Gajim - 2017-05-11

  1. kalkin Josh: I'm pretty sure there is an ACE option for that. Not sure if you can turn it off some other wat
  2. kalkin Josh: ahh just seen your link, I thought it was just a screenshot.
  3. Stephen Gajim is putting red Xs next to messages that are delivered properly
  4. Stephen Even though other clients are properly showing them as delivered
  5. lovetox Stephen, that is fixed in the next version
  6. lovetox or if you use nightly
  7. lovetox or run from source
  8. Stephen Which version?
  9. Stephen 16.7?
  10. mimi89999 Hello. Can you build and upload gajim-default-nightly in the repo?
  11. lovetox Stephen, gajim 16.7 is the current version
  12. lovetox so it cant be the "next"
  13. Stephen I wasn't sure if you meant current version from whatever I was using
  14. lovetox if you are on windows
  15. lovetox just download nightly
  16. lovetox
  17. lovetox mimi89999, i dont know exactly what you mean
  18. lovetox nightly is build everyday
  19. lovetox
  20. lovetox and it should be in the repos
  21. mimi89999 michel@debian:~$ apt policy gajim-default-nightly gajim-default-nightly: Installé : 20170422-1 Candidat : 20170422-1 Table de version : *** 20170422-1 650 650 unstable/main amd64 Packages 650 unstable/main i386 Packages 650 unstable/main all Packages 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
  22. lovetox ah seems the debian script is again faulty
  23. mimi89999 Please ping me when it will be fixed...
  24. lovetox yeah i wrote Asterix hope he fixes it soon
  25. dwerz what is the difference between "default" and not default in e.g. Gajim-default-2017-05-11.exe?
  26. dwerz on
  27. lovetox default is master branch gtk3
  28. lovetox normal is gtk2
  29. lovetox eventually we want to swtich to gtk3
  30. dwerz the next "release" will be gtk3?
  31. lovetox no i dont think so, but we will release a beta or something like that of gtk3
  32. Link Mauve lovetox, do you have a list of the current blockers?
  33. lovetox for me there is no blocker
  34. lovetox there will never work everything because its a full time job to test all the features in all the different enviroments that are included in gajim
  35. Link Mauve Right, if only the language was a bit more friendly to refactorings, and if only there were tests. :p
  36. lovetox on linux i see no blockers at all
  37. lovetox on windows i have to work on doing the build with msys2 so i can build the newest gtk version
  38. lovetox but for that i have to get into bash scripts ...
  39. lovetox which i never used
  40. lovetox and yeah i have to work and a girlfriend, and family :)
  41. Link Mauve If you need help with that, I can probably help you.
  42. Link Mauve I have access to wine.
  43. lovetox wine is windows enviroment on linux?
  44. lovetox so you install msys in wine to have linux enviroment in the windows enviroment ^^
  45. Link Mauve Yes.
  46. Link Mauve I did that once with cygwin.
  47. lovetox bascially i want to build gajim like this project
  48. lovetox
  49. Link Mauve Using symlinks, I got into my normal home directory using my normal shell, which was taking 50 MiB of RAM instead of the usual 3, but it was working!
  50. lovetox i have to adapt the sh files so it installs gajim deps etc
  51. Link Mauve Why don’t you just use setuptools btw?
  52. Link Mauve It’s designed for Python programs.
  53. Link Mauve If you send an email to elghinn (you can find his address in the git logs), you can probably get his draft of a
  54. Link Mauve I think he quit using XMPP before finishing it, but he may still have it.
  55. lovetox i dont understand how is setuptools build gtk for me?
  56. Link Mauve It’s not about building it, it’s about using a better language than shell.
  57. lovetox yes ok
  58. lovetox of course i thought about issing just the 4-5 commands to msys to install the deps
  59. lovetox and then build, copy the stuff i need with another language, like i do now
  60. lovetox but the good thing about this approach is
  61. lovetox that you just have to install msys, and then tell a user, to start, and everything from start to end is done
  62. lovetox and you have to think about, if a user installs msys, he doesnt even have python at that point
  63. Link Mauve You can simply copy the build instructions from ArchLinux I guess.
  64. Link Mauve On Linux, build instructions include which dependencies to install before launching
  65. Link Mauve You would juste have to include the previous step, installing msys.
  66. lovetox the whole windows exe build process is
  67. lovetox install dependencys
  68. lovetox and then copy all files to a build folder, and create the exe thing
  69. lovetox which is basically a 20 line C file
  70. lovetox that starts python
  71. lovetox so msys takes all the building, i dont have to care about anything just tell it : install this
  72. Link Mauve Why copy?
  73. lovetox the tedious thing is then to find out what files to copy to the build folder
  74. lovetox because gajim would be 300 mb if i just pack the whole msys folder into an installer
  75. lovetox i want only ship the files gajim actually needs
  76. lovetox that means 1. the python folder
  77. lovetox then all the gtk DLLs that we will need
  78. lovetox minus all the 100 GTK .exe files that were installed
  79. lovetox and from msys i need nothing at all
  80. Link Mauve Oh.
  81. Link Mauve Have you thought about cx_Freeze?
  82. Link Mauve It’s what we are using in PyTouhou.
  83. lovetox i do the build right now with cx_freeze
  84. Link Mauve But it only picks what you need, or what?
  85. lovetox no it works its ok
  86. lovetox but it not the non plus ultra
  87. lovetox because cx_freeze follows a kind of logic, about what it thinks the programm will need
  88. lovetox i think it just follows every import statement in any file
  89. lovetox or the equivalent for DLLs
  90. lovetox and you end up including stuff you actually dont need
  91. lovetox but thats nitpicking
  92. lovetox it works good enough
  93. lovetox i already started to adpat the current build script so i instlal deps with msys and then start cx freeze from the msys env
  94. lovetox
  95. lovetox look at the cxfreeze script
  96. lovetox all the dll files listed
  97. lovetox that are files, cx freeze wouldnt copy on its own
  98. lovetox but gajim needs
  99. lovetox or gtk needs
  100. Stephen Does Gajim use Python 2 or 3?
  101. lovetox both :) 0.16.7 uses python2
  102. lovetox master branch python3
  103. Stephen That would explain why the branch isn't playing nice with Python2