Gajim - 2017-06-26

  1. pep. I have a report from a user, they had the omemo plugin disabled and I received encrypted messages despite this while they were upgrading the plugin itself
  2. Martin There seems to be a problem with GnuPG:
  3. lovetox pep can you describe better what happend, how do they send messages while they upgrading the plugin, how can they do two things at once
  4. lovetox also the plugin was not upgraded for a long time
  5. lovetox so its weird that multiple people (?) upgraded now the plugin
  6. pep. singular they
  7. pep. I'll try to ask
  8. lovetox yeah please, ask if they had a chat ongoing
  9. lovetox while upgrading
  10. lovetox Martin, can i reply without registering to that bug ticket?
  11. lovetox i strongly suspect they dont have python-gnupg installed
  12. lovetox as both dont mention it
  13. lovetox because they also not mention their previous gajim version, it could be that they used a gajim version before where python-gnupg was shipped
  14. Link Mauve lovetox, given the source, it’s most likely Jessie → Stretch.
  15. Martin lovetox: Possible. I can't check right now, but will do so later.
  16. lovetox i tried to answer via reply button and sent a mail,
  17. Martin lovetox: The Debian BTS is open to anyone. An email to is automatically added to the bug report (in public). With NNNNNN = 865097 here, of course.
  18. lovetox i did that, its not showing, but maybe some admin has to manually check it for spam
  19. lovetox ah now
  20. lovetox it did take 2 minutes
  21. Martin lovetox, it's just slow :~)
  22. lovetox Martin, why is python-gnupg though not listed under "Versions of packages gajim suggests:"
  23. lovetox we have it in our readme as optional runtime requirement
  24. lovetox is there more we have to do?
  25. Martin lovetox, this is a bug in the package, it should recommend python-gnupg
  26. Martin lovetox, I'll try later if it works then
  27. lovetox thoug is recommending not too much? i mean alot of people dont use gpg
  28. lovetox or is there no other stage, like depending, recommending, optional
  29. Martin lovetox, true, I'll discuss with the other two maintainers what is better
  30. lovetox thanks Martin .9
  31. lovetox thanks Martin :)
  32. Martin there is only depends, recommends, and suggests
  33. Martin depends and recommends are install by default, suggests not
  34. Martin recommends and suggests can be left out while installing (or removed later), depends not
  35. lovetox what i can take from that ticket is, that the error message we give doesnt help the user
  36. lovetox it tells only what gajim does, not how to fix the problem
  37. Martin yes, "please install python-gnupg" or similar would be nice
  38. Martin and warn about incompatible upstreams :~(
  39. Martin Btw, I remember that I tried Gajim with gnupg lately, and it failed. But I'm sure, I have it installed. Need to check again.
  40. lovetox please do and report it to me :)
  41. pep. lovetox,
  42. pep. oops, useless first sentence :p
  43. pep. also, any idea for this traceback?, they run debian unstable, with gajim and nbxmpp supposedly master
  44. lovetox thanks pep, what version does the first problem use?
  45. lovetox also master?
  46. pep. yes
  47. lovetox ah ok
  48. lovetox i think i know the bug, i look into it
  49. pep. thanks
  50. lovetox for the second one, i had no time yet to try gajims audio/video stuff, probably a bug regarding to that
  51. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *1a2d32fc* <> Better error message why pgp is not working
  52. pep. lovetox,, same person
  53. pep. After a file transfer completed
  54. pep. Also he's got comments on the UI, I'll try to make him come here at some point :)
  55. pep. Another traceback when _sending_ a file
  56. lovetox use httpupload
  57. lovetox jingle is in multiple ways broken
  58. pep. Is it somewhere on the roadmap?
  59. lovetox yeah, its higher on my priority list
  60. pep. Ok