Gajim - 2017-06-23

  1. lovetox just maybe to help, greyed out means we dont have httpupload namespace in disco result
  2. mdosch Gajim is having the possibility to cite marked text and automatically put it into the compose field with an > in front but otherwise it doesn't care about citations. Conversations shows cited text different to own messages. I think it would be nice if Gajim would behave this way too. I had a look at your git but I didn't see an issue asking for this. So I would like to ask if you are open to implement this and I should create an issue (or if there is no need for an issue as it is already on your roadmap)?
  3. mdosch Wow, first time a pastebin mod catched a real message :D
  4. mdosch Wow, first time a pastebin mod catched a real message for me :D
  5. lovetox yeah please create a issue for it, thanks
  6. mdosch Wow, first time a pastebin mod catched a real message from me :D
  7. mdosch alright, will do
  8. pep. lovetox, sorry I had to reload muc on my server and it went down :(, is up again
  9. pep. Or anybody else interested for that matter ^
  10. lovetox pep people have it in there bookmarks anyway
  11. lovetox so on next restart they will join again
  12. pep. yeah that's the thing :p
  13. Link Mauve mdosch, you mean XHTML-IM <blockquote/>?
  14. mdosch pep which matter? (obviously I don't have it bookmarked)
  15. Link Mauve That’s how I’d implement such a feature.
  16. Link Mauve Parsing plain text is very error-prone in that case.
  17. pep. mdosch, sorry it's not related :)
  18. mdosch Link Mauve, I don't know how conversations does it but it's clearly visible
  19. lovetox i hope at some point there will emerge a cite xep
  20. pep. But you can join if you want to talk about programming
  21. Link Mauve Probably parsing the plain text.
  22. Link Mauve lovetox, there is already one, see XEP-0071.
  23. lovetox xhtml is not good, lots of overhead
  24. lovetox if i see the gajim xhtml parsing code, i dont even want to touch it
  25. Link Mauve What kind of overhead?
  26. Link Mauve Compared to what?
  27. lovetox compared to parsing one tag <cite namespace:x>
  28. Link Mauve I implemented it in about 500 lines in poezio.
  29. mdosch pep., I'm not into programming. I would love to be, but as an engineer there is not enough spare time to get a programmer. All I did was some C basics during studying but it was more about µC... and programming some PLC, but in both cases the focus was more in solving the technical issue than improving programming skills
  30. Link Mauve (XHTML-IM I mean.)
  31. pep. no worries :)
  32. Link Mauve lovetox, don’t blame the specification if your code is bad. :p
  33. mdosch thinks he will just do the feature request and will leave the details to the cool kids
  34. mdosch :D
  35. pep. :)
  36. lovetox i think i work on finishing the emoticon stuff first :)
  37. mdosch lovetox, what does emoticon stuff means? Being able to send unicode emoticons?
  38. lovetox are you using master branch?
  39. lovetox but yes basically what you know from smartphones, a emoji selection panel
  40. mdosch no more, earlier I was using it when the nightly in your debian repo didn't worked but now I switched back to nightly. But they are not the same, I can tell from gtk3 handling
  41. mdosch lovetox, that would be a very nice feature
  42. mdosch Not necessary for me, but my wife loves the emoji and when I am at home I have to grab my smartphone to answer although I could use a hw keyboard :-/
  43. mdosch didn't work... I hate seeing a mistake in a message I cannot edit anymore...
  44. lovetox
  45. mdosch That looks very good :)