Gajim - 2017-06-07

  1. RDM how can i make loaded- history font little bigger? its so tiny..
  2. RDM is it possible to have scrollable history..?
  3. QuentinC2 RDM: check the configuration value "restored_messages_small" ;)
  4. QuentinC2 I think that scrollable history is not possible
  5. QuentinC2 But you can increase the "restored_lines" value to reload more messages !
  6. RDM QuentinC2, thanks i get it..
  7. mimi89999 Hello
  8. QuentinC2 Hi!
  9. mimi89999_test .
  10. mimi89999_test hmmm
  11. QuentinC2 ?
  12. mimi89999_test
  13. mimi89999_test lovetox:
  14. tlvu are chat history in Gajim saved encrypted on the device?
  15. QuentinC2 I don't think so
  16. QuentinC2 And anyway it would not help
  17. mimi89999_test No and it doesn't make sense.
  18. mimi89999_test QuentinC2: Do you have the same issue with Gajim nightly?
  19. QuentinC2 I haven't got the time to test
  20. QuentinC2 I'm on the road back to home
  21. QuentinC2 I will test in about 3h now
  22. QuentinC2 Question about the nightly, does it support plug-ins (omemo)?
  23. mimi89999_test Yes. From the gtk3 plugin branch
  24. QuentinC2 Okay, because I wasn't able to find the plug-ins manager
  25. mimi89999_test You git clone -b gtk3 in .local/share/gajim as plugins
  26. QuentinC2 Thanks I will try this back home!
  27. mimi89999_test <!-- Out mer. 07 juin 2017 18:01:52 CEST --> <iq type='get' id='disco1' to='' from=''> <query xmlns=''/> </iq> <!-- In mer. 07 juin 2017 18:01:56 CEST --> <iq id='disco1' type='result' to='' from=''> <query xmlns=''> <identity type='registered' category='account'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:0'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:1'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:2'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:sid:0'/> <identity type='pep' category='pubsub'/> <feature var=''/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:push:0'/> </query> </iq> <!-- Out mer. 07 juin 2017 18:05:48 CEST --> <iq type='get' id='disco1' to='' from=''> <query xmlns=''/> </iq> <!-- In mer. 07 juin 2017 18:05:51 CEST --> <iq id='disco1' type='result' to='' from=''> <query xmlns=''> <identity type='pep' name='Prosody' category='pubsub'/> <identity type='file' name='HTTP File Upload' category='store'/> <identity type='im' name='Prosody' category='server'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:blocking'/> <feature var=''/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:ping'/> <feature var='msgoffline'/> <feature var='jabber:iq:last'/> <feature var='vcard-temp'/> <feature var='jabber:iq:version'/> <feature var='jabber:iq:roster'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:time'/> <feature var='jabber:iq:time'/> <feature var='jabber:iq:register'/> <feature var='jabber:iq:private'/> <feature var=''/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:http:upload'/> <feature var=''/> <feature var=''/> <feature var=''/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:carbons:2'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:carbons:1'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:0'/> <x type='result' xmlns='jabber:x:data'> <field type='hidden' var='FORM_TYPE'> <value>urn:xmpp:http:upload</value> </field> <field type='text-single' var='max-file-size'> <value>10737418240</value> </field> </x> </query> </iq>
  28. mimi89999_test I just checked.
  29. QuentinC2 mam:0 appears on the server disco??
  30. mimi89999_test Yes
  31. mimi89999_test As you see...
  32. QuentinC2 What is the server version?
  33. QuentinC2 Prosody 0.10 with latest mam mod?
  34. mimi89999_test Yes
  35. QuentinC2 Ok I'll definitely need to check tonight
  36. QuentinC2 I have to come back home ^^
  37. QuentinC2 See you later!
  38. mimi89999_test Plugin directories: /usr/lib/prosody/michel-modules /usr/lib/prosody/prosody-modules - prosody-modules rev: 9b43b7fc3558 /usr/lib/prosody/modules/
  39. mimi89999_test That's why...
