Gajim - 2017-06-22

  1. gandogar Hello, I did some trials with a jabber-account on different devices. How to delete/clear some of that devices? In gajim I choosed plugins/installed plugins/OMEMO and then config/"Clear Devices". In the list "published devices" I marked that I wanted to delete. But all published devices were deleted but the marked one. How do I correcty delete a specific device?
  2. gandogar Hello, is there to be a 'last_mam-id' in extended configuration editor when mam works correct? 'last_mam-id' is empty.
  3. lovetox gandogar, there is no need to delete one device
  4. lovetox just hit the clear device button
  5. lovetox only devices that are active will be written into the new list again
  6. lovetox a device that is inactive and offline cant writ itself into the list again
  7. lovetox about MAM, do you use conversations?
  8. lovetox then look into the account details if MAM storage is activated
  9. lovetox storage preferences should be set to "always"
  10. Link Mauve contrapunctus, HTTP Upload is back, the issue was that the domain wasn’t exposed anymore on all domains, instead it was only appearing on because it’s a direct subdomain, and since I was testing with a JID on this one I couldn’t find the problem. :x
  11. lovetox to sort emojicons into good categorys that makes sense is almost impossible
  12. lovetox either you have 20 categorys, or you have less and ones that are pretty overloaded
  13. contrapunctus Link Mauve, it's...still grayed out here (I just re-logged in to check)