Gajim - 2017-06-29

  1. lovetox only thing about gtk thats really sad is, Glade is so fucking bad
  2. zak Hi. I am an Debian Stretch now. Now everytime I start Gajim I have to enter my GPG passphrase multiple times: At first for Gajim, then some Debian pinentry tool and afterwards again for every account I have. Is this normal?
  3. lovetox did you use GPG before and it was not like that?
  4. lovetox you can try in the Account window to disable "Use GPG Agent"
  5. lovetox but on start of course you will have to supply your GPG passphrase
  6. lovetox or would you like gajim to store it somewhere on your harddisk
  7. zak Yeah, I know of course. But I would assume only once!
  8. lovetox it should be only once
  9. lovetox i agree
  10. lovetox try to disable "use gpg agent"
  11. lovetox then try again
  12. zak "GPG Schlüsselverwaltung" is deactivated.
  13. zak Ah, now I see, I enabled GPG only for one account!
  14. zak I meant before, that the option was already deactivated.
  15. lovetox its deactivated and you are still prompted with the pinentry tool?
  16. zak yes
  17. zak let me just activate, restart, deactivate it again...
  18. zak Hmm... now the pinentry tool appeared first. I entered the passphrase, it said it was wrong and connected me without GPG. Now I disable the option again...
  19. lovetox what version are you using?
  20. lovetox gajim
  21. zak 0.16.8
  22. lovetox on linux?
  23. zak wait... I just recognized that a wrong key was selected, that would explain the error message
  24. zak yes, Debian Stretch
  25. lovetox go to advanced config editor
  26. lovetox and search for pgp_encoding
  27. lovetox set it to "utf8"
  28. zak correction: it was the correct key
  29. zak ok. utf8 is set
  30. zak now pinentry doesn't appear anymore
  31. zak but my passphrase is not accepted. it asks 2 or 3 times, then no error appears and it seems I am connected with gpg now
  32. zak in the account-popup it shows my key
  33. lovetox hm i have to install 0.16.8
  34. zak Well there's no rush. It's no serious problem.
  35. lovetox what gnupg version are you using?
  36. lovetox zak
  37. zak gpg (GnuPG) 2.1.18
  38. zak libgcrypt 1.7.6-beta
  39. zak Nevermind lovetox. Don't waste time with this.
  40. lovetox no, there is a bug here
  41. lovetox i dont think gajim supplys the passphrase correctly to pgp, thats why on every message you get you are asked again
  42. lovetox you can test this if you set the pinentry password cache to 0 seconds
  43. zak Hmm, okay. Is there any way I can help?
  44. lovetox no thanks