  40. mimi89999_test :P
  41. mimi89999_test QuentinC2: Found the reason.
  42. mimi89999_test Where is lovetox?
  43. lovetox here
  44. QuentinC2 mimi89999: I'll test the nightly ;)
  45. mimi89999 QuentinC2: Did you see Zash's reply in the MUC
  46. mimi89999 Also, what I found by reading the source...
  47. QuentinC2 Oh interesting !
  48. QuentinC2 I'll try to put back the community version
  49. QuentinC2 But do you know if current stable of Gajim supports it ?
  50. QuentinC2 I thing that there is the same disco problem not ?
  51. mimi89999 QuentinC2: It does.
  52. mimi89999 QuentinC2: I don't know is you can keep data when downgrading Gajim...
  53. mimi89999 lovetox: Can he?
  54. QuentinC2 Locally ?
  55. QuentinC2 I've made a backup of my Gajim app data ;)
  56. lovetox you can downgrade, use the backup
  57. lovetox cant
  58. lovetox sorry
  59. lovetox try it quentin my guess is that the disco worked different in version 1
  60. lovetox mimi89999, can you activate the archiving preference menu item?
  61. mimi89999 lovetox: Yes
  62. lovetox yeah then i think this should work
  63. lovetox :)
  64. mimi89999 lovetox: He can't use the backup since OMEMO won't be in sync...
  65. lovetox he can copy the omemo.db
  66. lovetox to his user folder
  67. lovetox omemo.db and gajim.db are separate
  68. mimi89999 I see. That's good...
  69. mimi89999 lovetox: Anyway, it would be good to support newer versions of MAM than MAM:0
  70. mimi89999 lovetox: Is it handled by Gajim or nbxmpp?
  71. lovetox gajim, it is supported
  72. lovetox on master
  73. lovetox but the disco is missing
  74. lovetox i didnt know until now because ejabbered announces it on both the bare jid and the server domain
  75. mimi89999 I meant the disco...
  76. lovetox yeah i add it later
  77. mimi89999 OK. I will wait and test when ready ^ ^
  78. QuentinC2 Okay
  79. QuentinC2 it "is" better
  80. QuentinC2 Now I see the mam query from Gajim to the server !
  81. QuentinC2 But I have 0 results...
  82. QuentinC2 I think now it's server-related, i'm using a MySQL archive...
  83. QuentinC2 maybe it's even not compatible between community and official
  84. mimi89999 QuentinC2: You changed the server module?
  85. QuentinC2 Yes, I've forced the usage of the community module
  86. QuentinC2 After a cleaning of the database it seembs to be working !
  87. QuentinC2 (I haven't tried the nightly yet, I will do it as the community module is supposed to support mam:2 also)
  88. mimi89999 QuentinC2‎: AFAIK, you are using MAM:0 now...
  89. QuentinC2 Yes but will it be the case with the nightly too ?
  90. mimi89999 Sure
  91. QuentinC2 Oh, I thought it would have been going to "negociate" mam:2
  92. mimi89999 no...
  93. mimi89999 Can't know about it...
  94. QuentinC2 I thought that the nightly were going to do the discovery on the bare jid
  95. lovetox QuentinC2, mam:2 is not better
  96. lovetox in the sense that a user would see a difference in gajim
  97. lovetox but yeah i implement the discover in the nightly
  98. QuentinC2 I'm setting up a few VMs to test this mam:2
  99. QuentinC2 I like the idea to have mam working for the stable version of gajim
  100. lovetox but why
  101. lovetox i told you already, you gain nothing when using mam:2 with gajim
  102. lovetox spend your time otherwise, be happy that mam works with gajim stable, and use it
  103. QuentinC2 At least to help mimi89999 testing the last version
  104. lovetox kk knock yourself out :)
  105. mimi89999 :D
  106. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *04911ba9* <> [httpupload] Set parent window correctly Fixes #199 *3d0c007b* <> [httpupload] Update manifest.ini