Gajim - 2017-06-01

  1. lovetox Interesting Marzanna, we should debug this if i have time
  2. lovetox gandogar: did you trust your own fingerprint
  3. lovetox from your other device?
  4. lovetox go to the fingerprint window and see under Own Devices
  5. lovetox Marzanna, first it would be good to find out what this policy of your server actually is
  6. lovetox how many unacked stanzas does your server allow?
  7. lovetox i suspect a problem in the xmpp lib of gajim, when we join 17 mucs at once it could be that the server sends us so much information that we dont have time to send a ack regulary.
  8. Marzanna I'll check at the server side later
  9. Netronix hi
  10. Netronix is there currently a way to get visual notification on new messages in a channel ?
  11. Netronix It's present for sound notifications, but not for visual notification as far as I know
  12. gandogar @lovetox: I have to check if I trust my own fingerprint.
  13. gandogar @lovetox: No I did not trust my own fingerprint of the other device. I will do that and try again. I can trust my fingerprint only on one of two devices now. On other device I have to trust this evening or next day.
  14. Netronix set the topic to Welcome to the official room of Gajim. Gajim 0.16.7 is now released! Try it! Language is English. If you have something to ask, just ask. Don't circle around with questions like "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?"... New bugs at New bugs about a plugin at Paste in shots in room logs in Spread Gajim! GSOC:
  15. Netronix_ set the topic to Welcome to the official room of Gajim. Gajim 0.16.7 is now released! Try it! Language is English. If you have something to ask, just ask. Don't circle around with questions like "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?".... New bugs at New bugs about a plugin at Paste in shots in room logs in Spread Gajim! GSOC:
  16. gandogar Hello, I am using gajim on Windows 7. Someone send a message with emoticons thumb-up and a smiley. But they were not displayed correct in gajim. Must I do any configurations for correct displaying emoticons?
  17. lovetox gandogar: you can try and install one of the emoticon packs
  18. lovetox with the plugin installer
  19. lovetox after installing you have to go to preference and choose a emoticons pack there in the generel section
  20. lovetox its not perfect and a little buggy, but it should make it better
  21. lovetox i hope i can fix it in one of the next versions
  22. gandogar @lovetox: ok, I will try.
  23. gandogar lovetox, I installed emoticon pack. Can you send a thumb up and a smiley, please?
  24. gandogar (Y) :-[
  25. lovetox πŸ‘
  26. lovetox Noto, or Tweemoji should work
  27. gandogar I installed noto now, can you send an emoticon again, please?
  28. lovetox πŸ‘πŸ»
  29. lovetox 😠
  30. lovetox can you not send one yourself?
  31. lovetox click the emoticons button
  32. gandogar =-O
  33. lovetox πŸ‘
  34. gandogar :-(
  35. gandogar I can see the sad emoticon you send and my own emoticons.
  36. lovetox you know what you are doing are string smilies they are not replaced with a icon
  37. gandogar I will try further with my friend. Thank you for now.
  38. lovetox yeah i hope i can make it better in one of the next version
  39. lovetox its not working perfectly
  40. gandogar Oh, I did not know before. My own string smilies are displayed as emoticons.
  41. lovetox did you select the emoticon pack under Perference -> generel -> Emoticons?
  42. lovetox have to go see you later :)
  43. gandogar no, in plugin-installer I choosed a pack to install, but I did not choose it in preferences. I will do now
  44. gandogar now I changed to Noto in preferences/generell
  45. lovetox yeah no click the emoticons button
  46. lovetox πŸ˜›
  47. gandogar πŸ˜ƒ now there are thousands of icons, when i klick on the smilie in left bottom corner
  48. gandogar it works! Thank you. I did only one of two steps to activate an other emoticon pack
  49. gandogar Now I did the second step and it works. 😍
  50. bot Philipp HΓΆrist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *f803b544* <> Rejoin MUCs unconditionally on SignedInEvent There is no reason that any Groupchat should be treated as already connected when we sign in.
  51. tlvu hi, new gajim user here
  52. tlvu hi
  53. tlvu not able to see what I sent ...
  54. lovetox can you describe the problem a bit better
  55. lovetox what gajim version are you using
  56. tlvu anyone see this? I do not see what I type
  57. tlvu oh I just see it now
  58. tlvu can I use omemo in group chat wiht gajim?
  59. lovetox yes
  60. tlvu it does not seems to work ..
  61. lovetox but you have to configure the room, so that anyone can see the full JID, not only moderators
  62. lovetox and you have to have all members of the groupchat also in your contact list
  63. tlvu okay I did that (I have 2 accounts)
  64. tlvu but when I type something, it do not echo back, as if it's not sent or something
  65. lovetox what gajim version are you using?
  66. tlvu 0.16.6
  67. lovetox can you upgrade? to 0.16.7?
