Gajim - 2017-05-09

  1. BeS Hi all, I try to set a muc to members only and want to allow all people with a address to join. I tries to add "" and "*" to the member list but in both case it doesn't work. People from can't join the chat
  2. BeS any idea how I could debug this client and or server side?
  3. BeS I use prosody as xmpp server
  4. Link Mauve BeS, if you come back, I think this was an Ejabberd extension which Gajim carried in its UI…
  5. Stephen I have a very minor commit to add
  6. Stephen It just changes the edit icon to a pencil, which seems much better
  7. Stephen The pencil is from open-iconic, MIT license
  8. Stephen 1. Which branch should I commit to
  9. Stephen 2. How do I commit? I don't see where to make pull requests
  10. Stephen Also, how do I turn off messages when people join/leave this group
  11. lovetox At the bookmarks menu you can change that
  12. lovetox you have to fork master branch
  13. lovetox and then click create merge request
  14. lovetox but before you do please link the icon
  15. Stephen Link it here?
  16. Stephen Or somewhere else?
  17. lovetox Stephen, yeah here
  18. Stephen loxtox,
  19. Stephen "You tried to fork gajim / gajim but it failed for the following reason: – Limit reached Personal project creation is not allowed. Please contact your administrator with questions"
  20. Stephen Do I fork it on github?
  21. Stephen Can I use my own git server?
  22. lovetox tell me your username on
  23. Stephen laptopdude90
  24. lovetox try again to fork
  25. lovetox Link Mauve, can you please tell me how that padding works in openpgp xep
  26. lovetox until now i believed i need to know the padding to decrypt the message
  27. lovetox but its inside signcrypt so obviously the receiver doesnt need it to decrypt
  28. lovetox so why is it there
  29. lovetox but maybe im on the wrong road completly, i should encrypt the whole signcrypt node and all its childs?
  30. Link Mauve lovetox, I’m not too sure, so far I’ve only generated a random string of random length, but you should get in touch with Flow instead probably.
  31. Link Mauve “Padding” means it isn’t needed to decrypt anything.
  32. Link Mauve It’s only there to make the size of the encrypted data different.
  33. lovetox ahhhh
  34. lovetox so i can indeed set something randomly
  35. lovetox or better i absolutly should
  36. Link Mauve Yes.
  37. lovetox i understand it now
  38. lovetox thanks
  39. Stephen Lovetox, forking worked
  40. Stephen So shall I push it to master and make a pull request then?
  41. lovetox commit all your changes to your forks master branch
  42. lovetox then on the website make a merge request against gajims master branch
  43. Stephen Done!
  44. Stephen
  45. lovetox thanks i will checkout how it looks tomorrow maybe
  46. lovetox thanks
  47. Stephen Np :)
  48. lovetox could you please change the commit message to something that is more descrptiv
  49. lovetox Changed icon -> Change message correction icon
  50. lovetox just git commit --amend
  51. lovetox change the message
  52. lovetox then push -f
  53. lovetox the MR will update automatically
  54. Stephen How do I save and exit?
  55. Stephen Am bad with giy
  56. Stephen Am bad with git
  57. Stephen Nvm
  58. Stephen It's just vim
  59. lovetox :qw
  60. Stephen All done
  61. lovetox thanks
  62. Stephen Np
  63. contrapunctus (ZZ works too, right?)
  64. SaltyBones :x
  65. marmistrz Hi! I've just installed Gajim from git
  66. marmistrz is there any way to use plugins with the git release?
  67. marmistrz right now the plugins are not loaded due to the version mismatch
  68. lovetox because you use the wrong plugins branch
  69. lovetox marmistrz, you have to switch to the "gtk3" branch on the plugin repo
  70. lovetox but its no necessary that you use git
  71. lovetox we have nightlys
  72. lovetox apt-get install gajim-default-nightly
  73. lovetox there a plugin installer is included
  74. Link Mauve lovetox, why don’t you rename the gtk3 branch default, and make the legacy one on a legacy branch?
  75. Link Mauve It seems pretty confusing.
  76. Link Mauve Also you should rename this package to gajim-nightly, with the other one being just gajim or gajim-legacy.
  77. lovetox i cant, i dont have access to the server
  78. lovetox asterix seems not be online anymore at all :/
  79. Link Mauve You can send him an email.
  80. lovetox i know, i do regulary, that does not mean necessarily that he has time to do something about it :)
  81. lovetox but lets hope for the future
  82. marmistrz lovetox, I'm using Arch :)
  83. marmistrz I noticed a weird thing
  84. marmistrz I had problems with delivery receipts Gajim <> Gajim
  85. marmistrz Installed Gajim from git. The receipts started working
  86. marmistrz Downgraded to stable
  87. marmistrz And the receipts are still working
  88. lovetox i dont think it has something to do with upgrading and downgrading
  89. lovetox its a bit of a complex topic
  90. lovetox but with git it will work more reliable
  91. lovetox in certain situations
  92. lovetox but for me personally receipts are pretty useless
  93. lovetox the chance that a message is not received by my contact is pretty non existent