Gajim - 2017-06-03

  1. tlvu lovetox: here's the OMEMO debug logging you asked
  2. tlvu 06/02/17 22:56:59 (D) gajim.plugin_system.omemo => Sending Message to Connection failure: Connection refused pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused 06/02/17 22:57:03 (D) gajim.plugin_system.omemo => Enable OMEMO for 06/02/17 22:57:11 (D) gajim.plugin_system.omemo => No Trusted Fingerprints for
  3. tlvu it wants me to trust other participants fingerprints but ... how do I get a list of fingerprints so I can set them to "trusted"?
  4. tlvu I close and re-open gajim, and now I get the list of fingerprints to trush !
  5. tlvu did not expect this to be the work-around
  6. tlvu what's the connect transport for XMPP? https?
  7. tlvu if no encryption is enabled, is there at least encryption on the transport (httpS)?
  8. lovetox yes tlvu
  9. lovetox TLS
  10. lovetox you have a orange fish symbol in your chatwindow
  11. lovetox when you click on it, you should see a fingerprint menu
  12. lovetox mimi89999: Debian package should be built now
  13. CyberM Hello, i'm looking for ways/URLs, where people with little knowledge can meet in a chat using a plain browser (i.e. with javashit and cookies). Chat doesn't need to be xmpp-based, but wouldn't be bad probably, either. Any suggestions?
  14. mimi89999 lovetox: Thanks.
  15. lovetox CyberM there are xmpp webclients
  16. lovetox like
  17. lovetox like
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