Gajim - 2017-05-14

  1. mdosch If i drag&drop a file on a Gajim chat window it tries to send the file via proxy although the http_upload module is activated. I think it should use the http_upload as standard as it is more reliable in my experience.
  2. mdosch Or it should be at least a configuration which upload module to use.
  3. 5gf Want to write yourself, to use dialogue as notes. Is this possible?
  4. mdosch I did this sometimes. Is it not working for you?
  5. 5gf mdosch, How to do it, create another resource?
  6. lovetox go to advanced settings
  7. lovetox preference -> advanced -> advanced config editor
  8. lovetox there is a setting called
  9. lovetox show self resource
  10. lovetox set it to always
  11. lovetox then it always shows yourself
  12. lovetox but we improved this also in the current git version
  13. lovetox so if you use 0.16.7 stable, this will not work as good as you want it to be
  14. 5gf lovetox, Messages will not be duplicated?
  15. lovetox no not anymore if you use git
  16. lovetox or nightly for that matter
  17. contrapunctus I'm writing a script to convert the SQLite database into plain text. How do I know what was in a PM, what was in an MUC, and in the former case what message was sent to whom?
  18. mdosch contrapunctus, what server are you using? prosody has it's own migration tool
  19. contrapunctus mdosch: I'm not running any server.
  20. mdosch I was using it a lot when I was switching between MySQL and internal storage and it always worked well
  21. mdosch contrapunctus, yeah, but is it prosody, ejabberd or something else?
  22. mdosch If it's prosody the prosody migration tool included in prosody might be an option
  23. contrapunctus mdosch: I'm not aware what the server is running...there was a way to query this, right?
  24. mdosch contrapunctus, sorry, i read your message wrong. I thought you wrote "I am running my own server"
  25. contrapunctus hehe
  26. contrapunctus o.o
  27. mdosch So you want to convert gajims storage not the mam storage on the server and the migration tool i suggested won't help
  28. mdosch Sorry, I'm out as this is not my element :)
  29. contrapunctus Aha, got it. jid_id field in 'logs' table has corresponding values in the 'jids' table.
  30. lovetox contrapunctus, this script already exists
  31. lovetox and you can export logs from the history manager
  32. lovetox though i dont seem to find the script
  33. lovetox would be cool if you could share the script once you have it
  34. contrapunctus lovetox, how do I export it from the history manager? I can't find any way to...
  35. lovetox i think right click on the jid
  36. contrapunctus lovetox, just the usual options as in the chat window, nothing for exporting
  37. lovetox no in the history manager
  38. contrapunctus yeah, that's where I did it
  39. lovetox the i dont know what you mean with the usual options
  40. lovetox as its something totally different
  41. contrapunctus lovetox, as in I get the same context menu as I would get in the chat window. "actions for $word", "quote", "clear", etc.
  42. lovetox yeah i still think you dont know what the history manager is
  43. lovetox actions -> advanced -> history manager
  44. contrapunctus lovetox, aha, I see!
  45. contrapunctus lovetox, is there any way to export the entire database or can one only do it one-by-one for each contact?
  46. lovetox did you try with shift + selecting
  47. contrapunctus lovetox, that only exports the last contact (but maybe this wasn't implemented in v.1.16.6?)
  48. lovetox hm no then it does not work
  49. contrapunctus at any rate, I'm sure a scriptable way would also be nice :) (e.g. one can schedule it regularly)
  50. lovetox do you write that in python?
  51. lovetox if so i could implement a button or so that calls it from gajim :)
  52. contrapunctus In the SQLite logs, how do I figure out what account I've sent a message from?
  53. contrapunctus AFAIU records where kind=6 are sent messages, but that's all I know
  54. lovetox from the sent jid?
  55. lovetox hmmm
  56. lovetox yeah with kind
  57. lovetox so jid and kind = 6
  58. lovetox means we sent to that jid
  59. lovetox but from what account ..
  60. lovetox hm actually i think its not possible
  61. lovetox weird but it seems so
  62. lovetox that would probably lead to funny stuff if you have the same jid on 2 accounts