  68. tlvu omemo 1.2.1
  69. tlvu I suppose I can upgrade, just have to re-build myself this docker image
  70. tlvu running inside that docker image
  71. tlvu 1-on-1 omemo works fine
  72. tlvu multi device works fine with omemo and 1-on-1 as well
  73. tlvu it's group chat that is not working
  74. lovetox you could start gajim with
  75. lovetox -l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  76. tlvu is multi device working with group chat in gajim?
  77. lovetox join the groupchat
  78. lovetox and send me the log output
  79. tlvu I do not see this group chat on my phone, using Conversations
  80. lovetox a groupchat is per se multidevice
  81. tlvu multi device I mean my same account is signed in on both my laptop right now and my phone
  82. tlvu with 1-on-1
  83. lovetox oh
  84. tlvu what ever I type on my laptop, I can see on my phone and vice-versa
  85. lovetox i never tried that actually
  86. tlvu I basically can start a conversation on one device and finish on another devices and both device have the full history
  87. tlvu the XEP is carbon copy I think or something like that
  88. lovetox yeah so maybe it would be good to test groupchat first between two different accounts
  89. lovetox and see if its working
  90. lovetox indeed it seems we only encrypt to other members of the chat, not ourself
  91. lovetox so the second device doesnt get the messages
  92. tlvu encrypt? you talking this gajim chat room?
  93. tlvu there's no encryption in this chat room ... I am confused
  94. lovetox no i meant in generell on encrypted mucs
  95. lovetox i can reproduce your problem
  96. lovetox a second joined resource of your own cant decrypt the messages
  97. tlvu I've created a public chat room
  98. tlvu it works beautifully with my other self, and another friend right now
  99. tlvu but no omemo (can not even enable it) and no carbon copy of the chat history to my phone
  100. lovetox did you set the chat to non-anonymous?
  101. tlvu is this expected that omemo can not be enabled and there's no carbon copy even if there's no encryption at all?
  102. tlvu I did set to non-anonymous yes
  103. lovetox tlvu, gajim is not responsible for copying messages to your other devices
  104. lovetox your server is respnisble for that
  105. Holger MUC messages are never carbon-copied though.
  106. Holger You receive MUC messages on multiple devices by joining the room from multiple devices.
  107. tlvu so the carbon copy XEP is only for 1-on-1 ?
  108. Holger Yes.
  109. tlvu ouch
  110. tlvu this is a pain ... for large teams
  111. Holger Huh?
  112. lovetox tlvu you misunderstanding us
  113. lovetox every device that is joined a muc gets all messages that are sent to the muc
  114. tlvu well let say a team of 10
  115. tlvu each member will have a phone, a desktop and probalby a home desktopo
  116. lovetox yeah every device should get all messages
  117. tlvu so each person will have to join 3 times manually :(
  118. lovetox but your server is responsible for that
  119. lovetox not the clients
  120. Holger tlvu: No.
  121. Holger tlvu: Usually the first client that joins "bookmarks" the room.
  122. Holger tlvu: This bookmark is a server-side thing.
  123. tlvu where as the carbon copy XEP for 1-on-1 means all the additional devices do not have to join manually
  124. Holger tlvu: And lets the other clients join the same list of rooms.
  125. tlvu yeah ... what's that bookmark thing, I saw gajim ask me that question, I just said yes
  126. tlvu sorry, newbies with XMPP here
  127. Holger It's basically just the list of your currently joined rooms, stored server-side.
  128. Holger Clients will usually query that list when logging in so they can join those rooms.
  129. Holger So usually[tm] you shouldn't have to join the room manually from multiple devices.
  130. lovetox on desktop this is maybe less a problem, but a smartphone is not often restarted
  131. lovetox so on a smartphone you probably want to join the room manually
  132. Holger It usually does re-login quite often though.
  133. Holger Due to the connection getting lost.
  134. lovetox hm ok so conversations querys this list regulary?
  135. Holger And if you join the room by invitation, chances are all devices are invited via carbons.
  136. Holger lovetox: Yes.
  137. Holger But yes, I said "usually" because the mechanism does have corner-case issues and isn't supported by all XMPP clients in the world.
  138. Holger But with Gajim + Conversations it should work in practice. Usually :-)
  139. tlvu anohter newbies question, it seems the chat server is different than the regular xmpp server?
  140. tlvu I am at
  141. tlvu but the chat server is
  142. tlvu and my room is at
  143. Holger Yes.
  144. tlvu so, does that means I can be on one server and use the chat room of another server?
  145. Holger Yes.
  146. Holger You're doing this right now.
  147. tlvu ah true !
  148. tlvu I also know not all XMPP servers are equal: they don't support the same list of XEP
  149. Holger True.
  150. tlvu so not all XMPP server support the same list of XEP
  151. Holger
  152. tlvu are all chat server the same or they can also have different XEP support?
  153. lovetox clients and server support different type of XEPs
  154. lovetox but to get back to your groupchat problem with omemo
  155. lovetox try to create the groupchat with conversations
  156. tlvu is there a page listing compliance like that but for chat server?
