Gajim - 2017-05-27

  1. pep. lovetox, just saw the image above, is it really what you're aiming for in gajim? :/
  2. pep. Why do you want to waste that much space
  3. lovetox i asked for opinions
  4. lovetox where do you think is space wasted?
  5. pep. <nick><newline><tab><message>
  6. lovetox yeah the space between boarder and message can be smaller
  7. pep. And the newline is useless I think
  8. pep. And there's another tab after between the time and the message :/
  9. lovetox you want no space between time and message Oo
  10. lovetox like this 13:28Hallo
  11. pep. no I mean,
  12. pep. 12:34 foo bar meh
  13. lovetox ah you mean the next line should start where the time starts?
  14. pep. well actually I'm not sure why you want to change it :p
  15. lovetox because a textfield like it is now is very limited
  16. lovetox it can only display text really good
  17. lovetox but for example you want to know what messages are encrypted and which not
  18. lovetox and what message are read and which not
  19. lovetox to insert icons into text is not a trivial matter, to remove them when something changes also
  20. lovetox last but not least, people want pictures inline, and buttons to interact maybe with a file transfer
  21. lovetox stuff like that, i can put all kind of stuff into a textfield, but its very hard to format it,
  22. lovetox of course i could just do the same like now with the new approach
  23. lovetox which it nearly is, the only difference is the nickname
  24. lovetox in the new line
  25. lovetox thats my try for a nickname merging, to save space
  26. lovetox avatars in chat was also a request
  27. lovetox this costs again much space
  28. lovetox hm but i work on it :)