Gajim - 2017-05-15

  1. contrapunctus lovetox: there also doesn't seem to be a way to know the JID of a whisperer in an MUC (for such messages, jid_id is the MUC JID, contact_name is blank)
  2. 5gf Someday will support the history in MUC?
  3. mimi89999 lovetox: Any progress on fixing the Debian packages?
  4. lovetox mimi89999, i dont have access to the server, i wrote asterix an email, but it seems he has no time
  5. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *94be050a* <> Fix display of channel-secure icon
  6. contrapunctus I'm thinking of building Gajim from source, instead of using the Debian Testing version as I now do. Is there anything (e.g. logs and local files cache) which I should consider backing up, to try and restore later?
  7. Link Mauve contrapunctus, you should always backup everything, but the only thing that could cause issues are plugins you installed manually, so you should probably remove them all first.
  8. contrapunctus Link Mauve, cool, will do
  9. contrapunctus Link Mauve, another thing - how non-trivial do you reckon it'll be, to change the logs.db schema? I've been writing a script to convert the logs to an IRC-style plain text format, and there doesn't seem to be any way to know 1. what account one has sent a message from 2. the JID of the sender/recipient of a whisper (i.e. who has sent a whisper to me, and to whom I have sent a whisper)
  10. Link Mauve contrapunctus, you can propose a patch for that, it would likely need a migrator of some kind.
  11. Link Mauve contrapunctus, what is a whisper again?
  12. lovetox muc pm
  13. Link Mauve Ah right.
  14. lovetox but contrapunctus a whisper is not different from a normal message
  15. lovetox of course you can see that in the logs.db
  16. lovetox the jid is just different for example
  17. lovetox the only thing that is not logged as it seems, is the account
  18. lovetox the problem is you cant add an account
  19. lovetox because account names can be changed in gajim
  20. lovetox but maybe the from jid
  21. contrapunctus lovetox, I have some whispers in these logs whose jid_id is just the conference name (e.g., kind is 6 or 4 (depending on if I sent it or received it), and there's no contact name - so no way of knowing to whom I sent, or who sent it to me...
  22. lovetox then this is a bug
  23. lovetox or its not a whisper
  24. lovetox can you reproduce this?
  25. lovetox because when its a bug it would be happen on every whisper
  26. lovetox not only sometimes
  27. Link Mauve lovetox, you can also change the JID of an account after it’s been created.
  28. lovetox thats not good
  29. lovetox the account on creation should get an ID
  30. lovetox or we take the jid as id
  31. lovetox and make it not changeable
  32. contrapunctus lovetox ping (whisper test from Gajim)
  33. contrapunctus ...
  34. contrapunctus .o("/chat", not "/say", "/chat", not "/say", ...)
  35. contrapunctus I have a hypothesis. The problem-whispers were sent/recieved on an old account, which I removed from Gajim. I'm guessing the jids associated with it were removed from the logs.
  36. contrapunctus s/. The/ - the/
  37. contrapunctus, that's not it either, I sent it from this very account /o\
  38. gandogar Hello, i want to test roomchat with to different xmpp-accounts with gajim. The two accounts are on different xmpp-servers. an unencrypted chat is possible but when activation omemo-encryption there are no messages sawn. What to do?
  39. gandogar How can I check if a xmpp-server supports omemo-encryption?
  40. contrapunctus gandogar, if they're listed on check if they both support XEP-0163
  41. gandogar Ok, I will chech this.
  42. gandogar Both servers supports xep-163. The first one supports all features listet there. The second supports all but Push-Notifications xep-357.
  43. lovetox gandogar, did you add the jid to your roster?
  44. lovetox you have to have all members of the chatroom in your rooster
  45. lovetox and vica versa
  46. lovetox try to chat 1:1 first
  47. lovetox then join a chatroom
  48. lovetox you have to make it non-anonymous
  49. lovetox and members-only
  50. gandogar @lovetox: That may be the reason. I am using a chatroom that I was using before. Now I wantet to test a new member to that chatroom. I added the new member only to one of the old members until now.
  51. lovetox chatrooms have to be configured in a certain way
  52. lovetox most important, it has to be non-anonymous
  53. lovetox so everybody in the room can see your jid
  54. lovetox and as i said all people have to be in your roster
  55. gandogar yes. I used this non-anonymous chatroom before. Now I got problems with a new chatroom-member. I think a have to add all old chatroom-members to the new member. I will try. Thank you.
  56. gandogar @lovetox: I added all old chatroom-members to the rooster of the new member. Now it is all ok again. Thank you for help.
  57. de-facto hmm just reinstalled gajim on my new ubuntu 17.04: is there any encryption plugin available? seems they all wont activate due to missing dependencies, yet i installed all the packages described in their info
  58. de-facto "Warning: You are missing Python-Axolotl or use an outdated version " yet "apt list --installed | grep axolotl" shows "python-axolotl/zesty,zesty,now 0.1.35-3 all" and "python-axolotl-curve25519/zesty,now 0.1-3 amd64"
  59. de-facto "python-protobuf/zesty,now 3.0.0-9ubuntu2 amd64"
  60. de-facto anything im missing here?
  61. Darlan Please send to chat room one of these Unicode characters: U+1F42D MOUSE FACE U+1F42E COW FACE U+1F431 CAT FACE U+1F435 MONKEY FACE >>> Ctrl+Shift+U+1f42d
  62. lovetox thats not possible with gajim right now
  63. lovetox de-facto: are you sure thats installed with python3
  64. lovetox seems you isntalled the python2 version of these packages
  65. Darlan I think it was possible. See log of March 26th.
  66. Link Mauve Darlan, 🐭, 🐮, 🐱, 🐵.
  67. Darlan >de-facto: are you sure thats installed with python3 What do you mean?
  68. Darlan Thanks, Link Mauve.
  69. Darlan No errors when selecting/marking these characters.
  70. lovetox im answering to de-factos question
  71. Darlan ok
  72. Darlan
  73. Link Mauve Darlan, you probably compiled your python2 correctly this time.
  74. Link Mauve “[21:12:09] <Link Mauve> (Sorry, I’ll get back at it someday, hopefully not in one year like the other time…)” :DDD
  75. Link Mauve (About Jingle.)
  76. Link Mauve It’s been two more years now~
  77. Darlan Using Slackware instead of Salix OS.
  78. Link Mauve 懐かしい。
  79. Darlan Salix OS is a great system, but they have too many additions that do not make it 100% Slackware.
  80. Link Mauve Darlan, oh, so Slackware finally decided to compile their python2 properly?
  81. Darlan >懐かしい Seems good.
  82. Darlan I am not sure, maybe so or maybe it was a Salix OS package.
  83. de-facto OK indeed it seems there are separate python3 packages for python-axolotl thanks
  84. Link Mauve Ugh, bot doesn’t reply to iq stanzas. :/
  85. Link Mauve That’s a protocol violation.