  157. lovetox then invite all other people into it
  158. lovetox Holger just posted you the list
  159. tlvu lovetox: good idea, will try
  160. tlvu yeah that list is for xmpp server I think not chat server as they are different
  161. lovetox i think you have a misconception
  162. lovetox there are xmpp servers, and xmpp clients
  163. lovetox there is not chat server, what ever that may be to you
  164. tlvu for me, is an xmpp server and is xmpp chat server
  165. tlvu is that non-sense?
  166. lovetox is a xmpp server
  167. lovetox and is the groupchat component hosted on the xmpp server
  168. lovetox so if you have JID like, you know its a groupchat hosted on the xmpp server
  169. tlvu is it possible to send a screen shot here?
  170. tlvu I created a chat room using Conversations and invite via Conversations ... omemo works :D
  171. tlvu trying to join from gajim and can not join :(
  172. tlvu this is very interesting, when gajim receive the invitation of the group chat created by Conversation, it can not join
  173. tlvu but I manually try to join and it worked !
  174. lovetox thats a bug we already fixed
  175. lovetox it should be gone in the next version
  176. tlvu and now OMEMO is working in that chat room :D
  177. tlvu so the key was that Conversations must be the one creating the chat room, else OMEMO do not work !
  178. tlvu and the one inviting all the participants too
  179. tlvu what's special with Conversations that gajim do not do?
  180. lovetox it also works with gajim, conversations just creates all rooms so they are omemo capable so that the user doesnt have to do anything more
  181. lovetox gajim creates public rooms that are no omemo capable from start
  182. lovetox conversations was developed with encrypted mucs in mind
  183. tlvu yeah, hands down the best mobile client
  184. lovetox gajim doesnt have a good user friendly UX for creating encrypted chats for now
  185. tlvu it's battery friendly too
  186. tlvu I was trying ... it sucks more battery on my phone
  187. tlvu but their group chat is easier to get started
  188. tlvu but I think I have all I need with group chat on XMPP
  189. tlvu thanks lovetox and Holger
  190. lovetox yeah definitly, encrypted groupchat right now is a bit of hack, but we will see a new groupchat XEP in the future that should make things better :)
  191. tlvu I just wish Conversations let me choose the URL for the chat room, right now it's generated ... and very hard to remember
  192. tlvu it's somethign like this now
  193. Holger tlvu: The idea is that you should never need it in practice because you either created the room or were invited to it.
  194. mimi89999 tlvu: If you choose join, you can create a MUC by entering a JID.
  195. tlvu with gajim I had to manually join by manually typing out that ugly chat room address
  196. Holger tlvu: But creating a room while you're online with another client is a corner-case which XMPP currently doesn't handle well. The olther client won't join that room before re-logging in.
  197. Holger tlvu: Yes, either that or re-login.
  198. Holger tlvu: Thankfully it's not like people create groups all day long :-)
  199. tlvu mimi89999β€Ž: create a MUC by entering a JID: Conversations did not give me this option
  200. tlvu gajim gave me that option but OMEMO is not setup properly so can not enable it
  201. Holger I agree this should be improved, but the fix isn't easy JIDs but proper invitation behavior.
  202. mimi89999 tlvu: Choose join
  203. Holger tlvu: What mimi meant is the "join an existing room" button. Conversation then asks you for a JID.
  204. Holger And if the room doesn't actually exists, it will be auto-created.
  205. tlvu oh! Nice that join non existing room so I choose a friendly address (JID ?)
  206. tlvu let me try this right now
  207. bot Philipp HΓΆrist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_0.16_ of _gajim_ <>: *d3437d61* <> Rejoin MUCs unconditionally on SignedInEvent There is no reason that any Groupchat should be treated as already connected when we sign in.
  208. tlvu Holger: mimi89999β€Ž: the join non-existing room to select JID in Conversations is working beautifully ... thanks a lot !
  209. tlvu is it normal that after I close and reopen gajim, I can not see past history in my omemo chat room?
  210. tlvu even past history that was sent by gajim itself !
  211. lovetox its not in the chatwindow
  212. lovetox you have to click the history button
  213. tlvu oh! thanks lovetox
  214. tlvu that behavior is different than 1-on-1 then
  215. lovetox go to preference -> advanced -> advanced config editor and set "muc_restore_timeout"
  216. lovetox and "muc_restore_lines" to -1
  217. lovetox otherwise gajim will not query for history when you join a new channel
  218. tlvu thanks lovetox
  219. andrey.g On not reliable WLAN connection gajim seems to be online but only once clicking on a MUC tab you can see no recent state changes from other members which means you're actually not anymore connected to all opened MUCs. Other people reported this misbehavior here. lovetox, "Rejoin MUCs unconditionally on SignedInEvent" is what we all were waiting for to fix this?