Gajim - 2017-05-12

  1. karga Hey guys, I am having one hellish issue with Gajim. I cant disable taskbar flashing on Windows ;(
  2. karga I use taskbar autohide feature so normally the taskbar is hidden but anytime i get a message task bar raises and starts flashing which is really what I want
  3. karga not what I want I mean
  4. karga All the taskbar flashing stuff is disabled via the Windows registery but Gajim is not respecting it
  5. contrapunctus I'm experiencing some trouble with the tray icon. It disappears after a while (I need to poke around and see exactly when it happens) - what's left is a blank spot in the tray, in its place, and nothing happens if one left or right-clicks it. The only thing I can do after that point is to kill Gajim and launch it again. Gajim v0.16.6, GTK+ v2.24.31, PyGTK v2.24.0, Cinnamon, Debian Testing, Linux 4.9.0-2-686-pae.
  6. contrapunctus Also, is it just me or is empty, complete with chirping crickets? o.o
  7. lovetox karga, there are multiple config options available
  8. lovetox preference -> advanced -> advanced config ediotr
  9. lovetox put "tray" into the filter field
  10. lovetox contrapunctus, are you sure you want a tray icon?
  11. lovetox maybe you could just disable it and life without it?
  12. contrapunctus lovetox, it's a nice convenience. I guess if it happens again I'll check what seems to trigger it, and just file a bug report so it can be dealt with whenever time permits.
  13. lovetox no you mis understand me
  14. lovetox GTK is phasing tray icons out
  15. contrapunctus ...what.
  16. lovetox so they will no exist in future GTK versions
  17. lovetox Gnome thinks that is not good UI
  18. contrapunctus ...huh. Okay.
  19. lovetox i mean does every application have a tray in debian?
  20. lovetox probably not
  21. lovetox the question is, would the experience be less when the tray icon is gone?
  22. lovetox i know historically messengers are minimized to tray
  23. lovetox but why was that, and is it necessary
  24. lovetox i know on windows its no problem without the tray, you have your launch bar and then the application is just there instead of the trayicon
  25. contrapunctus It's good for long-running stuff which doesn't always need an active window to be cluttering up the taskbar and window-switchers, I guess.
  26. contrapunctus I found the Windows Vista system to be sort of's unclear at a glance whether there is an instance of the application present, or not.
  27. contrapunctus The Ubuntu Unity thing was clearer, but only for me and not for, say, my elderly and less tech-savvy relatives with poor eyesight and attention spans (tiny little gray triangles to indicate if there's a running instance)
  28. contrapunctus I'd love to see what actual complaints have been raised with tray icons ;)
  29. lovetox i dont think they took it away because of complaints
  30. lovetox its just they want to do it differently i guess
  31. lovetox i only use the tray icon to bring the app to forground
  32. lovetox so i guess most people only use it for that
  33. lovetox but i look at the code maybe i find a reason why it would go away
  34. contrapunctus Same, that's just what I use it for too; if it weren't there I'd have to keep a Gajim window open, even when I don't want to see it for some time, and yet don't want it taking up space in the taskbar or getting in the way of window switching.
  35. contrapunctus lol
  36. contrapunctus tries to search on the GTK mailing lists for discussions about this, then gives up
  37. sedoyksa 1
  38. sedoyksa hello
  39. sedoyksa i need some help
  40. sedoyksa what path for logs on gajim?
  41. sedoyksa /home/user/... what next?
  42. lovetox logs are in .local/share/gajim/Logs.db
  43. lovetox i think
  44. sedoyksa ok i found. thanx
  45. 5gf What information is known to the interlocutor when using the embedded encryption, in addition to ip addresses?
  46. lovetox your jid
  47. lovetox the jid of your contact
  48. lovetox maybe some other metadata
  49. 5gf lovetox, but as the gajim cilent find each other? I turned off "send information about the customer and the axis" Adds something to the xmpp package and it is available to everyone?
  50. 5gf lovetox, but as the gajim cilent find each other? I turned off "send information about the сlients and OS" Adds something to the xmpp package and it is available to everyone?
  51. lovetox client and os information, is a xep
  52. lovetox your contact can request these informations
  53. lovetox but if you are in a encrypted session, this informations are also encrypted
  54. 5gf lovetox, >maybe some other metadata :(
  55. lovetox yeah you knwo we have to talk to the server
  56. lovetox its easier to ask what is not known to the attacker
  57. lovetox also so a attacker can even see this, he has to break the TLS encryption to the server
  58. 5gf Ie to another client-information there is no ?
  59. lovetox or infiltrate your server
  60. lovetox i dont understand the question
  61. 5gf I important customer information from my computer, time, language, encoding, etc.
  62. lovetox no all stanzas are fully encrypted, that means only routing information are cleartext
  63. lovetox who sends the message, contact, message id, message type
  64. lovetox also you can see what is transmitted
  65. lovetox just open the XML console Action -> Advanced
  66. 5gf I don't see the console.
  67. 5gf Weird.
  68. 5gf XMPP console if there is only 1 account is connected!
  69. lovetox you are on ubuntu
  70. 5gf lovetox, no
  71. 5gf lovetox, fedora
  72. lovetox hm no idea how to fix it then
  73. lovetox menus are broken in the gtk2 version because of distributions exporting them to the global menu
  74. lovetox Link Mauve, made it, i made a C file that uses Python high level api to start a python file
  75. lovetox then compiled it to a exe file
  76. lovetox so basically what cx freeze does ^^
  77. Link Mauve lovetox, what for?
  78. lovetox because now i dont have to use cx freeze
  79. Link Mauve cx_Freeze doesn’t do that, btw.
  80. lovetox it does
  81. Link Mauve No, it embeds the python binary itself.
  82. lovetox
  83. lovetox it does exactly what i said
  84. Link Mauve Oh, interesting.
  85. Link Mauve Thanks.