Gajim - 2017-05-22

  1. CyberM Emoticon packs - how do they work? Picked some additional ones, but they don't show below. How to display and pick from them?
  2. CyberM Case-ignorant with names - why is Gajim?
  3. Marzanna CyberM, have you selected emoticon pack in "Preferences"?
  4. CyberM yes, now ;)
  5. Marzanna CyberM, so does emiticon button show correct smile pack?
  6. CyberM yes it does
  7. CyberM i had dreamt all of them would be stacked there :(
  8. mdosch CyberM: that would be great
  9. CyberM trollicons fail to work :)
  10. CyberM nah, :(
  11. lovetox CyberM‎: Case-ignorant with names - why is Gajim?
  12. lovetox what names?
  13. CyberM User- and contactnames
  14. CyberM thje reason why alsmot everyones name here is in lowercase
  15. Link Mauve CyberM, nicks in rooms are case sensitive.
  16. Link Mauve You can have someone and Someone in the same room just fine.
  17. CyberM Thats great
  18. CyberM But when handling the keyboard input, most cases get ignored.
  19. CyberM My guess is, that the lowercase majority partly is not because people want theri name that way, but becasue they dont know how, or dont want to, fix it.
  20. CyberM Its sort of unusual.
  21. CyberM and btw, using lowercase only is a way of optical communism...
  22. CyberM btw-propaganda for a system i cant approve.
  23. CyberM its like painting pictures in one color only
  24. CyberM blood-red
  25. lovetox im to lazy to press the shift key when i chose my nickname
  26. lovetox what does Gajim have to do with that?
  27. CyberM i dont know? its the way it handles cases, whyever its that way.
  28. lovetox what, gajim doesnt "handle" cases
  29. lovetox it take what you put with your keyboard into
  30. lovetox thats like saying microsoft word handles cases wrong
  31. Link Mauve CyberM, oh, should I change my nick to a glorious communist lowercase version?
  32. Link Mauve Why is lowercase more communist than uppercase, btw?
  33. Link Mauve I also tend to write my sentences starting with an uppercase, should I go for a more egalitarist society and drop that?
  34. mathieui Happy to be part of the glorious lowercase communist master race
  35. lovetox :D
  36. Link Mauve Found two bugs in both Gajim and Prosody. \o/
  37. CyberM Yes, happy to be a moron.
  38. Link Mauve Thanks xbright.
  39. CyberM mathieui
  40. Link Mauve Making my parser strict was definitely a good idea. :)
  41. lovetox i have no prices to hand out to you Link Mauve
  42. Link Mauve lovetox, I’d fix it myself but I’m at work right now.
  43. CyberM Link Mauve, it's obvious it's about DiFferEnceS
  44. CyberM you cant see differences if all is made into one mold
  45. lovetox So Gajim should took your Nickname and run it through a random upper-lower case generator, so any nick is different :)
  46. Link Mauve Yeah, I’d really like to be allowed to be a bit more different than the uniformisation capitalism decided upon me.
  47. CyberM Link Mauve, if you had studied that a tad deeper, you would have realised that it's not capitalism you are referring to, but debitism, teh debt-based system of fiat money.
  48. CyberM tha capitalism shallow criticism is for envious morons.
  49. CyberM the
  50. Link Mauve Actually I have no debt right now.
  51. Link Mauve (And first time I hear that word.)
  52. CyberM Your paper money is debt certificates.
  53. CyberM Every and each of them.
  54. Darlan It's the Juice. Everything is a conspiracy! xD
  55. CyberM Like dumbness. taht one is, too.
  56. Link Mauve Oh right, I should get some BTC instead, that’s a more secure value.
  57. Darlan It is people who are participating in this system and do not even speak about this problem. The more people to talk about such issues, the bigger chances we are out of this system.
  58. CyberM that's far better :)
  59. Holger Not sure I got it right now. Do we need to use all-lowercase to get out of the system?
  60. Holger Or vice-versa?
  61. lovetox 😆
  62. mdosch Btc conversion rate is high now probably due to the big demand caused by the recent ransomware increase.
