Gajim - 2017-05-18

  1. contrapunctus If I whisper to someone from Conversations, the message shows up in Gajim, but the message is shown as being sent from the receiver, instead of from me.
  2. contrapunctus e.g. I whisper "ping" to Alice from Conversations. In Gajim it will show up as "[timestamp] Alice: ping"
  3. contrapunctus This is v0.16.6 though, maybe it's fixed in newer releases?
  4. mdom Hi, i try to join a group chat via Actions -> Join Group Chat -> Browse Rooms. Our rooms are listed but if i select one and press join, nothing happens
  5. mdom The axactly same dialoge works if i reach it via Discover Services -> Browse confernce
  6. mdom Argl, no wait, that seems to be my window manager, in the former case the join window is opened behind the room list, in the latter in front of it
  7. lovetox contrapunctus, this is fixed in current HEAD
  8. contrapunctus I really really need to install from source :)
  9. lovetox or use nightly
  10. lovetox if you are on debian
  11. lovetox but the nightly build is also broken currently ^^
  12. CyberM what's the memory footprint of your gajim client currently?
  13. CyberM i got 240 mb, and had 500mb yesterday.
  14. lovetox have it running since 2 days and have 160 mb
  15. lovetox what version are you using?
  16. Link Mauve Just started it, already using 108 MiB. :x
  17. Link Mauve On master.
  18. lovetox and is that much?
  19. Link Mauve I think so, yeah.
  20. lovetox i dont think so, my dropbox uses 120 and its not used
  21. lovetox a single tab of facebook in chrome use 180
  22. lovetox with what are you comparing? with a console client like poezio?
  23. Link Mauve For example, although poezio is already using a lot of memory. :x
  24. Link Mauve It’s using 104 MiB after less than a month. :/
  25. Link Mauve That’s mostly due to Python, I guess.
  26. lovetox i wouldnt know how to reduce the memory footprint, python has automatic garbage collection, and i cant do anything about gtk leaks
  27. lovetox also its dependend on the platform, gtk might leak on one, and dont on another
  28. lovetox 500 mb is extrem
  29. lovetox but everything under 200 i consider not worth investigating
  30. Link Mauve I wouldn’t assume it’s a GTK+ issue, tbh.
  31. Link Mauve lovetox, my previous computer had less memory than that. ^^'
  32. lovetox of course the chance is very high its a gtk issue
  33. Link Mauve Why?
  34. Link Mauve I’d say keeping a reference to something you don’t need anymore is way more likely.
  35. lovetox because its low level and there are a million mistakes you can do that would leak memory
  36. lovetox python is noob friendly and has multiple mechanisms to prevent that
  37. Link Mauve Haha.
  38. Link Mauve You got your priorities reversed. ^^'
  39. Link Mauve GLib has the same smart pointers as C++, for the most part.
  40. lovetox then browse the bugs tracker, and you will find mutilple issues about leaks on various platforms
  41. Link Mauve Sure, it’s very hard to design a program that doesn’t leak.
  42. Link Mauve But I wouldn’t be so quick at waiving the fault to someone else.
  43. lovetox that was not my intention, of course i found here and there stuff in gajim that could cause a leak
  44. lovetox is there a way to analyse that with python?
  45. lovetox like with profiling?
  46. lovetox i started quodlibet, which is also pyhton/gtk3
  47. lovetox and at start it has 60 mb
  48. lovetox and its a single window app
  49. lovetox so on windows after two days my gajim has 160
  50. lovetox ok haha i just found a leak
  51. lovetox seems if i close a window in gajim its not freed
  52. lovetox if close and open windows 10 times
  53. lovetox my memory goes up and upo
  54. lovetox does not happen when i run in single window mode
  55. SouL nice find
  56. SouL xD
  57. contrapunctus how do you count? "virt" column in htop? 209M here.
  58. contrapunctus (running for close to 12 hours)
  59. Link Mauve contrapunctus, mostly RES.
  60. Link Mauve VIRT at 940 MiB here.
  61. Link Mauve But that’s only what’s mapped in the process.
  62. contrapunctus RES is 67084
  63. lovetox it seems that problem exists with all windows ^^
  64. lovetox solution is, if you want a low memory footprint with gajim, just dont open windows
  65. Link Mauve lovetox, do you keep a reference to them?
  66. Link Mauve You can use the gc module to get some information about that.
  67. Link Mauve gc.get_referrers() for example.
  68. Link Mauve get_objects() too.
  69. lovetox yes i found that
  70. lovetox but i concentrate on simple things, actually even the about window leaks
  71. lovetox and im pretty sure we dont keep a reference to it
  72. lovetox so i try to reproduce this outside of gajim for now
  73. lovetox hm no about dialog works
  74. lovetox but the chatwindow definitly leaks
  75. contrapunctus let's rewrite Gajim using Tk
  76. lovetox i dont think its a gtk issue here :)
  77. contrapunctus (#emacs meme - "let's $execute_ridiculous_idea")
  78. lovetox =)
  79. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *148655c5* <> Terminate esession only if it was active before This is a regression from !96 *a73f0273* <> Remove frozen logging on windows Because of the new build process this has become obsolete we can now log on windows with a simple ´Gajim.exe > log.txt 2>&1´ *33354823* <> Add 'encryption' config options group We have to save the value per account and contact, because otherwise it could lead to problems if a jid is added to more than one account. As key this uses a string in the form of 'Account-BareJid'. The config option group 'contacts' is not used because there are values like 'speller_language' that make more sense to set on a Jid basis, rather than a Account-Jid basis. Treat an empty config value or no config value as 'disabled', instead of writing a config value of 'disabled'. This has the benefit that we dont have to write config values for contacts were we dont use encryption. *020e4e03* <> Name method more appropriate
  80. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *2cc9d6c5* <> Use GTK stock icon for LMC
  81. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *7931af05* <> Add pillow to windows build dependencys
  82. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *48f492c5* <> Dont use deprecated icon in filter entry