Gajim - 2017-05-28

  1. contrapunctus ping
  2. uc Pong
  3. contrapunctus yay :)
  4. lovetox
  5. lovetox pep, better?
  6. librejoker Hi everyone. Is there a possibility to send files omemo encrypted other than http_upload? Sometimes file size exceeds the servers limit, so I'm looking for another way. In that case with Conversations I can send files directly to a client. Does Gajim also got this option?
  7. lovetox no
  8. librejoker ok thanks
  9. RonUL_ Hi, how can I make single window for all chats?
  10. lovetox preference -> general options
  11. RonUL_ indeed
  12. pep. lovetox: for the avatars, where do they usually go, on the members list?
  13. lovetox behind the name
  14. lovetox we could do it in front, but how to indicate status then
  15. pep. I like the way movim does it, with small colored dots on top of the avatar
  16. pep. Have a look if you can
  17. pep. But maybe it won't fit gajim
  18. lovetox yeah i have a look until i finish the textbox
  19. pep. Regarding the space, this one is definitely better than the previous one I think
  20. lovetox would you agree that putting avatars into the textbox is not good?
  21. pep. Maybe in small before the nick if people really want them
  22. lovetox i dont like it for groupchats, takes much space and coloring the name works the same
  23. lovetox you only need the avatar to better see who is writing
  24. lovetox i think
  25. lovetox but if a nick is always colored in the same way that fullfills the same purpose
  26. pep. Well you do want to see who is writing, or did you mean chatstates?
  27. pep. But nick is enough for me
  28. lovetox no i mean if you have many people talking in a chatroom, its hard if i dont color the nicknames
  29. lovetox you would always have to read the nickname carefully
  30. lovetox if i color it differently you can much easier know who is writing
  31. pep. Yep indeed
  32. pep. You'd put the same color in the nick list?
  33. pep. I don't usually have any nicklist open but it might be useful
  34. lovetox hm dont know yet, lets see, i actually dont do this only for the optics, i have to rework this to give us more possiblities what we can do in the future in the chatwindow
  35. mimi89999 Any success with the Debian package?
  36. lovetox no asterix had no time sorry
  37. lovetox i ping you once its done
  38. lovetox Link Mauve, GTK using CSS is beautiful
  39. lovetox i just now realize the potential
  40. mimi89999 OK. Thank you lovetox‎