Gajim - 2017-05-31

  1. Marzanna Now MUCs in Gajim don't work even after reconnect :(
  2. Marzanna I noticed that Gajim starts to connect to server and few conferences, but disconnects then reconnects. When this happens it doesn't connect properly to those conferences.
  3. Marzanna Gajim started to receive logs from this conference but reconnect happened and everything stalled.
  4. lovetox Marzanna, yeah i noticed that too
  5. lovetox whole reconnecting to MUCs is buggy
  6. SaltyBones lovetox, that message popped up during startup and given that it is trying to access entry [0] I'd guess it s an empty list
  7. lovetox what message?
  8. SaltyBones ‎[19:23:00] ‎SaltyBones‎:", line 569, in _conv_textview_key_press_event keycode = entries[0].keycode IndexError: list index out of range
  9. SaltyBones sorry, I have lag ;)
  10. mrDoctorWho Found a weird thingy, gajim loses room participants with time
  11. lovetox that sounds weird :)
  12. mrDoctorWho how do I debug it?
  13. lovetox i dont think you have to, the problem is probably somewhere else
  14. lovetox probably you are not part of the muc anymore
  15. lovetox and are not notified about new joins
  16. mrDoctorWho I still receive messages
  17. mrDoctorWho and I do receive joins
  18. mrDoctorWho it's not about new joins, it's about disappearing (or not appearing?) of the participants that should be there as they never left the room
  19. lovetox why do you think they never left the room?
  20. mrDoctorWho well, I still get notified about joins and leaves
  21. lovetox the muc notifies us about when someone is leaving or joining
  22. lovetox thats pretty straight forward
  23. lovetox i dont think gajim deletes something out of the roster if it doesnt receive that message
  24. lovetox there is simply no reason i could think of
  25. lovetox you can record your xml stanzas
  26. Marzanna mrDoctorWho, I experience the same bug
  27. lovetox and if you think gajim lost a member
  28. lovetox you can go back and see if we did get a leave presence
  29. lovetox but as i said i dont think thats the issue here
  30. lovetox its probably a problem with reconnecting to a muc, or not properly reconnecting
  31. mrDoctorWho probably (I'm not sure) gajim didn't show all the participants at the moment I joined
  32. mrDoctorWho well, improper reconnecting is a whole another thing
  33. mrDoctorWho for some reason I was disconnected from my conferences
  34. mrDoctorWho If I was disconnected, Gajim just didn't rejoin those rooms
  35. lovetox yeah thats a know bug
  36. mrDoctorWho that's great, hope it will be fixed soon
  37. lovetox are you using gajim on a laptop?
  38. mrDoctorWho yes
  39. mrDoctorWho but it's constantly connected to the internet
  40. mrDoctorWho so I dunno why I was disconnected
  41. lovetox so you always fully power down your laptop?
  42. lovetox never sleep?
  43. mrDoctorWho it's more like I rarely power it down at all, and yes, never sleep
  44. lovetox then i dont understand how you run into that problem
  45. lovetox i use gajim for years on my desktop, and never had any of these muc reconnecting problems
  46. lovetox simply because there is never a reason to reconnect to a muc
  47. mrDoctorWho this is a question that buzzes me too
  48. lovetox but i think i found the biggest problem with reconnecting
  49. lovetox so i try to fix it in the coming days
  50. mrDoctorWho great
  51. Marzanna test
  52. lovetox Marzanna, can you describe to me when this gc rejoin stuff happens to you
  53. lovetox like what do you do, are you putting your computer to sleep?
  54. lovetox or lose network connection?
  55. Marzanna lovetox, I suppose it was high memory consumption on my server. I rebooted it and it works well so far
  56. lovetox so you have generelly no problems with reconnecting to mucs?
  57. lovetox i need someone to test a patch ive made, but i need someone that experience these problems regulary
  58. Marzanna Right now I don't see any problems with reconnecting in Gajim
  59. lovetox i think i solved this :)
  60. Marzanna lovetox, looks like that bug is still here
  61. Marzanna I launched Gajim. It started to connect. Then disconnected and connected again leaving MUCs in stalled state
  62. lovetox yeah i hope my patch will solve this problem too
  63. Marzanna lovetox, can I test it?
  64. lovetox gajim version?
  65. Marzanna lovetox, 0.16.7
  66. gandogar Hello, I do not get an overall chat-history when using gajim (with omemo-plugin) with the same jabber-id on two different devices (a linux notebook and a windows pc). I chat only with one friend who i using an android smartphone. On every of my two devices I see only chat-history of chats done on that device, but not a overall chat-history for my jabber-id. Which requirements must be fullfilled to get an overall-history?
  67. Marzanna Hm… When Gajim connects status goes from "Online" to "Has errors" and I see a message 31.05.2017 23:23:47 (W) nbxmpp.dispatcher_nb Unknown stanza: error
  68. Marzanna What does it mean?
  69. Marzanna In server log: Stream closed by us: Too many unacked stanzas (policy-violation)
  70. Marzanna I lowered number of MUCs to auto connect and I don't have this error anymore!
  71. Marzanna I have 17 conferences. But Gajim can handle only around 14 on connection.