.ini
  112. Jordi I just got this bad feeling something was wrong in my system
  113. Jordi a process named "g"
  114. Jordi /proc/<pid>/exe pointing at python3
  115. Jordi it was gajim in the end
  116. Jordi but it was sucking all my CPU and I thought bad stuff was going on
  117. Jordi why on earth is it called "g?"
  118. Jordi 19098 jordi 20 0 1044384 183220 17856 S 2,7 2,3 46:39.57 g
  119. cuc jordi, ubuntu packaged gajim?
  120. lovetox Link Mauve, do you know what they mean exactly with userid
  121. lovetox
  122. lovetox until now i thought a pgp key has a name and a email field
  123. lovetox so what field do i set to xmpp:email
  124. lovetox i guess the email field
  125. lovetox and what do i put into the name field then?
  126. lovetox or does it not matter
  127. lovetox i think in the context when i create the key for the user
  128. lovetox what would be something that would make sense to put into the name field
  129. lovetox or can we leave it empty
  130. lovetox no my gpg gui tells me its required
  131. lovetox i find it not really userfriendly to let the user set the name, most people will not care and dont know what sense it makes and what implication it has