Gajim - 2017-05-13

  1. 5gf end-to-end msg syncronize withs server?
  2. lovetox no
  3. 5gf end-to-end msg bypassing proxy settings?
  4. lovetox no xmpp stanza can bybass proxy settings
  5. lovetox or esle there would be nothing to do for the proxy
  6. lovetox btw you should not get too much into the e2e implemented in gajim
  7. lovetox no other client supports it
  8. lovetox so it defeats the sense of xmpp
  9. lovetox if you only can use one client
  10. lovetox if you want broader support then use omemo
  11. lovetox but it does not have full stanza encryption so everything is cleartext except the actual message
  12. 5gf If it works well why not. Other extensions continue to work
  13. 5gf oemo is not everywhere.
  14. 5gf but OTR I don't like
  15. 5gf end-to-end fully encrypts without metadata?
  16. 5gf OpenPGP needs to encrypt without metadata
  17. lovetox only esessions has full stanza encryption
  18. lovetox that does mean NO metadata, or else how should the server know who you want to send the message to
  19. lovetox but less metadata then without full stanza encryption
  20. lovetox *that does not mean NO metadata, was what i wanted to say
  21. lovetox the reasons why i would not use it, are that only gajim supports it, that does mean i can not use it with most of my contacts
  22. lovetox also offline messages will not work
  23. lovetox which is a big no-go for me :)
  24. contrapunctus lovetox: OMEMO has its problems, but surely offline messages work with it, AFAIU?
  25. lovetox we dont talk about omemo
  26. contrapunctus oh, OTR?
  27. lovetox no, esessions a old encryption that gajim implements
  28. contrapunctus ah, I see