Gajim - 2017-05-08

  1. Link Mauve lovetox: I used python-gpgme, which is pretty nice since it is developed in lock-step with gpg itself, and thus never breaking like python-gnupg.
  2. lovetox ok if it never breaks, i look into it :)
  3. lovetox though i have to say we dont have problems with python-gnupg
  4. lovetox the problems that we had, was because gajim packaged it, and did not update it for a long time
  5. Link Mauve That’s what I mean by never breaks, gpgme is shipped by your distribution alongside gpg, so it’s never out of sync.
  6. lovetox really, thats nice
  7. lovetox what import name does it use in python?
  8. lovetox gpgme?
  9. lovetox because there is a fork that uses the same like python-gnupg which is pretty dumb
  10. Link Mauve Yes.
  11. lovetox Now that i have remade the whole way plugins can encrypt in gajim, next im working on the openpgp plugin, so make yourself ready Link Mauve, soon we can test it :)
  12. Holger \o/
  13. Link Mauve Making it compatible with OX instead of the legacy 27 would be nice too. :)
  14. lovetox Link Mauve, can you point me to the pip package
  15. lovetox i dont seem to find the correct one for pgpme
  16. Link Mauve lovetox, seems to be this one:
  17. Link Mauve So pygpgme.
  18. Link Mauve There is also a (new?) python-gpgme, providing the gpg package.
  19. Stephen Hello
  20. Stephen Test
  21. Stephen Nvm
  22. Stephen My message didn't come through but now it's there
  23. Stephen Where is the code that manages the main message text box?
  24. Stephen I want to make it look a little nicer
  25. lovetox Stephen,
  26. Stephen Thanks
  27. Stephen Is there any kind of gui editor I can/should use
  28. Stephen Or should I just use my standard IDE
  29. Link Mauve You can use Glade and have a look at the UI files in data/gui/
  30. Link Mauve Or gnome-builder.
  31. lovetox Stephen, i dont know what you want to do, but if its about the message box
  32. lovetox you can alter whats inside with a gui editor
  33. lovetox its just text written into a message box
  34. lovetox cant*
  35. lovetox you can move some things when you talk about the whole window
  36. Stephen I was going to make one person go on the right and the other person go on the left
  37. Stephen And add their avatar next to their name
  38. lovetox you cant do that
  39. lovetox at least not with a gui editor and in less then a week :)
  40. lovetox its a text box
  41. lovetox its written to in python,
  42. lovetox but i suggest you dont even start, what you want to achieve is not doable with a textbox
  43. Stephen Where are new messages passed to?
  44. lovetox i told you where to look
  45. Stephen I'm in that file
  46. lovetox print_conversation_line
  47. Stephen Aha
  48. Stephen Thanks
  49. louiz’ Does gajim support RSM, when it discovers the rooms list?
  50. lovetox do you mean the list of rooms on a server?
  51. louiz’ yes
  52. lovetox what is the problem?
  53. louiz’ If the server sends a partial result, with <set xmlns=''><first index='0'>#one@biboumi.localhost</first><last>#two@biboumi.localhost</last><count>100</count></set> Gajim doesn’t request the next page
  54. Link Mauve louiz’, you can’t see in the caps Gajim sent whether it supports RSM or not?
  55. louiz’ says it does, but only for “Used by XEP-136 Message Archiving and XEP-0313 Message Archive Management”
  56. Link Mauve Ah.
  57. louiz’ maybe the room-listing feature is old and at that time RSM wasn’t implemented, and nothing has changed there
  58. Link Mauve Also, the links are wrong lovetox, they are missing a .html
  59. lovetox i dont have a problem requesting a 200 room list from
  60. louiz’ yes, but the answer arrives in just one single answer, no?
  61. Link Mauve louiz’, where is the interaction between 0030 and 0059 defined?
  62. louiz’
  63. louiz’ example 7
  64. Link Mauve Thanks.
  65. Stephen This is a dumb question
  66. Stephen But where's the blue circle with the triangle on it stored that signifies a corrected message?
  67. lovetox louiz’, it seems gajim doesnt support it
  68. louiz’ ok :(
  69. lovetox but how big is your room list?
  70. lovetox Stephen, icons -> highcolor -> 16x16 -> action
  71. lovetox btw Link Mauve the links worked before
  72. Stephen Sorry, I'm having trouble finding that
  73. lovetox this has to be caused by the server loss
  74. Stephen Either in the source code or the Gajim folder in %appdata%
  75. lovetox its inst the installation dir
  76. lovetox not in appdata
  77. lovetox and the icons folder is also in the source
  78. lovetox root dir
  79. louiz’ lovetox, very big. Like freenode-big
  80. lovetox then it makes no sense showing it in gajim
  81. lovetox except implementing a search functionality
  82. lovetox which doesnt exist
  83. Stephen I can't find an icon folder:
  84. Stephen The closest I can find is an iconsets folder in the data folder
  85. lovetox hm
  86. lovetox maybe you try our actuall git repo
  87. lovetox not a 9 year old clone?
  88. lovetox
  89. Stephen Oh whoops
  90. Stephen That would do it :P
  91. lovetox if you just tried to join the project, you dont have to do this
  92. Stephen
  93. Stephen Flawless
  94. lovetox :D
  95. lovetox yeah i should change that icon on windows
  96. lovetox on linux it depends which theme you have
  97. Link Mauve Stephen, lovetox, I sent an email to this sgala guy telling him to update his clone.