Gajim - 2017-06-15

  1. pep. Sorry for the spam: I just created, if anybody is interested, unless you can direct me to some similar place that already exists.
  2. lovetox i join so you are not alone :)
  3. pep. hehe
  4. pep. You'll see familiar faces probably
  5. lovetox pep if you write it like that xmpp:coven@chat.shakespeare.lit?join
  6. lovetox then most clients can join on lcik
  7. lovetox clikc
  8. lovetox click
  9. Holger Familiar faces like in every other public XMPP room :-)
  10. pep. Holger, sshhh, don't say that :P
  11. lovetox xmpp is like 100 people in 20 groupchats :D
  12. pep. :D
  13. mathieui more lie 20 people in 100 groupchats
  14. mathieui more like 20 people in 100 groupchats
  15. pep. :D true
  16. pep. I'm even writing a MUC-MUC gateway atm so we can have even less people to populate more rooms
  17. Link Mauve !
  18. lovetox good news for emoticons lovers, i will soon push a patch that adds 2100 useable emoticons for gajim :)
  19. lovetox so basically everything that unicode allows until now
  20. lovetox
  21. Link Mauve Looks awesome!
  22. lovetox thanks
  23. Link Mauve Does it do away with the current emoticon system?
  24. lovetox yeah i see no reason to keep it
  25. Link Mauve Which is imo one of the most awkward things in Gajim.
  26. Link Mauve Did you reuse an external library to get that GTK+ widget?
  27. Link Mauve Or do you plan on making it an external library?
  28. lovetox thats made with standard on board gtk tools
  29. lovetox its a Gtk.Popover
  30. lovetox which has a Gtk.FlowBox in it
  31. lovetox and i add Gtk.Images to it
  32. Link Mauve Maybe I’ll have a look at making it into a library, I know other projects which might benefit from it.
  33. Link Mauve Or maybe pushing it into a standard GTK+ widget?
  34. lovetox you can have a look at it once i push it, its really not much code
  35. Link Mauve Ok.
  36. lovetox i even made it so that you can use the modifiers for the emoticons look
  37. lovetox
  38. Link Mauve :)
  39. Stephen That's going to be great
  40. Stephen Emojis have been something gajim's needed
  41. contrapunctus oooh, looking forward to this :D