Gajim - 2017-06-19

  1. tlvu link mauve, lovetox: thanks, I got latest stable gajim on my machine. A feedback about the doc at, it should really mention that the latest stable is also available at that apt repo. Initially reading it, it thought it only have the nightly build. Also this step is missing "sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv 9A569BF2B79EE905"
  2. tlvu I've read somewhere about Federated MUC. Is that implemented in any know Client / Server?
  3. Tomek hi, each time someone sends emo icon, gajim shows me this: <body xmlns="">&lt;ss type="smile"&gt;:)</body> Is it possible to avoide that xml part and have icon oly?
  4. lovetox Tomek, not really, tell your contact to stop sending you unsupported xhtml
  5. lovetox what client does he use?
  6. lovetox you can also try to go to preference -> General and uncheck "Ignore rich content in incoming messages"
  7. lovetox tlvu in all my time using Gajim i never had to use that command
  8. lovetox so i dont think its missing
  9. Tomek lovetox:‎ seems like Psi+, actually it is not for all icons I receive only from some. You might got the point it is probably client dependent. Mainly some rooms members, ex. spectrum. Ok I will mark that option and let's see...
  10. lovetox i mean <ss type="smile">
  11. lovetox i dont think this is somewhere specified
  12. lovetox that seems like a xhtml tag that only that client uses