Gajim - 2017-05-10

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  2. gagaline Hi, any link on build instructions for windows?
  3. lovetox why do you want to build on windows ?
  4. lovetox we have nightlys for windows
  5. lovetox
  6. gagaline One of our students wants to work on it, figured he d build it and just get familiar with the code first.
  7. lovetox ok
  8. lovetox there are mutiple ways
  9. lovetox the best in my opinion is to install
  10. lovetox this has a package manager included called pacman, with that you can install python3 and gtk3 packages
  11. lovetox after that you just clone git, and start execute from the console
  12. lovetox i can look if i can write up a short guide about what packages should be installed
  13. lovetox he should follow the guide on on the start page to get this running
  14. gagaline That would be great. Meanwhile ,we ll be looking into the info you gave.Thanks for the help.
  15. lovetox i write the packages up, one moment
  16. gagaline Ok, thanks
  17. lovetox gagaline, so i came up with that
  18. lovetox
  19. lovetox if you follow the msys startpage to install and update msys correctly, you just start the mingw console
  20. lovetox and install these packages
  21. lovetox afterwards clone the git master branch
  22. lovetox and start gajim like that
  23. lovetox from source
  24. lovetox C:\msys64\mingw32\bin\python3.5.exe
  25. lovetox i used mingw32 console for installing all packages
  26. lovetox tell me if you have problems, maybe i can help to solve them
  27. lovetox if you get this going i will set up a wiki page
  28. lovetox depending on what he wants to work and what features in gajim he wants to use there is a list of other pip packages he needs
  29. lovetox
  30. lovetox but you should only install them if you need them, the ones that are a MUST i wrote in the paste
  31. lovetox "certifi" should probably also be installed :)
  32. lovetox oh i forgot a important dependency, you have to clone, change to the cloned dir and install that package with "python3 install"
  33. contrapunctus Is there some way I can stay in a channel without keeping the tab/messages window open?
  34. lovetox yes, settings symbol
  35. lovetox dont close on minimize
  36. contrapunctus ah, cool :)
  37. lovetox gagaline, maybe these packages you also need at start
  38. lovetox pacman -S base-devel mingw-w64-toolchain
  39. lovetox Link Mauve, do you know if adwaita icon theme is always installed on all systems that use gtk3?
  40. zuglufttier lovetox, that should be the case.
  41. lovetox ok thats good :)
  42. zuglufttier It happes to be the case in arch linux-
  43. zuglufttier And arch is pretty simplistic.
  44. Link Mauve lovetox, it should be, yes.
  45. Link Mauve Technically a user could remove it, but they are on their own in that case.
  46. gagaline lovetox: Thanks , will try it out in the morning and come back with feedback. Had to go out...
  47. Josh can anybody tell me how to turn off join/part type mesgaes in gajim?
  48. Josh ah, n/m