Gajim - 2017-05-20

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  2. treaki lovetox‎: Gajim 0.16.7 Ein Jabber/XMPP-Client in GTK+ GTK+-Version: 2.24.25 PyGTK-Version 2.24.0
  3. CyberM Hello, i need some help on gajim data transfers. Transfer window opens, but transfer does not start when accepted.
  4. mdosch For me it takes a long time for the transfer to start with proxy transfer. Maybe you just need a little bit more patience. Also I had to add my own servers proxy in gajims advanced settings as otherwise it used my local ip to offer the file what couldn't work (remember lovetox?) But I'm only using http upload nowadays.
  5. CyberM well, how to set gajim to http transfer?
  6. mdosch It's a plugin
  7. mdosch But your server must support it
  8. CyberM trying, but no succes yet. does one have to kill old transfer attempts first?
  9. CyberM and do filenames wit hspaces work?
  10. mdosch
  11. lovetox CyberM, if normal filetransfer doesnt work, use the httpupload plugin, normal file transfer is buggy
  12. lovetox also it has the benefit that you can transfer files even when people are offline
  13. mdosch It seems to work with spaces in conversations so i think gajim will do as well
  14. lovetox SaltyBones, on which OS do you get this?
  15. CyberM i put a file just now, didnt know httpupload gets extrabutton
  16. CyberM waiting for recipient to get it
  17. mdosch Is the recipient using gajim as well? probably he needs to also install the plugin
  18. lovetox no mdosch
  19. CyberM transfer succeded
  20. CyberM yes its both gajim
  21. mdosch lovetox: thx for clarification
  22. lovetox httpupload means you upload the file to your server
  23. lovetox you dont need no one for that to work
  24. lovetox and to open a http url on the other side, you just need a browser
  25. mdosch lovetox: i know but i know there are clients just showing a non clickable url like chatsecure....
  26. lovetox CyberM, also mind, that drag & drop into the chatwindow will not use httpupload
  27. mdosch So i thought the receiving client needs support as well
  28. lovetox mdosch, yeah support to show a clickable url, but that would have to do nothing with httpupload in general, as a httpupload url is not different from any other url
  29. mdosch lovetox: i think if activated http upload should be default. It gives less headache and i wouldn't activate it if i don't want to use it
  30. lovetox yeah im working on it :)
  31. mdosch Great :)
  32. lovetox treaki, i can not reproduce your error, does it happen on every fileupload?
  33. lovetox are you sure you use httpupload plugin version 0.4.5
  34. mdosch lovetox: yeah, as far as i could see chatsecure is not doing a good job at all. My cousin uses it and even push doesn't work. so he is not notified of new messages what turns a messanger useless
  35. lovetox yeah generelly xmpp is in a bad state on iOS
  36. mdosch I wouldn't use it even if i get an iDevice for free...
  37. SaltyBones Lovetox, linux
  38. lovetox and in all the time it never happend?
  39. lovetox what key did you press?
  40. CyberM do files get tempsaved on server?
  41. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *9827c63f* <> Clone correct project for windows build
  42. lovetox CyberM, they get as long saved as your server administrator wants
  43. lovetox if you use omemo, the file is encrypted though
  44. CyberM what woul be the average saving time on server and file size maximum?
  45. lovetox i dont know, and also i dont know why this would matter for you
  46. lovetox the only thing that matters is what your server has for a file size maximum and time
  47. lovetox not what the average is on other servers
  48. lovetox and that information you get if you ask your serveradmin
  49. lovetox
  50. lovetox a quick look here reveals, that files are deleted after 7days
  51. lovetox and i guess the filesize maximum you will learn about the hard way, when it fails to upload :)
  52. CyberM maybe that stump way is teh way to find out
  53. CyberM is it server-depending wether a muc can be set to using omemo?
  54. lovetox no
  55. lovetox but you have to be the admin of the room of course to change the settings
  56. CyberM well, i opened one for testing but it says 'omemo disabled' and encryption is greyed out. I have succeeded using omeo, though, on a private chat.
  57. lovetox you have to make it non-anonymous
  58. CyberM waht does that mean, public listed?
  59. CyberM no success yet
  60. lovetox2 CyberM means you have to set the option that all members can see the JId
  61. lovetox2 instead of "only moderators"
  62. CyberM ok, reealing JID, leaving, and reentering starts omemofish
  63. CyberM revealing
  64. CyberM is this the reason why this room, for example, is nonencrypted? Or is it some reliabilityissue?
  65. CyberM and btw., if one wants to transfer a file of, lets say, 10+ mb, httptransfer can't handle it one every server. So is there a summary of how to use the buggy direct transfer?
  66. lovetox CyberM, yes the reason is this is a room where not everybody can see your JID
  67. lovetox and also it doesnt make much sense to encrypt a public chatroom, as not everyone can use OMEMO encryption, and this is a support channel
  68. lovetox on what OS are you using Gajim?
  69. CyberM lovetox, Windows gajim it is
  70. lovetox then you can only use httpupload at the moment