Gajim - 2017-05-29

  1. Steffen hey folks, i changed from pidgin to gajim. i like it. is it possible to support that project with a little bitcoin amount? can't find any donation info at
  2. lovetox hey Steffen, right now only paypal
  3. lovetox
  4. Steffen thanks for the answer
  5. RonUL_ how many characters can I use in password to use xmpp account with gajim
  6. lovetox RonUL_, i dont think Gajim sets a limit on that
  7. lovetox but it uses your systems keystore
  8. lovetox so that maybe has a limit
  9. lovetox also think about ridicoulous long passwords, everything > 16 will make your account not more secure
  10. lovetox there is although a bug, that if you put in a new password into the account window
  11. RonUL_ lovetox: my "long" passwords works with other xmpp clients i.e. pidgin
  12. lovetox you have to restart gajim, so gajim uses it
  13. RonUL_ but with gajim not
  14. RonUL_ I had to change passwords
  15. lovetox how long is your password?
  16. RonUL_ now below 20 characters
  17. lovetox does that mean 21 didnt work?
  18. lovetox i try to get a bug report from you
  19. RonUL_ wait a moment
  20. lovetox not what is working :)
  21. RonUL_ password with 20 works but i.e with 30 not
  22. lovetox k i will test that
  23. lovetox on what system are you?
  24. RonUL_ debian
  25. lovetox hm on windows i just used a 37 password with
  26. lovetox works just fine
  27. lovetox so its not a limit on gajim, but i will test with debian
  28. lovetox are you sure you restartet gajim inbetween?
  29. lovetox to work around the current bug
  30. RonUL_ lovetox, give me a second
  31. lovetox go to accounts
  32. lovetox uncheck "save password"
  33. lovetox thjen restart gajim
  34. lovetox so that on every error you get the prompt from the password
  35. RonUL_ lovetox, :O now it works, maybe mea culpa :(
  36. RonUL_ lovetox,
  37. lovetox thanks
  38. lovetox yeah i see that i fix that bug
  39. lovetox people change their password, then they go to account window and change it there and rightfully suspect that gajim saves it
  40. lovetox but it doesnt
  41. RonUL_ lovetox, OK, thank you!
  42. SaltyBones", line 569, in _conv_textview_key_press_event keycode = entries[0].keycode IndexError: list index out of range
  43. lovetox can you reproduce it? try to find out what key does trigger that
  44. Darlan lovetox, please visit