Gajim - 2017-06-12

  1. Martin Question: How to use XEP-0191 - blocking command - with Gajim? (Server is supposed to support it, of course.)
  2. Link Mauve Martin, in the roster, right click on a contact > Manage > Block.
  3. Martin Link Mauve, thanks, can I only block single users or complete servers/domains?
  4. Link Mauve AFAIK it’s only single users.
  5. Link Mauve If you’re talking about spam, there are much better solutions server-side.
  6. Martin Link Mauve, Yes, it's about spam. I'm not the admin of the server, so there is not much I can do. The gajim-antispam plugin works very, very well, but I just wanted to try whether block would work, too. I'm going back to gajim-antispam :~)
  7. Link Mauve You should contact your server admin, you are probably not their only user getting spam.
  8. Martin Link Mauve, still I'm interested in server side anti spim/spam measures, but it's problably not the right place here in the Gajim room.
  9. Link Mauve Fixing the issue for everyone is much better than every user having to come up with their own solution.
  10. Link Mauve Martin, in Prosody, I use mod_firewall, it works pretty well.
  11. Martin Link Mauve, I read about mod_firewall, but AFAIK it needs some work to get the rules right. What is missing so far, is a community maintained global anti spim ruleset, that "lazy" admins could just download automatically.
  12. Martin At least, I'm not aware of any.
  13. Link Mauve I should share what I’m using.
  14. Martin That would be great! Thanks!
  15. pep. Or be so small that nobody cares about you :-° (re spam)
  16. SaltyBones Hello?
  17. contrapunctus SaltyBones?
  18. SaltyBones I wanted to complain that I cannot turn omemo off in the latest git version
  19. SaltyBones but then I realized that something had crashed and I couldn't send to this channel either
  20. SaltyBones that was just me testing from my phone if it worked there
  21. lovetox mimi89999, nightly build should now finally be working
  22. mimi89999 I saw. Thanks
  23. RonUL_
  24. de-facto lol thats why i never would rely on US software ever
  25. de-facto sad but true
  26. lovetox de-facto, nightly build should now work
  27. de-facto yes thank you, i just updated and it works
  28. de-facto i like the nightly build :)
  29. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *f7754487* <> Fix Layout issues with long status messages Fixes #8652
  30. Link Mauve Thanks!