  63. CyberM do they demand bitcoins?
  64. mdosch CyberM: usually, yes
  65. lovetox of course they dont want to contribute to the debt system
  66. mdosch What else?
  67. CyberM they dont want to be found, thats all.
  68. mathieui i guess i should speak in red too
  69. Link Mauve Oh right, let me change my white plugin to a Communist one!
  70. Holger You're all communists anyway.
  71. Holger
  72. Link Mauve Of course, I wouldn’t write programs otherwise. :p
  73. mdosch Hmm, Open Source is considered communism, Obamas attempt to introduce health insurance was called communism... Damn, give me hammer and sickle...
  74. mdosch lovetox, i think i saw a wiki page once with guidelines how to report bugs/feature requests but I can't find it right now
  75. mdosch Can you please provide me a link?
  76. lovetox i dont think it exists anymore
  77. lovetox just describe the issue, and mention the version of gajim and the OS you use
  78. mdosch alright, current master is enough? Or how do i get the id?
  79. mdosch btw, i don't appreciate it to have to allow google scripts for registration *sigh*
  80. mdosch Seems like your site also doesn't like my password, but the error message is not really helpful: "Minimum length is characters."
  81. mdosch Is my password too short, too long or am I only allowed to use characters?
  82. CyberM >‎[18:24:16] ‎Holger‎: no real logic in that satire.
  83. Holger It's hard to monetize open source software.
  84. mdosch lovetox, i tried short and long passwords, i tried not using special characters and numbers... nothing works...
  85. mdosch maybe the registration is broken in general?
  86. mdosch Holger, hmm that's not fully true. There are only a few examples for earning money with OSS but there are a lot of people making money by using OSS. I read an interview with an Siemens guy and he said they rather use Linux/OSS-libraries and commit improvements/bugfixes for their embedded SW than writing it all by their own as they couldn't compete with the market if they wanted to write everything by their own
  87. Holger Sure. That's different from monetizing the software directly.
  88. mdosch That's what I said. At least I wanted to. Maybe I didn't make it clear...
  89. mdosch anyone here managed to sign up to gajims bug tracker who could tell me what secret password guidelines they have? I'm about giving up...
  90. mdosch I'll give a last try by using my "dirty browser"
  91. lovetox mdosch where do you register?
  92. lovetox we have daily spambots registering, so i dont think its broken
  93. lovetox and you dont have to use google
  94. lovetox its just an option that you can choose
  95. mdosch
  96. lovetox Minimum length is 8 characters
  97. mdosch hmm, my password is 14 characters...
  98. lovetox and do you get the spam verification?
  99. mdosch yep i have to choose cars :-/
  100. lovetox i just registered works as expected
  101. mdosch haha, I found it
  102. mdosch I typed in a very short name, when i was told "Minimum length is characters." i thought it is about the password as the name field was not highlighted...
  103. mdosch damn, i saw after uploading i didn't pixel all participants here... But shouldn't be a problem in a public muc?
  104. lovetox i dont think so
  105. lovetox btw i think a work around for your problem is
  106. lovetox to bookmark the channels
  107. lovetox in the bookmark menu you can give the channels a name
  108. mdosch hmm, your bugtracker uses markdown, nice :)
  109. mdosch lovetox, ah ok I wasn't aware of this. But like you say: It's a workaround. I think the width should be adjustable.
  110. lovetox yes :)
  111. mdosch Looks like I am the only one using the tabs like this :-/
  112. mdosch But with this stupid 16:9 trend the last years it's better to use the screens width than the height...
  113. mdosch or is it already the last decade(s)?
  114. mdosch btw whos fault is it I'm not able to see avatars in gajim that are set in conversations?
  115. mdosch btw who's fault is it I'm not able to see avatars in gajim that are set in conversations?
  116. Link Mauve mdosch, Conversations using a format no one else understands.
  117. mdosch Ok, thx.. Do you know why?
