Gajim - 2017-05-21

  1. mdosch Are there no more nightly builds for debian?
  2. lovetox the nightly build is still broken .. asterix seems to have no time to fix it, i write him another email
  3. mdosch ah ok
  4. mdosch I tried checking out gajim-nightly from git but it doesn't connect
  5. lovetox what do you mean checking it out from git? you just have to clone the repo and execute ./
  6. mdosch btw, if I put the tabs (one window mode) to the left, so it's from left to right contacts, tabs, chat window, muc participants, I'm not able to adjust the tabs width
  7. mdosch that's what I did. but after 5 min of connecting I stopped
  8. mdosch I didn't see any useful output in the terminal, but I'll try later
  9. lovetox what do you mean, you couldnt clone the repo, or gajim didnt connect
  10. mdosch gajim didn't connect
  11. lovetox did you checkout some branch?
  12. mdosch yeah, gajim-nightly
  13. mdosch as i assumed gajim would be the latest release
  14. lovetox there is no gajim-nightly branch
  15. mdosch huh, I wonder what i pulled then? :D
  16. lovetox git clone
  17. lovetox and then ./
  18. lovetox the correct branch is : master
  19. mdosch Ah, I made a mistake. forget about nightly. I checked out the common repo
  20. lovetox so you can do a "git checkout master" to be sure
  21. lovetox beware if you use this branch, you have to use also nightly-nbxmpp
  22. lovetox and also you have to upgrade omemo and httpupload plugin immediatly after start
  23. mdosch Ok, I'll give it a try
  24. CyberM lovetox, as you put it, standard file transfer is totally unusable gajim-gajim both windows?
  25. lovetox at least it doesnt work for me, maybe there are some condition it works, i didnt have time to look into it
  26. lovetox i know people who use it on linux
  27. CyberM and if it was pidgin used?
  28. mdosch
  29. mdosch lovetox, that's the terminal output with current master. it seems not able to connect
  30. lovetox yeah
  31. lovetox you have to use nightly nbxmpp
  32. lovetox or git clone it and do "python install"
  33. mdosch Ah, I have python-nbxmpp-nightly installed but I need python3-nbxmpp-nightly :)
  34. mdosch Ok gajim is starting now. But how do I get to the plugin installer to upgrade the plugins? It seem it's gone.
  35. mdosch 21.05.2017 11:14:29 (W) gajim.plugin_system Plugin plugin_installer not loaded, plugin incompatible with current version of gajim: > 0.16.9
  36. lovetox mom
  37. lovetox
  38. lovetox extract this to your plugin folder
  39. lovetox and delete all other plugins from there
  40. lovetox they are all incompatibel
  41. mdosch thx
  42. mdosch (W) gajim.plugin_system.plugin_installer Plugin is missing mandatory fields in manifest.ini. Plugin not loaded.
  43. mdosch :-/
  44. lovetox ignore that
  45. mdosch But how to install plugins with not loaded plugin installer
  46. mdosch But how to install plugins with not loaded plugin installer?
  47. lovetox that message is not about the plugin installer
  48. lovetox is it not available after you extracted it?
  49. lovetox it is, because that message is from the plugin installer
  50. mdosch lovetox, ah it's in a different place. It's hidden now in the gnome shell bar like for gnome tools :D
  51. lovetox what Oo can you make a screenshot
  52. mdosch will do
  53. lovetox for omemo to work you probably need some dependencys for python3
  54. lovetox python3-cryptography, python3-axolotl
  55. lovetox im back in 20 minutes
  56. mdosch Hmm, why did the link disappear?
  57. lovetox oh yeah
  58. lovetox thats intended, the menus are now different to stable
  59. mdosch yeah, but I wasn't searching there as gajim never made use of this. So it took me some time to figure this out :D
  60. lovetox you posted it to the conversation channel ^^
  61. mdosch o.O
  62. mdosch I should have a break
  63. lovetox from now on to update gajim, you just have to do "git pull"
  64. mdosch yeah, thx
  65. mdosch > ‎[10:54:36] ‎mdosch‎: btw, if I put the tabs (one window mode) to the left, so it's from left to right contacts, tabs, chat window, muc participants, I'm not able to adjust the tabs width Anyone else having this setup? Is there any way to adjust the tabs width? Especially for mucs it's a problem as i can sometimes only read "Join the..." and don't know what room this actually is before opening
  66. 5gf How to make http filetransfers default?
  67. 5gf The default offers to transfer files the other way, and I want references.
  68. lovetox you cant 5gf
  69. lovetox mdosch i dont think thats possible right now
  70. lovetox but if you add a issue to, maybe if i have time i think about it
  71. lovetox maybe with a screenshot to illustrate the issue
  72. lovetox for example with your last screenshot i see the tab says "gajim"
  73. lovetox nothing about "join the..
  74. Samuel Snapshots installers (Windows) includes everything you need to run gajim?
  75. lovetox Samuel, yes
  76. lovetox I recommend Portable installer :)
  77. Link Mauve louiz’, I think I found the issue with file transfer, you never sent an <activate/> query to the proxy selected by your contact, and you never inform your contact with an <activated/>.
  78. Link Mauve lovetox, *
  79. lovetox hm ok i try to remember that when i look into it
  80. Link Mauve Do you want me to open a bug?
  81. lovetox if you have time that would be appreciated
  82. Link Mauve Done.
  83. lovetox thanks