Gajim - 2017-06-18

  1. tlvu trying to install latest gajim 0.16.8 on ubuntu xenial 16.04, is there a PPA? In the multiverse repo, it is still 0.16.5
  2. Link Mauve tlvu, sure, see
  3. picknick sorry for late reply. i mean messages i wrote or received with other devices
  4. lovetox picknick, did you trust the fingerprints of your other devices?
  5. lovetox look at the fingerprint window under "own fingerprints"
  6. lovetox you have to do the same on your other devices
  7. lovetox Link Mauve, ok MR uses now a Atlas of emoticons :)
  8. lovetox new project for building and maintaining the theme
  9. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ <>: *4ce30160* <> Update ChangeLog
  10. picknick lovetox: yes. When gajim is started and new messages arrive, i see it on gajim and other devices. When gajim is closed i do not get them later
  11. lovetox either you have not trusted your own fingerprints, or your server doesnt support MAM
  12. lovetox what is your second client?
  13. lovetox did you look intot he history window?
  14. picknick Conversations as second client
  15. lovetox what server do you use
  16. lovetox what MAM version does it support
  17. picknick XEP-0313 MAM at
  18. picknick Found the issue: I've to activate archive in Conversations. Now it works.
  19. tlvu Link Mauve: I meant a real apt repo that will automatically update the installed gajim to the latest release with each 'apt-get dist-upgrade'. That download page only mention to use the outdated gajim from ubuntu universe repo or get nightly build from gajim apt repo. Ideally I would like to get the latest stable release from that gajim repo as well.
  20. Link Mauve tlvu, I think it also contains this one, if you don’t change the name.
  21. lovetox tlvu, of course it contains the last stable..
  22. lovetox Link Mauve, so i added a setting so that you can use your font
  23. lovetox
  24. Link Mauve Let me pull and try. :)
  25. lovetox have a look
  26. lovetox preference -> font-emoticons
  27. Link Mauve Making all in emoticons make[3]: Entering directory '/home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-git/src/gajim/data/emoticons' make[3]: *** No rule to make target '*/*.gif', needed by 'all-am'. Stop.
  28. Link Mauve You probably forgot to update that, but now Gajim doesn’t build anymore.
  29. lovetox what does that mean
  30. Link Mauve The Makefile is trying to use files which aren’t present.
  31. Link Mauve Here, data/emoticons/*/*.gif
  32. lovetox we dont have gifs i deleted the line
  33. lovetox try again
  34. Link Mauve Now same error with */*.png.
  35. lovetox ok but how can i make that rule that he takes it only if there are pngs
  36. lovetox when we finally build it there is probably the default theme included which has pngs
  37. Link Mauve What is that “finally build”?
  38. Link Mauve Why would my build not be final?
  39. lovetox when we build the deb package
  40. lovetox because the files are in a different repo
  41. Link Mauve I’m building an ArchLinux package, because I’m not on Debian.
  42. lovetox hm ok deleted it try again
  43. lovetox btw why are you not just running from git?
  44. Link Mauve I am.
  45. lovetox yeah but why do you build gajim, what purpose does this have ( i seriously dont know, Linux noob :)
  46. lovetox i just do "python3"
  47. Link Mauve Ah, it’s just that I dislike having random programs lying around, everything I use is properly packaged so I can remove it whenever I feel like it, alongside all of its dependencies.
  48. Link Mauve Ah, finally I have this button. :)
  49. Link Mauve But it doesn’t get the focus, and whenever I click anywhere on it it gets closed.
  50. Link Mauve So I can’t input any emoticon anymore.
  51. lovetox what Oo
  52. lovetox it should get the focus automatically its a popover
  53. Link Mauve I can see the focus when I hover the tabs, but when I click on one the popover gets closed.
  54. lovetox i tested this on ubuntu works as expected
  55. Link Mauve Actually it gets the focus sometimes.
  56. Link Mauve But I can’t input anything.
  57. lovetox dont press any keys
  58. lovetox if you press a key it will close
  59. Link Mauve I only use the mouse currently.
  60. lovetox so you are saying you choose a catagoriy click on it and it closes?
  61. Link Mauve Yes.
  62. Link Mauve Or even when I choose a smiley.
  63. lovetox i know whats happening
  64. Link Mauve
  65. lovetox a popover gets closed when it loses focus
  66. lovetox your window manager takes the focus away from the popover when you click a widget inside the popover
  67. lovetox i would consider that a bug
  68. Link Mauve It should be GTK+ itself, as I don’t technically have a window manager.
  69. lovetox it doesnt behave that way on ubuntu 17.04
  70. Link Mauve Also, for something like the previous popover menu, or even the style one, it works.
  71. lovetox that are not popovers
  72. lovetox not Gtk.Popovers
  73. lovetox that are normal Gtk.Menus
  74. lovetox i create you a minimal example, lets see if that happens with every popover
  75. Link Mauve Just tried on Mutter, it works there.
  76. Link Mauve So it would be a bug of Weston?
  77. lovetox what is Mutter?
  78. Link Mauve Another Wayland compositor.
  79. Link Mauve From the GNOME project.
  80. lovetox ah, yeah i guess
  81. lovetox
  82. lovetox test this
  83. Link Mauve This one works.
  84. Link Mauve I can check and uncheck the checkbox without it closing.
  85. lovetox hm then i have to investigate further
  86. Link Mauve But the focus is still weird.
  87. Link Mauve Also, err, why does opening the preferences play a sound?
  88. lovetox it doesnt for me ^^
  89. Link Mauve At least it opens the sound card, I can clearly hear a pop.
  90. lovetox yeah i think it does something like that, it querys sound stuff
  91. lovetox its for audio/video stuff
  92. Link Mauve Querying that shouldn’t open a sound card. :x
  93. lovetox Link Mauve, try this
  94. lovetox
  95. lovetox this come more close to what i do
  96. Link Mauve This one works too.
  97. Link Mauve lovetox, you can install weston, run it, and while it is open Gajim should start into it.
  98. lovetox on ubuntu?
  99. lovetox how
  100. lovetox
  101. lovetox i found this, should i try this?
  102. Link Mauve Just apt install weston.
  103. Link Mauve Or did they remove it from their repositories?
  104. lovetox no its ok
  105. lovetox works
  106. lovetox ok at least i found out it has nothing to do with the emoticon popover
  107. lovetox if i attach the working minimal popover to the button in the chatcontrol, it stops working too
  108. lovetox so i guess it has something to do with the chatcontrol
  109. lovetox haha found it :)
  110. lovetox but still think its a weston bug
  111. lovetox where do i report this Link Mauve
  112. lovetox ?
  113. Link Mauve lovetox,
  114. lovetox so with what component do i file this bug?
  115. lovetox is weston the problem or something else?
  116. lovetox so wayland -> weston is the correct category?
  117. Link Mauve Yes.
  118. lovetox so just so that i understand
  119. lovetox wayland is like X Server?
  120. lovetox and ubuntu uses x server, but i installed weston which is part of wayland?
  121. lovetox
  122. lovetox the things im doing so you can use gajim, which you dont use anyway :D
  123. Link Mauve lovetox, no, Wayland is like X11, a protocol.
  124. Link Mauve Weston is like the Xorg server, a window manager, a compositor, all in one.
  125. Link Mauve Weston implements both the X11 protocol and the Wayland protocol, so you can use programs talking both.
  126. Link Mauve lovetox, and thanks. :)