  118. Link Mauve Because it’s slightly more efficient than JPEG.
  119. Link Mauve Feel free to report an issue against Conversations.
  120. mdosch Hmm, should my attitude be all others should adapt this for slightly more effeciency or should I blame them for not using the common practice?
  121. Holger Gajim doesn't support PEP avatars does it?
  122. mdosch Hard, sometimes it's good to not follow the common the practice to push improvements but as you point out it's only a slight improvement I tend to the latter...
  123. mdosch Hard, sometimes it's good to not to follow the common the practice to push improvements but as you point out it's only a slight improvement I tend to the latter...
  124. mdosch Hard, sometimes it's good to not to follow the common practice to push improvements but as you point out it's only a slight improvement I tend to the latter...
  125. Holger Regarding the format, I'd be all for compatibility *if* the efficiency gain is not significant. But if it is, it might help avoiding the relatively strict stanza size thresholds configured for many servers ("WTF why does the server reject my avatar?!").
  126. Link Mauve Holger, I remember getting my connection stalled by a 1 MiB avatar someone uploaded. ^^'
  127. lovetox i think newest gtk supports webp
  128. lovetox Link Mauve, when i do a "make install"
  129. lovetox is it like when apt-get would install it
  130. lovetox like the same location like the package manager would install it?
  131. lovetox can i uninstall such a application with the package manager?
  132. Link Mauve Generally no, the default location is /usr/local, exactly to avoid conflicting with a package manager.
  133. Link Mauve If you want to uninstall the best way is to nuke /usr/local, the second best way is make uninstall.
  134. Link Mauve But you really should switch to setuptools instead of autotools in Gajim, that would make it way better integrated into the Python ecosystem.
  135. lovetox probably, but for now i just try to get the build running again
  136. lovetox thanks
  137. andrey.g WebP doesn't depend on a particular GTK itself, since it is an image format and for this purpose there is gdk-pixbuf. I was pretty sure it supports webp already, but not. It seems there is only code available for those wanting to compile it themselves.
  138. mdosch lovetox, i think the two issues i reported recently are *not so bad* documented right now. Feel free to ask me if you need me to do some testing as afair you are on windows and I don't know if Gajim behaves different there.
  139. lovetox no its clear from your description and i can reproduce thanks
  140. lovetox andrey.g, the other option is pillow
  141. lovetox which gajim is not dependend on but its used already by gajim for other stuff when available
  142. andrey.g lovetox, indeed, on Debian gajim-httpupload and gajim-urlimagepreview packages depend on python-pil, which depends on libwebp.
  143. mdosch andrey.g, I never used this packages. When I installed gajim via apt then I used the gajim internal plugin management to get the recent versions for compatibility
  144. mdosch But this is more a Debian attitude/policy than an gajim issue
  145. mdosch But I think the reason for putting stuff in plugins rather than into the core was also influenced by the thought to provide compatibility with conservative update policy of distributions so installing the plugins out of their repos is contradicting the purpose.
  146. mdosch But that's in no way an official statement, that's just my personal thoughts
  147. lovetox infact mdosch this plugins have a purpose in the debian repos
  148. lovetox you are right about the update policy
  149. lovetox but what gajim cant do with the plugin installer is providing dependencys
  150. lovetox which httpupload, and omemo need
  151. lovetox so even if you install a outdated omemo plugin via the debian repo, its still the prefered way
  152. lovetox because it installs you the correct dependencys
  153. lovetox after you start gajim you get a update notice and can upgrade without problems
  154. lovetox especially with omemo in the beginning all i did was telling people how to install and get the dependencys working
  155. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *c6c1db04* <> Switch to Automake 1.9 *b1b5a134* <> Update
  156. mdosch ah ok, I see.
  157. Samuel lovetox: I have a question about dependencys of plugins. In linux you can install them with the package manager but what happens in Windows?
  158. Samuel lovetox: are dependencys included in the plugin?
  159. lovetox no
  160. lovetox all dependencys that any plugin could need
  161. lovetox is already shipped with gajim
  162. Samuel Ok
  163. Samuel Thanks