Gajim - 2017-06-28

  1. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *923bbc87* <> Add LMC to common features
  2. pep. lovetox, cool, thanks
  3. jordi lovetox, do you have any idea of what causes the gst thing in the prefs?
  4. lovetox i looking into it right now
  5. lovetox can you look under
  6. lovetox help -> features
  7. lovetox if audio/video is available
  8. lovetox jordi,
  9. jordi yea
  10. jordi nope
  11. jordi I must be missing some of those girs
  12. lovetox yeah but even then we should not crash :)
  13. lovetox i think i can sort this out, can you apply a patch ?
  14. lovetox if i give you line number and file?
  15. jordi sure
  16. lovetox ok, line 442
  17. lovetox replace it with
  18. lovetox if HAS_GST and gajim.HAVE_FARSTREAM:
  19. lovetox we need src/
  20. lovetox not src/common/
  21. jordi right
  22. lovetox the line to replace is "if HAS_GST:"
  23. jordi yeah got it
  24. lovetox sooo ?
  25. lovetox i want to go to bed ^^
  26. Jordi lovetox, fixed ;)
  27. Jordi thanks!
  28. Jordi a whole new world to discover here
  29. lovetox great i push this, build happens in the night, then you can update the nightly tomorrow
  30. lovetox the problem with the plugin activation deactivation should also be fixed then
  31. Jordi oh great!
  32. Jordi thanks lovetox!
  33. Jordi good night!
  34. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *bd3a0c8a* <> Only use GStreamer when Farstream is available To use GStreamer we need to call Gst.Init(). We call Gst.Init() only when Farstream is available.
  35. 5gf How to disable client identification?
  36. lovetox Preferences -> Advanced
  37. lovetox 5gf,
  38. lovetox "Privacy"
  39. 5gf lovetox, If disable all settings, ClientsIconsPlugin can still see.
  40. pep. lovetox, go to bed already :p
  41. lovetox 5gf, i would have to look into how ClientsIconsPlugin works
  42. lovetox but if i disable all that
  43. lovetox and click on my contact right click -> Informations
  44. lovetox gajim displays no client information
  45. 5gf lovetox, there is no information there.
  46. 5gf when my computer goes into sleep mode, the interlocutor sees it.
  47. lovetox hm yeah but thats not really avoidable
  48. lovetox its not gajim who tells your contact
  49. lovetox its your server
  50. lovetox you can not fake beeing online
  51. lovetox you can fake beeing offline if you want
  52. lovetox so im off to bed
  53. lovetox bye
  54. 5gf lovetox, Thanks for the explanation!
  55. SaltyBones lovetox, I have nbxmpp from git and gajim from git and it still complains about missing jingle stuff
  56. lovetox then you didnt correctly install it
  57. lovetox did you install nbxmpp intot the python3 packages?
  58. SaltyBones ok, now it runs but I cannot send messages
  59. SaltyBones but that's a problem for another time
  60. ivucica > you can not fake beeing online > you can fake beeing offline if you want Sure you can. Have a console client on a VPS be connected in your place, collect messages over MAM when you get back online. :>
  61. lovetox that would be two different resources
  62. lovetox you would see that in gajim
  63. lovetox without great effort its not possible to have 2 connections to a server with 2 devices, and let it look like 1 to your contacts
  64. SaltyBones in my opinion everything should be per account anyway not per ressource. that's a design flaw in xmpp when it comes to messaging
  65. Link Mauve lovetox, resources are another thing that should be part of the UI simplification imo, exposing them to the user when everyone is using carbons is at best useless, at most very confusing.
  66. Link Mauve There are very few cases where you want to address resources specifically.
  67. LordVan Link Mauve, yeah wehn you - for whatever reason yourself send to the other resource ;)
  68. Link Mauve LordVan, what do you mean?
  69. LordVan Link Mauve, i've done it before that i copy pasted something on my phone to xabber and sent it to my gajim on the pc :D
  70. lovetox yeah but for that you dont need to adress the message to a specific resource
  71. lovetox you can just send it to your bare jid without any resource
  72. lovetox and the server will send it to all your connected resources
  73. SaltyBones I can't think of any reason to send something to specific ressources. :)
  74. SaltyBones After all you are sending to people not devices.
  75. SaltyBones For automated conversations this might be different which is probably why xmpp has this notion of ressources.
  76. SaltyBones Then again those devices could just have the equivalent of multiple accounts...nah...I don't know xmpp is just a mess :)
  77. Asterix when you do special things (sending files, encrypt, ...) you talk to a resouce, not to the bare JID. So not all devices get the request
  78. Holger SaltyBones: The idea of users wanting everything on all devices is newer than those XMPP routing rules (though I'd argue they never worked well for most people). But apart from that, other servers/components/clients need to be able to address individual devices (as you dais).
  79. Holger Asterix: I think Jingle stuff (files/calls/whatever) should be offered to all devices and the recipient should then accept the thing on one of them.
  80. Holger Asterix: Like when you have multiple phone devices at home. If I call you, all of them ring, and then you accept my call on one of them.
  81. Holger Asterix: So I do agree that in an ideal world, resource strings would never be exposed to users.
  82. Holger I'm not sure where quite there yet, though.
  83. Asterix Holger, not all conencted devices support Jingle for example
  84. Asterix so it's not a very good idea to send me a file if my client don't support that.
  85. Holger Yes, obviously only all devices supporting this will 'ring' the bell.
  86. Asterix You don't do a visio on my phone at home because I don't support that. Of course that works for simple call as all phone support that
  87. Asterix so you send the call / file even if no client support it?
  88. Holger Of course not.
  89. Holger My point is just that exposing resource strings to users is not the proper solution to the problem you're describing.
  90. Holger If I want to call you, I don't want to be bothered with choosing a device.
  91. Holger
  92. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *6d9f82d8* <> show all previous corrected messages. Fixes #8669
  93. Martin Minor cosmetic change for gajim-omemo:
  94. Martin --- 2017-06-28 14:32:38.506653026 +0000 +++ 2017-06-28 14:34:27.731152820 +0000 @@ -44,8 +44,7 @@ import qrcodewin.main as qrcode PILLOW = True except Exception as e: - log.exception('Error:') - log.error('pyton-qrcode or dependencies of it, are not available') + log.warning('python-qrcode or dependencies of it are not available') # pylint: enable=import-error UNDECIDED = 2
  95. Martin Because of
  96. Martin Would somebody apply and push?
  97. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *4a8a9ceb* <> [omemo] Better handle exception - Print only warning instead of error, as the module is only optional - Log the error to the debug log, so users dont think we didnt catch the exception
  98. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gtk3_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *bd2a2c69* <> [omemo] Better handle exception - Print only warning instead of error, as the module is only optional - Log the error to the debug log, so users dont think we didnt catch the exception